Maall items raffle drop method

To get the ball going regarding how to drop items:
A raffle where instead of tickets you lock your GHST like you lock your tickets based on the item price.
You want a chance to get a rare item? lock 100 ghost. Legendary? 300 ghost. Just like a raffle except we use pure GHST tokens instead of tickets.
You select which rarity type of items you would like a chance at with your temporary raffle numbers.
You stake 500 GHST for 5 rare items, you get 5 rare raffle numbers.
The difference; You get the ghst tokens back for each item you dont get (win 1 rare item, it eats 100 GHST and you get the rest of your 400 GHST back)
All great ideas, I’m heavily leaning on just make it as simple as possible, but I really like the auction proposal and we absolutely need the auction for portals and godlikes, so it’s best to have it early.
So I am creating the proposal in favor of the hybrid raffle+auction system where first 50% of the items will be available via raffle and 50% via the auction.

And for the future think of conditions on how to stop whales and bots. Remember; you can’t add limits per address because we can create as many addresses as we want, we have infinite addresses.

Discuss before we move this onto game mechanics and create a proposal for it.

  1. Another option could be to emphasize the need to be present in real time (ala Top Shot). If you’re there, you get a special link/code/NFT ticket that allows you to make a purchase. If you don’t buy it on time then the item is available to the next person in queue.
  2. Captchas on the website B) A special captcha where you have to order 4 images in the correct order to tell a coherent story.
  3. Hybrid raffle+auction system. In the final 16 hours, the auction should require a significant price increase +5% to stop scalper bots from putting +1$ at the very end.

As for the Maall shop it does look like it got botted smart contract style. Even if it didn’t there’s still too many people barging in like it’s a black friday sale.

So all these wallets were created 40 minutes ago and have 1-2 shades, 1 shirt and 1 ghst in them each Aavegotchi Baazaar 0x351347268Faf538974bAA98dbF08dB27b99f0549 - Mainnet Explorer Aavegotchi Baazaar 0x54A7E197d722b4eF1e094309E60BBC0207f8D1cd - Mainnet Explorer Aavegotchi Baazaar 0xC8bdD7A7F82be32161de71a9E22F4f6E6092a11A - Mainnet Explorer Aavegotchi Baazaar 0x40b299DB4554291D8A706a956626C126Efd49e62 - Mainnet Explorer Aavegotchi Baazaar 0x3E2Be8A0dDdBB4C9A9C015616D2380DD31DcB264 - Mainnet Explorer Aavegotchi Baazaar

This is most likely the smart contract that was used.


The Maall drops going forward unquestionably need a rethink. Let’s use this thread to go back to the drawing board. We need something that is above all else, secure… approachable… and fair!

@FlameViper your idea is an interesting one that I can see getting support but needs to be fleshed out a bit more. I’m left with plenty to ponder on how that could be structured.

Another option could be to emphasize the need to be present in real time (ala Top Shot). If you’re there, you get a special link/code/NFT ticket that allows you to make a purchase.

What else?


You’ve got to remember that no method will ever receive 100% support and none will be 100% fair.

Compare it to traditional shopping.

I got my Playstation 5 on launch day because I queued outside the shop on the date & time of release.
Those who didn’t, or were unavailable, didn’t get one.

I was available for the drop today, so got all the Aave items I wanted.
Those who weren’t available, didn’t get them.


i think the need to be present in real time is a universally acceptable concept, if there’s a way to capitalize on that and it helps solve the problem it could be a great metric.


I agree with the sentiment but also feel like each NFT Drop Event should be a cause for community-wide celebration, not a stressful and bummed out FUD generator.

Maybe our items are just way too scarce? Maybe commons should be truly common where everyone who wants one can likely score them. Obviously the luckiest or most determined etc (and willing to pay) will get the rarest and we need to determine how that can best be achieved. But maybe its also time to consider some smaller items that can be minted so everyone who showed up for the event can come away with at least something, even if its just an NFT badge or maybe a common wearable.


definitely +1 on some sort of POAP! people love them on Decentraland


Yes the badges and smaller prizes will help ensure everyone can be happier and not go completely empty handed.

