Ways to earn GHST

Is there any way to win or earn GHST if a user(me) doesn’t have enough funds to buy a portal or aavegotchi?



Stake it to earn FRENS points, redeem them for raffle tickets, and sell them at peak times for most effective GHST harvesting. A good time period will be the first week of November when land raffle comes around!

Other alternatives are leveraging through an MAI vault (depositing GHST to borrow more, and staking to pay down debt or speculate on price).

Really you’ll want a way to build up enough GHST over time to acquire in-game assets like gotchis or land so best right now to just stake it and play in the bid-to-earn auction for land next Thursday 2PM UTC to earn ghst while you auction (when you get outbidded). More is in their medium article.

(Land will be a good entry point imo, even if you don’t win one you earn GHST)


What @aimo217 said…the GBM auction for land is going to be an incredible opportunity to earn more GHST.
If you play it right, you could double your stack in a few hours :slight_smile:


Hey @notorious_BTC you can also earn GHST tokens by staking GHST on the Umbria bridge - using the pool page. APYs vary, but some people are already earning GHST there

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Would you lose out on Frens with this?
It sounds like a great option though for earning more GHST :smiley:

isnt the best way to earn ghst staking,earning frens and sell tickets? its almost 100% APY

If 1k ghst held rn, then 30k frens earned per month staking which is 3 drop tickets, if you assume you can sell each ticket for 20 ghst then thats 60 ghst monthly or a 6% increase in ghst, if that was done for a full year and those assumptions held steady it would be 720 ghst earned for staking your 1k ghst for a year so 72% earned paid in ghst.
Obvi how much a tickets sells for and such can change over time. Thought id elaborate a little so people know and im new so want to show im not a bot.