Preventing gotchis listed for rental from being able to channel

Seems no one has come up with any negative impacts - I can’t think of any either.
If it does cause any issues it sounds easy to revert and work on some other solution.
Exploitoooors goin down.

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just thinking:
you have 2 browsers with the same wallet open
in the 1st you submit channel txn with low gas
then just after, in the 2nd browser you lend but with high gas
what happens? the lend listing goes through followed quickly by the channel (as it currently stands)
With this proposed solution would the channel fail even if already initiated?

No i disagree that there does not need to be a sigprop. Last time it was assumed that none was needed (setting rental max) we still ended up doing one because people did not like how the process was done.

It’s kind of different. That had obvious issues that people could’ve presented ahead of time. No one has presented any issues for this fix yet, and it’s been posted for almost a week.

Ok then but why is it now that the community must come up with reasons NOT to impliment a change rather than the person/persons supplying creditible reasons to actually do the changes? They should IMO bring forth numerous examples where the change benefits everyone as a whole by addressing a problem/ problems that affect most of the commumity. I do not feel that “could” or “might” happen if alot of people started to do it is a reason to skip posting an interest poll then doing a sigprop.:man_shrugging:

I did supply a reason why it should be implemented. People are “exploiting” the system to try to get their channeling alch + upfront ghst from someone thinking they can channel the gotchi.

"Someone mentioned "in discord that it had happen to them was your reason not that this was a problem that a reasonable or overwhelming amount of players were facing daily. And again it seems more like a subgragh issue than people “exploiting” the system but if you can prove otherwise I would like to know without immediately “fixing” a problem where there could not actually be one.

So it needs to be happening to a lot of people for it to be fixed? What if there was a bug that was preventing only you from logging in? Should the devs just not address it?

It’s not a subgraph issue, I’ve explained how it happened in my posts above.

Yes, if it happens to alot of people a change is needed whereas it seems in your proposal that only one person has to say it is a problem to begin making changes that affect everyone else. Also you have given an example where it “could” happen IF the renter was somehow faster than the normal subgraph updates. Again is this an isolated incident or do you have more examples to give before we jump directly to changing contracts?

I believe this was the second time I’ve seen it happen. The only reason why it doesn’t happen more (or at least why we don’t hear about it more) is that it requires a malicious actor, it isn’t something that usually just occurs. So why wouldn’t we fix this issue before more people start doing it rather than waiting for more people to start doing it and then have more people get screwed?

OK so since the lending contracts have been active, you have seen maybe 2 or 3 times where something like this has happened and in your opinion it has nothing to do with a subgraph delay, correct? Again my question is why should we make a contract “fix” when you have already stated that this is not something that usually happens? I get where you are coming from in wanting to “help” others but for normal renters I do not see an actual problem. However for renters that “bot” listings before they are listed/displayed using the current subgraph, this may in fact be a problem if it somehow becomes delayed in updating by a few seconds.

Why are you so opposed to fixing something that has been identified as an issue?

Firstly, IMO this is actually a Non-issue being that it has only happened to maybe 2 or 3 renters since the renting contract has gone live and you have not presented any valid reasons that this needs to be done at this time. Secondly if any “tweaking” to the contracts needs to be done, the issues/problems should be highlighted in a way to bring as many eyes to the problem, i.e. a poll to gauge the community’s interest and than a sigprop, before anything is actually done to the contract. We have gone from one person claiming that it happened to them directly to give me a reason NOT to change it. I believe that we are better than that.

only happened to maybe 2 or 3 renters since the renting contract has gone live

That we know of.

I believe that we are better than that.

Better than what? Making a change without needing to go through a whole voting process? Imagine needing a vote for every change/bug fix that gets made. Hotkey for chatting? Let’s have a vote. Spinning keybind in game? Let’s have a vote. We either need to get away from the slow tedious process when we can, or we need to go in the opposite direction and have a vote for literally any change in the game, and I don’t think we’re going to do that.

It’s been a week since this has been posted and no one has brought up any potential issues with making this change. If that isn’t enough to push through such a minor change, then god help us all once actual gameplay is out.

Edit: also, since you said this:

We have gone from one person claiming that it happened to them directly

Implying that it didn’t happen, I’ll provide proof

Again you are missing the big picture here. You have not provided a valid reason to even make this change not that it did not happen. I posted 2 or 3 people to really help you out being that you initially stated only 1 person had this problem. From your example, are you implying that the price that it was listed included the ability to channel? I fail to see why this gotchi would appear to be even able to be used to channel when it was channeled almost 3 minutes before it was relisted, so if this is not a perfect example of a subgraph delay affecting a player that rented and attempted to channel within 10 seconds of the rental posting I do not know what is :man_shrugging: You are correct in stating a more streamlined approach is needed when something that has strong community support and this is not IMO one of them. The burden of why this should happen and its effects should be on the presenter not for the community to think of reasons not to do something,

The point of this post was for someone to give any reasons as to why implementing this change would be a bad thing. As it has been a week and no one has given any reasons, I believe it will now be implemented.

Do You Think That The Renting Contracts Should Be Changed To Prevent Possible Exploits Due To Owners Posting Rental Contracts Then Channeling The Gotchi.

  • Yes make this update as soon as possible
  • Yes the update is needed but maybe at a later date with more information
  • No the update is not needed because the subgraph will display the latest information

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*NOTE This is has Nothing to do with Subgraph delay issues because it just addresses the possibility that someone may attempt this because it has yet to be an issue.

@Quincy1971 you don’t seem to be providing any counter-arguments except that this isn’t that widespread of an issue.

If no one else has any actual issues with this update, we’ll queue it up for deployment this week and make an announcement once it’s live.

@coderdan Nor does there seem to be any arguments as to why this needs to happen. How has the paradigm sifted to where I must come up with a reason NOT to do something as opposed to Why it should be done? What is the catalyst of this update? Could you not just update the contract to have a toggle to both accomplish this while also addressing an issue that more people voiced by having a way for gotchi owners to rent them without losing their ability to channel them when they see fit? No-one can force you to not do the update but there are others that have been voted on and passed that still have not seen the light of day.

If a toggle is added, then the exploiters would simply choose the option that continues to allow them to make the listing, then immediately channel afterwards.

The reason we are asking for reasons why not to implement is because this is considered an exploit of game mechanics, and will lose players money if more players start exploiting it.

If someone is putting their gotchi up to lend, it makes sense that they should not be able to channel it, as that is one of the main usecases for lending gotchis right now.