But ya, the bigger challenge is the format for the sale of the rarer NFTs. Preventing scripts is very difficult to do but I dont like the idea of giving up and just doing VRF raffles 100%. I think our hybrid approach is great because it allows both the long term GHST holders to have a shot via raffles, but also appeals to newcomers with the hype driven NFT drops.

So going back to @FlameViper 's idea… I like that its sort of a different kind of raffle where purchases still happen and it doesn’t require long staked GHST. It’s all happening in real time for anyone new to the game.

But what about the NiftyGateway and Topshot models? What’s your best NFT drop experiences look like?


just to chime in im personally not a fan of everything always being up to chance, in the event of a pure lottery/raffle style solution - eliminating any element of strategy all the time (being present, even, or being quick (as far as human-speed goes), etc) is also a bit of a bummer if you happen to be one of those people that luck doesn’t favor (it happens sometimes).


I personally think godlikes and mythicals from maal should be auctioned so people who are wiling to pay the highest price would get it while the others would benefit from having the most ghst circulated back into RF reward, team development etc. FCFS in theory is fair but in reality that is the most unfair method because of internet quality difference and ping difference from everyone, not to mention bots and scripts. Auctioning it will make it so that not a few people benefits the most by flipping it for high price, but everyone benefits from higher rewards in the end.


this may not be that helpful but considering you would know a lot more about these mechanics, have you seen what BadgerDAO is doing with their latest Meme drop? They’ve incentivized longer-term staking as a competition mechanism, rather than being first, though obviously it would have disadvantages in that you wouldn’t want things to drag on forever. It’s the first attempt at finding a new method though as far as I know, kind of interesting and different psychology/strategy that could maybe inspire some new ideas for AG? Badger x Meme NFT Honeypot part II: Diamond Hands | by Badger DAO 🦡 | Mar, 2021 | Medium


I’ll look into this. At first description, this sounds similar to Stake GHST, Make FRENS and our raffles right?

I think a random raffling has its place but we also need some method for newcomers and not only long term/rich whales staking. Auctions are gonna take some time to set up but make sense for some items. But what about when you have over a hundred? I dont think we want to run 100 auctions simultaneously for the same rare wearable.


I’m not sure about @FlameViper idea, maybe it could work, but I’d definitely think we need auctions and bids! For rares or lower, topshot model seems alright, or even a pre-sale where you have to fill a form or something


Maybe not applicable for this topic but I’ll throw it in here. Decentraland is currently in beta with a sort of Mining realm where you have to basically spend time and “mine” items with which you can then craft limited NFT’s. You need a specific currency solely purposed for mining which recharges automatically (one coin every 5 minutes) but you can also buy it. Automatic recharge is capped at 100 and each transaction of mining takes 5 coins. Atm they are still on the ETH mainnet so it doesn’t really make sense to purchase those coins for mining because of gas fees. Mining an NFT takes about 2-3 weeks of mining. I think what Aavegotchi could take from this idea would be letting the users make one or two interactions every day which give some kind of reward to be used in the drop or raffle? Idk too much about the technology / how the code works and if it can be made bot-proof but I like the idea of being rewarded for showing up and engaging with the game.


Maybe somewhat…i read the breakdown a while ago and it took me a while to get my head around it but it actually makes stakers who redeem later earn a greater reward/share of the pool, while stakers who sell their NFTs sooner get less. Not 100% sure how this can translate/apply to our maall but its definitely a different approach.

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I’m also thinking that simply filling in a dedicated form, at the right time and place, could be a simple solution. Less “real time” excitement for sure. and probably some other drawbacks i’m not considering yet.

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A google form should not have a user limit, keep that in mind.

I think it’s useful for people that have different time zone too


Yes the timezone is a massive problem which again the raffle system easily fixed.
Many people today couldn’t make it due to work and for others it was the middle of the night for them.

