One-time alchemica bonus based on parcel age

Thus far, there is no known benefit to early parcel owners for purchasing their parcel many months before the launch of alchemica farming in the gotchiverse.

This proposal is to have a one-time claimable alchemica award based on the age/size of any of your parcels, with the age based on the timestamp in which your parcel was claimed from the raffle or auction and the alchemica based on your chainlinkVRF alchemica deposits that will be revealed before gotchiverse launch.

This would reward all landowners who locked up liquidity in land parcels early, and also hopefully help stabilize the floor price of parcels to encourage more people to hold the parcels ahead of gotchiverse launch.

This one-time bonus would be only available at the start of alchemica farming and it would be claimable, or airdropped based on your parcel age and alchemica deposits.

Possible routes to take:

  1. Add an “age” attribute to land parcels in the bazaar so it’s clear how old the parcel is when buying
  2. One time airdrop of alchemica to avoid any UI requirements

I’m all for airdrops and incentivizing holding of assets and rewarding early adopters.
I don’t know if aalchemica drop is a good idea though, maybe something else?

Or…the bonus can be we all got in before the floor price went up :wink:

Price floor has decreased since this was posted, and when you look at the opportunity cost… single-sided GHST staking is 40%-50% APY, so holding the parcels with no utility does have a negative ROI.