Weekly alchemica leaderboards

EDIT: Replaced this entire post with the refined rules:

Alchemica leaderboard

100k GHST total prizes
100% funded and run by the DAO
8 weekly 10k parcel leaderboards
2 monthly 10k address leaderboards
The goal of these leaderboards is to encourage more alchemica spending and thus supporting prices in the period before PvP is released.

Rules for all leaderboards

FUD will be used as the standard unit of account
10 FUD = 5 FOMO = 2.5 ALPHA = 1 KEK
The top 10 places will be paid with the following distribution:
1st = 30%
2nd = 20%
3rd = 12%
4th = 9.5%
5th = 8%
6th = 6%
7th = 5%
8th = 4%
9th = 3%
10th = 2.5%

The weekly 10k parcel leaderboard

Snapshot will be taken every 7 days @2pm UTC (day of week tbc)
Which parcels spend the most alchemica each week?
Only upgrades will count towards spend of a parcel
Split into 3 categories

  • Spacious leaderboard - 7k prize pool

  • Reasonable leaderboard - 2k prize pool

  • Humble leaderboard - 1k prize pool

Top 10 places in each category paid

The monthly 10k address leaderboard

Snapshot will be taken every 28 days @2pm UTC (day of week tbc)
Which addresses spend the most alchemica each month?
Spend includes: all crafting and upgrades

Builder bounty
500 GHST to build a leaderboard dashboard


At least the leaderboard should reward in the sale way as the rarity farming, not for only the 3 first but for 300-700 first lands

The motivation behind this is to have a competitive economic game to incentivise some serious alchemica spending. Not a UBI for 1 GHST each.

Incentivise serious alchemica spending on parcels will result in increasing the amount of alchemica extracted each day, so the sell pressure. In bonus the DAO lose 10k ghst / week.


The absolute fastest alchemica can be extracted from a farm is 100 days with a full level 9 setup so any alchemica spent will take at minimum 100 days to come back out. By which time we hope to have more sinks and the economy be healthier.

so it’s a bet on the futur ? (Did you take into account the recycling?)

I understand the need for investors to look for sinks although it is not their role, it is hard to imagine that PC released 5 tokens without an economic plan.
The solution to inflation won’t come by incentivizing farming but by offering additional content (I’m not talking about decoration) or by changing the rules.

I totally agree long term. This is a short term band aid in attempt to stop the alchemica price free fall.

This would be a nice frenly competition.

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I can’t help myself: a few unstructured points:

  • Could be a fun comp to watch
  • 9 parcel winners out of a possible 30K-40K is largely irrelevant to the community except for a couple of whales.
  • If they do spend up big though the DAO gets a good cut (30%-35%?) of the spending so it would probably cost a fair bit less than 10k ghst/wk
  • DAO might want extract back to ghst to replenish funds which defeats a bit of the purpose
  • Could also delay a lot of building each week to right before the snapshot as the whales game each other - but also fun to watch leaderboards as ppl scramble at the last minute. could do it half way through each hangout so there’s an hr to build up the fomo
  • Would it be based on completed upgrades or just started upgrades
    -completed = gltr sink too!
    -started = more complex strategy for players timing their upgrades
  • would be great to see how much is normally spent by owners to see if 10k is a reasonable number

Great points @eMM

So yes it will be relatively low amount of users getting rewards, 72 prizes total over 8 weeks, but the benefits to the whole community are, like you said, it’ll be fun to watch and it should have a very nice effect on alchemica prices.

In terms of GLTR, it’ll be a necessity to win as if not you’ll have to wait for upgrades to complete before being able to spend more. Max GLTR will be the only way to win the prizes.


Good point fren and good initiative!

I think there’s still room to make it 10 prizes per parcel size, so for instance your example distributes 6k ghst amongst top 3 spacious parcels. I believe you could make the top prize juicier while increasing the amount of winners + distributing the same total amount.

What do you think of this kind of distribution for a top 10?


The idea is that more people might be enticed to give it a shot for either a top spot or a consolation prize, and the overall benefit to the ecosystem is larger if more people are involved and excited about it. I fear that a very small pool of winners could discourage some users from even trying.

just my 2c.


Yeah that looks nice fren. How would it work for the smaller categories? If you use the same % could mean <1 GHST for 10th for the humble category.

maybe this?


Hmm feels a little weird 10th place humble getting more than 10th place spacious. I like the idea of 10 places paid though, lowers the variance a lot and makes it more inviting to play.

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Here’s some possible distribution %s from a poker tournament:

I love this idea and think we should make it happen. We know that high competition at the top is what drives the vast majority of spending across our ecosystem and gaming in general. Upon passing a sig/core prop for the competition, we could send the funds to the DTF which can assist in finding a builder for the leaderboard and distributing funds to the winners weekly. We can run this event as a DAO with very minimal PC assistance (needing to transfer 80k GHST to DTF) which will serve as a template for similar initiatives in the future. I encourage you to request funds for the leaderboard build and include a stipend for running the event! Thanks for the idea and consistent investment in the community


yeah my numbers extremely off-the-cuff… but an approximation of how to make 10 spots happen, glad you like that 10 spots approach!


I like it. Probably needs a little more thought into the right distribution for max effect, but that can be handled while the thing gets built.

In case anyone is thinking this is DAO playing fed… were we on original timeframe we’d have lodges and crests and glitter leaderboards for the crests. Were supposed to be building the most expensive installations right now and burning tons of glitter for control of group channeling options. This is a placeholder for that


Ok thank you for your support frens. I will redo the numbers to pay 10 places in each category and create a sig prop.

We will need a builder for the dashboard so I’ll put together a spec for that and open it up for people to apply through the DTF.

I’m excited about this, it’s an initiative we can do purely through the DAO without PC. Hopefully this paves the way for similar ideas in the future.

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I just realized… this isn’t just for us. We should market this as “heres your chance to ape into aavegotchi, go hard enough and you get a rebate” Sure, we’ll pull some folks off the sidelines, and get some secondary power building out of existing owners, but the first new people that jump on this will do REALLY well.

We need to put some advertising to go with this.