Setting Limits on Rentals

As the open rental market reverts to having no limits on borrowed gotchis per wallet, let’s find the right option to mitigate botting in the gotchi rental market. First let’s decide if we should adjust the Public whitelist for the open market or add more optional limits to Private Whitelists.

  • Option A) Add Limits to the Public Whitelist
  • Option B) Add Optional Limits to Private Whitelists and leave the Public Whitelist as it is–with no limit on the number of gotchis per borrower.

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Possible Changes:

    1. Allow only 1 gotchi to be borrowed by an individual wallet at a time
    1. Allow only 1+n gotchis to be borrowed by an individual wallet at a time, where “n” is the number of parcels owned by a wallet.
    1. Use a cooldown to limit borrowing to 1 gotchi per 30 seconds.
    1. Generate the whitelist from an automated list of owners of gotchis and/or parcels.

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The con among all options is that whitelists can still be abused by bad gotchis who can let anyone rent at a competitive rate, but let’s also think of this as it applies to guilds.

Here’s one more link

I think we have to look at different scenarios for these decisions.

Spillover off:
More than 1 Gotchi limit:

  • In that case, bots (as well as power users like Nofuture) that rent and channel the Gotchis are actually working in favor of the owners/lenders, especially if they can rent as much as they want.


  • Bots can block no-upfront-cost Gotchis without channeling them, which greatly decreases offers for no-upfront-cost Gotchis.
  • Less Gotchis for casual users

1 Gotchi limit:

  • More Gotchis for casual users
  • Bots “can’t” block noupfront cost Gotchis without channeling them (well, they can, but at least only 1 per wallet at a time).


  • It prevents power users from utilizing certain strategies

There might be more pros and cos, but as soon as you turn on spillover, the discussion changes drastically:

Spillover on:
More than 1 Gotchi limit:

  • Still good for power users and bots.


  • Since you can only be in the Gotchiverse with 1 Gotchi at a time, as soon as someone rents more than 1 Gotchi, it’s unfavorable for owners/lenders. It creates the necessity for upfront cost (because otherwise bots (or people) would just lend a bunch of Gotchis and not collect anything with them). This in turn creates a race to the bottom for the amount of upfront cost, that will slowly go towards just over the gas cost for offering and claiming back the Gotchi. That is what happened while spillover was on. Each day, you had to adjust upfront cost down.

1 Gotchi limit:

  • Decreases the issue discussed in the last paragraph, but only as far as real people are concerned (and even they could circumvent it). Bots could adapt to this fast, and still cause the same issue.
  • More Gotchis for casual users (again…just as far as powerusers are concerned, since Bots can adjust to this fast).

So while writing this, I realize, there is no good option here. No matter what, there is always the potential for issues. I think the only long-term solution for this, that will also work for “Spillover On”, would be a reputation based system for public lendees. Give them a soulbound NFT that updates how much they collect per hour and how often they channel Gotchis that are able to channel. Then give lenders the option to set thresholds for their rental offers. For example, this Gotchi is offered at no upfront cost to anyone with an average collection rate of at least 1 FOMO per hour and a channeling rate of > 80%. However, I realize that this solution would probably cause a lot of dev work and doesn’t increase the fun factor…and increasing the fun factor should be a big priority at this time. So yea… :man_shrugging:

Only people who own land and gotchi in their wallets can pick up alchemica.The rented gotchi cannot pick up alchemica.This can solve the robot problem.Other ways are futile.

if I channel my n parcels and then transfer these parcels to another empty address, can I borrow 1+n gotchis again in the same day, then I will channel again maybe after 6 or 8 hours next channel turn? after 6 or 8 hours, I will do same again.

if the above is ok, I think you need to make another limit for such behavior. finally in gotchiverse there will be lots of strange limitations. everyone need to find lots of rules or limitations firstly before playing in the gotchiverse.

hope everyone can firstly have an clear explaination then you vote for this choise.


My goal with this topic was to answer some questions I had, and to find a good way to word a sigprop. I admittedly got distracted in trying to bring a QoL change for guilds to the table. It seemed to me that anyone could make a private WL that would make the open rental market (as well as any inherent limits) obsolete, after reading this comment. In this case, why not push this new feature into private whitelists? Limiting borrowers to one gotchi has already been asked for by guild leaders.

It is probably best to treat this as a separate issue, though. For the sake of this sigprop, we should only be considering the open rental market.

We should also only propose the limit which has already been tested. The only vote should be: for or against permanently installing a change to the open rental market wherein borrowers may only borrow one gotchi at a time.

Should borrowers in the open rental market be limited to borrowing only one gotchi at a time?

  • YES
  • NO

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Additional possible changes like “Using a cooldown to limit borrowing to 1 gotchi per 30 seconds.” “Generating the whitelist from an automated list of owners of gotchis and/or parcels.” and “Allowing only 1+n gotchis to be borrowed by an individual wallet at a time, where “n” is the number of parcels owned by a wallet.” shouldn’t be dismissed entirely, but this sigprop needs to be more focused.

Further, these options are somewhat inappropriate given that Pixel Craft was not experimenting with them in the first place. Perhaps it would be better to ask for these options to be tested or implemented from the Aavegotchi feature requests site, rather than in this proposal.

