1 Aavegotchi = 100 GHST vote

One portal in the first Haunt has been paid 100 GHST.
If I’ve woken up an Aavegotchi I want to play with it and be an active member of the community.
So, what if for the Aavegotchi owners 1 gotchi means that they can voto with a weight on 100 GHST?
Just for example, if I own:
1 gotchi → 100 GHST vote power
2 gotchis → 200 GHST vote power
10 gotchis → 1000 GHST voter power.

This is a solution to make the active members of the community to partecipate in DAO despite they have no GHST because they instead have one o more Aavegotchis.

What do you think about this proposal? :grin:


Honestly really like the idea of having your frens being able to help you vote so
full support from me :+1:t2:


Thanks fren! If the post reaches a great amount of replies I’ll post it directly in the community Discord channel :slight_smile:

Isn’t the voting system supposed to change anyway? I thought (once implemented) only the Gotchis would be able to vote (in town hall). Or did I misunderstand that?

Yes, now we are experiencing in some way a beta version of the system, but it is now the right momenti in which the users have to propose valuable changes to improve the Aavegotchi experience in my opinion and so my proposal :wink:

this sounds like a fantastic idea to get a more practical way for user focused dao decisions!

make it happen aagents to the moon!


Glad to hear this from you fren!


@superisk | Super good idea - thx for the proposal. DAOs should be influenced by the active crowd.

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I like this proposal. We’ve always intended Aavegotchis to give voting power to their owner. The exact params are up to us to decide ofc! Things like XP and kinship can definitely be taken into account.


I completely agree with you!

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Nice to hear this from you @coderdan :wink:

Hey Superrisk, this is a Superidea! Love it!

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I not convinced yet, as only the 5 biggest gotchi’s holder would represent around 25% of the voting power. I feel like we need a more democratic solution. I see it as a bit of improvement over 1GHST = 1 VOTE, but It would still be really related to the money spent.

I agree that not every personne should have the same voting power, but I think we should bind it with something not related with money at all.

I specially like how Colony.io define voting through a reputation system into their white paper
https://colony.io/whitepaper.pdf ( 2.5 The reputation system )

I know that even in this project whales exist, but don’t misunderstand my words. I mean that people who own an aavegotchi can partecipate in the DAO, I’ve not talked about people with a lot of GHST. This is another problem that influences the governance. In my opinion it is however right that a person that own 1000 GHST is less important that another that has 10 GHST. This is part of the game.

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@superrisk I’m curious to know what you think about that :

I partially agree with this sentence. I’m certain not a whale in aavegotchi and so I can feel the danger of a governance driven only by GHST whales. Against this I propose a voting weight that varies according to a logarithmic curve. This curve affects only the voting power resulting from the GHST in the wallet.

For example, Voting power = # Aavegotchi * 100 + log(# GHST in the wallet)

This formula (very simple and created at this moment) gives to the gotchis owner a quite important voting power.

I think this is a cool idea! As far as whale concerns, do we have good data on that? I’d have assumed that many ‘whales,’ if they snapped up a large proportion of portals, might not have even opened them, or might not have bothered to summon all of them?

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I totally understand the sentiment here. Lots of people have spent large amounts of GHST (relatively to themselves, and also in aggregate) on Aavegotchis and wearables.

I would go even further and say that equipped wearables should also be added to the voting power of an Aavegotchi. What do you guys think?


Yes, but how would you accurately price them. I guess we could just give each Gotchi a specific amount of voting power and do the same for each rarity type of wearable. Of course this wouldn’t capture all the GHST spent on them since price varies a lot between different gotchis and wearables.


The obvious play is just to take mall prices.