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I love raffles so much. I’ll try to highlight some key points of the discussion and provide some insight about why I view raffles as such a great tool for the game.

“Raffles are good”. I totally agree because it is robust and fair distribution model. Whatever the demand for the NFT is, the raffle can absorb it and distribute the NFT in a fair way. Bots are useless in raffles, hacking the raffle is way harder than simply executing a transaction before everyone. There are benefits of the raffle compared to the Maall, I am not going to list it here but check this if interested: A critic of the Gotchi Maall as a distribution model of NFTs

" NFTs are Too scarce". I don’t think that is the problem, the problem is the distribution model not the supply. Also yes, I believe we need items that are in larger/unlimited supply.

“Being there”. I agree the sense of participating in an event is nice to have, but at the moment these events are becoming negative, so we should focus on improving the distribution model above all. We will have many other ways to do events that are much more meaningful once in the metaverse.
Taking into account the “Being there” and “Too scarce”, we could have events that drops wearables in the same manner the discord events and snapshot votes drop XP, so every participant can get something.

“Rarest items in an auction”. Although I prefer the raffle, this can make sense for the rarest NFTs. We don’t have to run 100 auctions on each item, we can run a single auction where the highest 100 bids get an item.

I think we need to think in a longer time frame about how players can obtain NFTs in the game. Generally speaking, in video games, items or xp is earned by doing quests. The harder the quest or the higher the score, the better items and the more xp you get. But what are quests? A quest is simply an incentive for a certain player behaviour. The Aavegotchi quests should be beneficial for the long term success of the game and foster a healthy community. , and reward players individually.

At the moment we have 4 quests, let me know if I miss some:

  1. Get high BRS/kinship/XP and earn GHST: This creates the play to earn narrative, one of the key points of the game. It drives demand for NFTs and reward player for being active in the game.

  2. Stake GHST and earn raffle tickets. It drives demand for GHST and create incentive to hold GHST. Players get rewarded because their behaviour is positive for the game.

  3. Be active in the community and earn extra XP. Obviously it is positive for the game and the players individually.

  1. Spend GHST in the Maall to get NFTs. This is positive because it provides funds to the treasury. The problem is that it is a bad experience for most users. Also, besides funding the treasury, the incentivized behavior is to be the fastest to buy. Being the fastest to buy is not a nice game to play for most players, the raffle could fix that and provide a better user experience.

On a separate note, raffles are powerful in conjunction with other raffles. For instance, we could have special event raffles such as “AGIP7 special raffle” with one godlike ticket to win. All voters in the proposal get one ticket for the “AGIP7 special raffle”, or one chance to get a godlike raffle ticket. These “event special raffle tickets” could be earned by joining a discord event, doing a high score in a mini game, quests in the metaverse etc… At the moment, we can only get items buy staking or spending GHST, it is fine for now but I believe this will not work in the long run. Eventually, the best NFTs have to be obtainable by doing quests other than simply buying from the shop, and the raffle is great tool for that. There is a lot more that can be done with raffles, it could become the corner stone of a complex distribution system in the Aavegotchi game, some kind of massive and majestic of raaffleception.


Slick, simple, and fair lottery proposal. (KISS)
TOP SHOT has a great NFT drop system!
First, everyone that wants the drop signs up and waits in the waiting room at a designated date and time
Next, everyone in that room is randomly assigned a number in the queue to to purchase the NFT
Now lets say there’s 1000 NFTs available for purchase and there are 5000 people in the queue and your number is 850, then you will get to purchase the NFT.
Once your number is up to purchase the NFT, you’re allowed 15 minutes to purchase your NFT. If you don’t purchase it in the allotted time, it moves on to the next person. So if your number is 1005 you may still be able to purchase the NFT if 5 people in line ahead of you don’t purchase the NFT for whatever reason. And for those of you that don’t want to sit around watching your computer for your number to come up, you can be notified by email when it’s your turn.

We should also give a huge thanks to all the devs for all their hard work!!! It seems to be a thankless job from all the complaints I read. It’s easy for us to bitch, myself included. So thank you!