If others disagree (and by this discord poll, I assume people do), then we should do a sigprop including the option of “1 Borrow Limit + # of parcels” or as I said above: "Allowing only 1+n gotchis to be borrowed by an individual wallet at a time, where “n” is the number of parcels owned by a wallet.”

In that poll, the option “1 Borrow Limit per address” receives about as many votes as “Let’s go back to the old way”, so it should be included a well.

So an alternative proposal could ask:

Should we limit the number of gotchis a wallet can borrow from the open market?

  • YES, only one gotchi at a time
  • YES, only one plus the number of parcels
  • NO

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Open Market Gotchi Borrowing Limits

DAO threads: Setting Limits on Rentals
From Days to Blocks: Modifying the New Renting Safeguards

Bots are used to instantly borrow and hoard gotchis in the open rental market. This leaves gotchi renters with few profitable listings. To fix this, an experimental feature was implemented that limits wallets to borrowing one gotchi at a time. If no action is taken, this feature will be removed soon and open market rentals will revert to having no borrowing limit.

This is a proposal to impose a limit on the number of gotchis that can be borrowed from the open market at a time.

Imposing this limit will significantly hinder botting in the open rental market, allowing human users a better chance to catch good listings.

Additionally, many are unable to use all of their parcels for channeling when they are being limited to one borrowed gotchi at a time. This proposal includes the option to raise the limit on borrowing according to the number of parcels a borrower owns. There are other options for conditionally limiting borrowers, however, this parcel-based solution has already received strong support in initial polling.

Should we limit the number of gotchis a wallet can borrow from the open market?

  • YES, only one gotchi at a time
  • YES, only one plus the number of parcels
  • NO
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Thanks @aargh for this thread. I honestly missed this before posting the sigprop (no intention to stand on anyone’s toes!). Now that the sigprop has passed, please see below for a draft core prop; please comment!

Once it’s all agreed I’ve been told @Moon is the man to make this official somehow.
(also, I’m just guessing the agip number should be sequential)

[AGIP39tbc] Setting limits on the number of borrowed gotchis allowed per wallet address

Authors: eMM#9638, aargh#7307
Gotchi IDs: 23748, (tbc)

Quorum requirement: 20% (9M)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet
Discourse Threads:
–links to threads here–

Until recently there have been no limits on the number of gotchis an address can borrow at the same time, either from a whitelist or from the open (non whitelisted) market.

This was recently changed for a short period to a limit of 1 borrowed gotchi on the open market and 1 by default on all whitelists. A whitelist owner can change the number of allowed borrowed gotchis per address.

This change to the open market was put in place as an experiment in anti botting measures. Community members had reported difficulty in securing a gotchi to borrow for channelling, particularly around the 0:00UTC reset time, which was attributed to bots scraping all the best rental offers before humans get a chance.

The change saw Gotchigang report an increase in available gotchis to borrow on the open market around reset time which is a positive, and this reversed when the limit was removed.

On the negative side, other Gotchigang borrowing through the open market reported being unable to fully channel their aaltars due to not being able to rent enough gotchis. This is particularly true for borrowers who’ve paid for a long term rental and are now stuck with that 1 gotchi, unable to borrow any more for additional channellings. This issue will tend to grow over time as people level up their aaltars and generate more channelling opportunities. The limit of 1 per address on the open market is a disincentive to levelling up aaltars and buying more land for those without enough gotchis who prefer longer term rentals. It also limits the demand for lending out gotchis long term, however it pushes people to approach guilds and whitelist owners for spots which is a positive for the social element of the game.

A poll was run in the weekly DAO Hangout by CoderDan suggesting most Gotchigang wanted the allowed number of borrowed gotchis from the open market to equal the number of parcels a wallet address holds plus 1, as a balance between a free for all and a hard limit of 1.
–link to poll here–

Now that the experiment has concluded and the SigProp has passed it’s time to vote on the below:
–link to sigprop here–

Voting Options:

Set the limit on the number of borrowed gotchis a wallet address can hold from the open market to:

  1. 1
  2. The number of parcels in the borrower’s wallet plus 1
  3. Unlimited

I have some comments regarding the option that won in the prop:

Set the limit on the number of gotchis each address can borrow from the open market equal to the number of parcels in the borrower’s wallet plus 1

This should be straightforward enough to implement, but something to keep in mind is that it would be possible to simply borrow up to your parcel limit, transfer your parcels to another address, and mass borrow again on the other address.

AND set a default limit of 1 borrowed gotchi per address for all existing and new whitelists while giving whitelist creators the ability to change that limit up to any number.

I don’t think this addendum should be implemented. The reason why the default limit is unlimited is because storage slots are initialized as 0, and this in the code is translated to mean unlimited. To implement this, we would need to change every existing whitelist’s access right manually to 1, as well as add more logic to whitelist creation. I’m really not sure why this is even a thing because it is fairly trivial for a whitelist owner to set the borrow limit for their whitelists manually, and I believe that whitelist behavior for any existing whitelists should be preserved.


No issues I can think of with leaving the default as unlimited.

As for the workaround, yes, but it’s a another small deterrent for botters I hope. I guess it’s better if botters at least own a bunch of parcels than nothing. I see this is another stop gap on the way to caartridges and much better for humans than a hard limit of 1.

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