Aarcade Developers DAO using DaoHaus

@rootdraws suggested developing a DAO to manage the funds collected from Aarcade, if there is a fee-structure for community development of minigames.

Currently, the fee structure is like this:

  • Each Gotchi player could pay 1 GHST (out of their pockets) to play X (100+) times of each minigame.

It can be also a subscription plan that

  • pay X GHST to play total of X number of time of minigames

  • pay X GHST to play for a fixed period.

  • pay X GHST for all-season subscription ( if we have 50+ games for sure )

  • pay X GHST for mini games-as-a-service:
    So 1 game : normal price
    2 games: 10% discount
    3 games: 20% discount

  • introduce durability to in-game items

The funds collected can be used for the following development.

  • Yield-bearing treasury where the yield can be used for mini-game leaderboard bounty, similar to PoolTogether.

  • located X % of collected funds to the Gotchis of the dev as payments for effort. (earning XP is also possible)

  • pooling game assets, templates together so that devs can have a better time for development.

Link my 1st thread here:

Thread still in WIP. Please everyone is welcome to spit some ideas on it.


The discussion looks like there may be a way to use daohaus as a guild stable for a bunch of gotchis as well.

So the ghst earned from the games made by the aarcade devs could go into a different places - as the devs choose.

  1. could be LP farmed somewhere earning fees + yield reward tokens + Frens.

  2. could try to do a pooltogether thing - which would be a randomized distribution among some set of participants — maybe for a leaderboard spot in a tournament.

  3. could use that ghst to buy and equip gotchis and to fund their spirit force.

This could then qualify the aarcade guild for rarity farming rewards or resale gotchis or to pay devs in gotchis or reward gotchis for tournaments.

All three of these rely on using polygon daohaus with minions.

These minion contracts can hold the GHST or LP tokens or gotchis and then be directed to make external calls.

So in the gotchi stables / array where the aarcade dao spends the GHST earned to buy and grow gotchis the minion contract could vote to earn xp - on behalf of the guild — or it could do a call for pet all — so all of the gotchis can stay high kinship.

These gotchis would earn more ghst which would allow for more gotchis — and then the guild could even sacrifice gotchis for leaderboard positions in xp rarity.

All while making great gotchi games.

The guild could also decide through a vote which projects to coordinate on and fund work on — which would increase shipping efficency of projects.

This seems like a promising thing for aarcade devs.


It will be fun to spitball with the DAO on how the Aarcade should be set up. The distribution of GHST for the minigames developers is another question which you guys have good ideas for.

In house we are thinking of setting the Aarcade up like a real life Arcade. At the moment the leading idea is you buy “Game Tokens” with GHST which you can then use to play the different games. You could also “potentially” earn these “Game Tokens” by petting your gotchi.

The minigames themselves either keep the format of how they are, with each game having its own leaderboard and reward system, OR a cooler idea is you win “Prize tokens” which are traded in for various NFT prizes (Limited edition wearables, raffle tickets, etc etc). We could also combine the systems.

Obviously these ideas need more brainstorming to iron out the details, but if we can keep an ongoing conversation as it develops that will be dandy.


In house we are thinking of setting the Aarcade up like a real life Arcade
In terms of “we”, I assume you are speaking in terms of Pixelcraft.
By “earning those Game tokens”, you mean you can earn them if your gotchi’s kinship reached certain level ?

I wonder what sentiment will be as people are so used to playing mini games for free in the XP events.

Yeah, the quantity of game tokens you get and their value is up for discussion. But essentially, if we are to incentivise minigame developers with the potential of passive income, then we need some income generation for the pool.

1 GHST could equate to 10 Game tokens or whatever, each token potentially earning you a big score and a bunch of reward tokens to spend on Aarcade prizes.

But if you could also earn Game Tokens passively (i.e via petting their gotchis) then that will keep the people happy that want to play for free


Personality I really like this idea.
Using kinship to offer free Game tokens can let people test play the games, to see whether the games suit their style or not.
Also engages ppl to not forget to pet their gotchis.


Real-world Arcades have to deal with many different game-makers, so it makes sense that they created a standardized system for playing (tokens) that rewards players with standardized awards (tickets), that can then be converted into real-world items (the prize counter).

The idea would be to mimic this structure, and make it easy for game devs to tap into the Gotchiconomy with their games by having a standard input (the game token) and an output (the prize ticket). Then AavegotchiDAO / Pixelcraft could setup the prize counter and stock it occasionally with GHST / NFT / Potions / Other prizes.

As long as we make this integration simple, and ensure that 3rd party games don’t allow cheating, I think this could be hugely powerful for unlocking the potential of the Gotchiconomy, even before the Gotchiverse Realm is live!

As for this thread, one way of generating rewards for the Prize Counter would be engaging in yield-generating activities with the pooled GHST. Excited to see where this goes!


Overall, I like the idea for an incentivized arcade. I think the idea of kinship for plays needs to be thought out a lot more though. Basically, if you are allowing someone to convert a mostly free action into something that has monetary value, then that could start draining funds. Arcades have a feedback loop. The prize counter is never more value then the amount players spend to play. If players start playing for free and can still access the prize counter then we have an issue.


You have a point.
Giving out free tokens can potentially drain the value or fund of the DAO and also the prize counter.
So for the genesis, it would be better let ppl buy Game Tokens using GHST.


