Voting Power for the new LP and DAO liquidity Transfer

  1. Every little bit helps in attempting to stop the sell pressure of Alchemica. I suggest we add the new Liquidity Pools and wapGHST to the voting power. This will encourage farming and lessen the sell pressure of Alchemica

  2. We have voted twice to transfer DAO liquidity to the Alchemica Pools. When will this actually happen?


That prop already passed and Jarrod was hired to implement the snapshot strategy, and I believe he has submitted it to PC to use.

It is implemented as per AGIP-37.

Check in the Aavegotchi snapshot, you will see the GHST from wapGHST and the GHST in the Alch LPs now receives voting power.

If you look here there is no voting power for wapGHST nor New Alch LPs. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Snapshots are governance votes, which might be implemented yet.

Look in Snapshot.

Is this for the liquidity transfer to the pools or for the VP.

Those are governance proposals that are voted on, doesnt mean it is implemented right?

I’m not sure what you mean? Voting is done in Snapshot and the voting power changes have been implemented in Snapshot.

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Maybe it is not updated in the UI, check out this link: Voting Power

There is no voting power listed here for wapGHST nor new LPs.

It has not been updated there. Voting is done in Snapshot. If you hold these assets your voting power will be in Snapshot.

This hasn’t been updated since rentals started the breaking of our voting :slight_smile: I think we’re getting 0 updates to the site until UI 2.0…