Umbria GHST Bridge Awareness - Cheapest and Fastest Bridging

Greetings Aavegotchis!

As some of you are already aware, the Umbria Network team have created a cross-chain bridge for all of you to get GHST tokens from Polygon to Ethereum and back again, with a focus on cheapness, and speed. It is currently the cheapest way.

The bridge is actually up and running - you can see it here: However, the community is not very aware of it yet, as it is quite a new thing. Now, the only thing to do is spread awareness across the community. The Umbria Narni bridge is a lot cheaper and faster than the Polygon official bridge.

Allow me to share some stats to compare the two:

Polygon Official Bridge:
Bridging GHST from Ethereum —> Polygon
Cost: $65.64 bridge cost + $40 first time approval.
Time to bridge: 1 hour+

Bridging GHST from Polygon —> Ethereum
Cost:: $78.49 bridge cost + $0.01 negligible first time approval

Umbria Narni Bridge
Bridging GHST from Ethereum to Polygon
Cost: $31.84
Time to bridge: < 4 minutes

Bridging GHST from Polygon —> Ethereum
Cost: $31.60
Time to bridge: < 4 minutes

Another thing to mention is you can stake GHST in our platform and earn APY with no impermanent loss, whenever anyone bridges the GHST token, you will be a share of 40% of the fees. The other 60% of the fees go to Umbria Token stakers. APYs vary between 5% and 250% depending on usage. We believe as the community becomes aware, the APY will stabilize.

As you can see the Umbria bridge reduces the fees by half, and the time to bridge by a factor of 10. My proposal is more of a formality - adopt the Umbria bridge in your hearts as the preferred solution. The Umbria team are now working on a widget that can be used by the Aavegotchi team, if they wish - it will enable the bridge functionality to be integrated into the Aavegotchi website. This will really improve the user experience further.

I will be keeping an eye on this proposal, so if anyone has any questions, please let me know.


What tokens do we earn when staking GHST on Umbria?

You would earn GHST every five minutes in the best case. In the worst case, you earn GHST whenever someone uses the bridge to migrate assets. As adoption increases throughout the community, the rewards will increase. Some people are already earning GHST…

There’s staking of other assets too, just as a side note (ETH, USDT, USDC, wBTC, UMBR). You always get rewards for what you staked, and if you stake UMBR you get more of everything.

That’s the general overview.

How does the Umbria Bridge is faster then the Ploygon one?

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It uses a completely different protocol which takes away the need for most of the on-chain computation

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Did we eventually provide liquidity for GHST on Umbria?

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Ya, WTF… What happened here? This was one of the better things that was offered…