Liquidity Expansion options - Honeyswap

Recently the Pixelcraft team revealed discussions they have been having with the team behind an upcoming project called Dinoswap, and suggested that we provide DAO funds (100k GHST) + Pixelcraft funds (100k GHST).

Honeyswap is established on xDAI and is expanding to Polygon. They are already proposing incentivizing the GHST-wETH pair through their yield farm. The proposed award stucture for pComb is available at:

This proposal suggests that instead of having a signal vote just Yea or Nay on the Dinoswap partnership, we should also consider incentivizing the Honeyswap pair with FRENS in a manner similar to the Quickswap GHST pairs. A level of 1.2x the GHST stake would be reasonable.

So I suggest the following options in a Signal proposal:

  1. Partner with both Dinoswap and Honeyswap (pixelcraft doesn’t need sleep)
  2. Partner with Dinoswap only (RAWR!)
  3. Partner with Honeyswap only (BUZZ!)
  4. Stick with Quickswap (ROAR!)
  • Do the multichoice signal proposal
  • Don’t - evaluate each partnership separately

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I would suggest we wait to sort out the DinoSwap Sig Prop before we consider HoneySwap. I worry that we might be mudding the water on both of these interesting proposals by mashing them together. I understand that these two moves would be similar in nature but I feel like we should focus on the DinoSwap Sig Prop since it expires in a few days. We could decide on HoneySwap after and give our full attention to a potential partnership.

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Hm, I don’t think the two partnerships are mutually exclusive.

-Honeyswap is a separate DEX with separate liquidity, whereas Dinoswap contributes to our current liquidity on Quickswap.

-Honeyswap does not require GHST, Dinoswap requires 200K GHST.

-Both would be incentivized with FRENS.

So really the only decision for the DAO related to Honeyswap is whether or not we’d like to incentivize their GHST-wETH pair with FRENS.

Therefore I vote that each choice be evaluated separately.


To clarify, a partnership with Dinoswap actually strengthens our relations with Quickswap because Dinoswap is rewarding Quickswap LPs.


I get it. So what do we think about just starting a sigprop to give a FRENS incentive to the Honeyswap pool?


in my experience partnerships broaden choice and increase value. I trust the devs to make the right choices. looks like we have a lot of synergy with these projects

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Is anyone planning to make a SigProp on this? The HoneySwap team has been very active in the #dao-discussion group, and I know they’re finalizing their partner pairs soon.


i assume adding incentives to these pools reduces the price of GHST because its adding to C.S.
we have 2 choices. xDAI (growing very well on github) or Dinoswap (thats i assume is on matic and website sux btw). personally i wouldn’t even bother with dinoswap. itl prob die off leaving no real reward for us. however xdai i believe is top three l2 solutions. i believe xdai has a bright future as it is pretty much a better governed matic that hasn’t been materialized.

i cant justify diluting supply for a noname dinoswap.