Aarcade Developers DAO using DaoHaus

To summarise,
aaTRY is ticket to retry 1 time.
CONTINUE is a pass for players to continue indefinite times.

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Yeah - aaTRY just for a try lol, 5 Frens - 1 time. - no market
CONTINUE aka Seasonal Paas - 10 ghst for all da games infinity retry. - unlimited supply in maal.

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One idea we’ve been floating internally that would be quite easy to implement is a token that you exchange in order to have unlimited access to the Aarcade. This could be done onchain and easily verified. Maybe it’s GHST, or FRENS, or Tickets, could be anything really.

The difficult part would be keeping track of playtime for various games and paying developers. I imagine it would be more like the Spotify model where the end user pays for unlimited access, and the platform pays the artists.


Actually, which is harder in terms of development?
Keeping track of play time or keeping tracking of number of plays ?

So far been thinking that a subscription plan maybe more achievable .
Like “Pay X GHST to play un-limited times within a timeframe”

Exactly, so let’s make it easy, and make a different subscription plans:

Season = 4 games
We just need to make it able to be few options to choose from - A) an all season subscription, B) 1 or multiple games (1-3) not a full plan, C) 1 time payments per try, cuz mb not all of the gotchis or liquidators will want to pay for the Pass.
If we want to make it like a service - Mini-games-as-a-Service - lol - we can put discounts on subscriptions like :
1 game SP (season pass) - normal price
2 games - 10% discount
3 games - 15% discount
All seasn = 4 games - 25% discount
New idea - durable items for mini-games, kind of as it was presented in TD, but it seems like it was too OP, cuz grenades’ were infinity supply, EZ 15exp lol.
So if we will put a VendingMachine for Gotchis, lil Faair theme sounds dope, where they can buy or fix the items they have to continue using benefits (ofc u cant smith the grenades’ but u can buy moar)


About the DaoHAUS, adding members into the DAO is taking very long.
This is some of my experience with DaoHAUS and currently looking forward that the DaoHaus team can improve for MolochV3.

Let’s see what we can do with it

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