A DAO is summoned

What are your thoughts on free play during XP events? At other times you could permit the use of kinship as tickets, these free play tickets will not allow placement on the leaderboard or make them eligible for prizes. Once the kinship tickets run out(or you want to play for reals), it would be necessary to play via purchased arcade tokens.

I have a lot of questions In setting up the Gotchi Arcade Dao:

You are going to need somebody to build and manage the contracts to work with the Daohaus minions. How will you decide how to pay this person that is not a game developer, and how much?

A team community to manage the assets and decide what games and developers to onboard, and payments to working members. How will you decide the core members and what will the selection process look like? This is a bit fuzzy to me.

Do you think some seed money would be necessary in creating the Aavegotchi Aarcade Dao? Perhaps it’s members could pay(like an ico) to gain a seat and contribute to its development? I wonder if this should be a Dao officially sanctioned by Pixelcraft/Aavegotchi Dao. Would it be reasonable and warranted to seek a vote in through proposals to gain Officialdom?

However, we need to address the issue that @UnfitStone raised: does giving players to play for free won’t help the fund to develop?

If developers are releasing a test game/ demo to see if enough players are interested, it would be fine to be free2play. Kinship can also be used to charge up stamina for playing ( of coz kinship won’t be consumed)

When the game gained enough support to be an XP event, then the game tokens mechanism can then be deployed. Using GHST to buy game tokens to play minigames. The pay to play mechanism can then be deployed in XP events.

There’s an proposal of using FRENS as a medium for exchange of game tokens and I would like to bring this to discuss as well.

The problem is after XP event, should we make them free-2-play by kinship or pay by game tokens? This can be a mix though. So when stamina is depleted one can buy some game tokens in order to keep playing.

As for your questions @Kokusho , there are a lot of them so I try to break them up first.

So for pay checks, the DAO would need to discuss. Is it 50:50 between the dev team of that game and the fund or other fee structure? We need to come up with that as well.

For core members, I’m inviting people who already deployed minigames and people who are going to deploy minigames to the Aarcade DAO.
Currently the selection process is TBD.

Right now I’m still figuring out DaoHaus, so right now the on boarding fee is 10 wMATIC, as “loot” I think.

There’s more but I need to think deeply in order to give you a good answer…

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Pushing this. I think we need to made clear the triangle relationship between the Aarcade DAO , Aavegotchi DAO and Pixelcraft Studio

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What if we just use FRENS to buy aaTRY if ur try4free is over already?

I think if we will implement use case of FRENS for mini-games = FRENS holders more happy + we can make a Season Paas tickets to the baazaar to buy it with GHST - dat ticket will give an access to the whole szn, and cost mb like a 10ghst for ex?
I really want to reward all dat gotchis dat gimme those games to play, and content and stuff.
What if, CONTINUE tickets sales will be set-up in Maal (actually maal should be a place where is the stuff is always on stock lol, then this will be the first item offering to be unlimited)
Unlimited CONTINUE tickets will hold a straight reward to the devs and dao 50\50
Or sth like that.

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So you are proposing players to use FRENS to purchase CONTINUE tickets, which is a ticket to be spent on game retries, am I correct?

My thoughts is that way, yes.
I think it will be two side engagement.
FRENS to buy a aaTRY will be recycled and GHST income will go to the DAO and GotchiDevs
sorry, my mind goes fster then fingers, so i can get messed up with wrapping the idea sometimes.

We buy aaTRY with FRENS in mini-games UIs, and CONTINUES tickets in maal for a Season Paas.

Frens for trying more - aaTRY (lol not a token, but just having fun with names lol)
Ghst for Continue tickets = Seasonal Paas

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Also posting @memerberries fee structure here,

so he proposes adding a staking GHST method to the Aarcade.

So there will be 2 methods:

  • (A) Stake X GHST to get Y game tokens
  • (B) Stake at least 100 GHST to play as much as you like

Stakers will need to pay a 3% deposit fee and they earn a yield from the funds paid by ‘pay2earn’ players.

Those paid funds can be split among the leaderboard bounty/ dividend to top score players and also AarcadeDAO, stakers and developers.

There is also a 3rd method which is staking Wearables to earn yield and play indefinite times but stakers bear risk of being liquidated. To avoid that the staker need to achieve certain score/ranking.

If liquidated the wearable will be sold off in Bazaar and then the GHST will be spread among the top players.

Somehow I find this method really complicated and frankly speaking it’s a lot of work for devs to be sure…

  • Yes, I think this method is achievable
  • Needs more improvement
  • No, it’s not achievable

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What’s the usage of aaTRY then?

I think we have enough of sources for rewarding pools.
We have a convo for a devs motivations, so i want to put this dat way only, funds for devs.
Okay, I’m cool to share with DAO n PixelCraft, but users who don’t contribute with the making games or wearables or any other content should not be rewarded - cuz i simply see no reason to share dev accumulated funds with the boys i just play with, lol.

I think, we can make a GotchiDevsRewardingPool GDRP, GDRP and it’s going to be like a treasury for DEVs only?
Cuz as i think this would motive ppl to get in the code much more.

AaTry will be used for one more time to play only = 5 FREN mb?

To make ppl who dont have much to be able to play moar + dont get rekt with spending GHST.

But ppl who dont want to waste the time to pay with FRENS everytime, 1 aaTry = 1 more game to loose, lol.

CONTINUES basicaly will save our time, and for the whole season. + It will paid in GHST and aaTry only with a FRENS