Incentivising Minigames Development with GHST

Dear Frens,

My first topic post here. Please be gentle.

I’m proposing a method if minigame developers could receiving some kind of tip (GHST/XP) for their efforts of minigame development.

Mechanic: The initial mechanic I proposed is like some kind of reverse arcade machine.

  • You play the game and you found it interesting.

  • You may fund the developer by tipping them GHST (0.5 GHST as minimum)

I hope that with such incentives, we can incentivize our community developers to develop games.


This could also help to let those you are interested in game development but currently don’t have the skills to learn and make their own minigames. ( you can try to use Phaser.js first).

This could serve as funding somebody’s side job/hobby as well.

Aavegotchi gets more mini games to play, which also helps future XP events.

By engaging community developers, it can also help ease the game development burden on Pixelcraft studios, making the project move faster.

I hope that my idea makes sense to you. If you want to further develop this idea, please do help so. Also if you think there are some downsides to this proposal , please also help point out. We can help refine this.

Let me make summary of the points here.

  1. Fees
    a. Subscription Plan. It can be like play 1 game for 100 times (1 GHST), or play the whole Aarcade for 1 month (xx GHST). Paywall for entry of the minigames.
    b. Willful Donations to Devs/ Devs DAO

  2. Funds Management
    a. Create a DAO through DAOHaus with 50 % to DAO treasury and 50% to yield farming strategy for individual devs
    b. Direct payment to involved devs

  3. Bounties from Pixelcraft studio / AavegotchiDAO
    a. This one I just thought out of my head.

Linking my 2nd thread here:



I like this idea. I think it could work if we approach the fee sort of like an arcade game. A donation button would work and I would be willing to take it a step further. We could go fraactional on a per play GHST fee like an arcade machine. Something similar to MATIC fees which aren’t an overburden (.001 GHSTs). Although this fee is small (at the current GHST price of $1.02, this would enable 1020 plays per 1 GHST), this pool of fees could add up considering how many plays we all put in and could generate a little income on the side of donations for the game dev. We could even take a little sliver of this fee pool and use it for web2 server hosting for future mini games to prevent Klaus and his ilk from running rampant on the mini games (Love you Klaus :kissing_heart:). Either way, I think it would be cool to incentivize/drive interest to game development by our flowering community. We can figure out an ideal fee structure that allows accessibility to the mini-games without a huge financial constraint, maybe even a prepaid option (I throw in 2 GHST and play X number of times to avoid excessive MATIC transactions for the sake of efficiency). All of these ideas would be cool assuming we don’t overburden the team or the community mini game developer with too much extra work to make it possible. @ricJones_Grizzy I would add a poll so we can better gauge sentiment for your great idea.


So what @nofuturistic suggested is that we can charge a gotchi with 1 GHST to let them play x number of times of minigames.

For example, we can charge 1 GHST per gotchi for 100-500 tries of Sushi Vader. This basically means 1 cent or 0.2 cent for each try.

The charged fee needs a location. It can be paid to the contribution team aka game devs and others.
Part of it can be invested into a yield bearing account as @rootdraws suggested.

When I have time I shall make a mind map to further illustrate my point.

This approach can also go in parallel with wilful donations from players and also Pixelcraft fee structure, as suggested by @Unintelligent-Nerd


I would love to incentivize a direct link to the minigames in a new window inside the play aaveotchi tab bring more users easy access to the ability of playing games without having to go to the white paper every time


Yup this can definitely be done on the Aavegotchi website.
The mini-fee can also be directed to the game-dev’s gotchi pocket. Some of them can also be re-directed to the DAO.
I will certainly make a visual map to better illustrate things. Sorry day job is killing me…


Hey Rizzy – some interesting thoughts happening.

Short version is I think it’s best that you create an Aarcade Dev DAO on using DAOHaus on Polygon.

Basically, people are in touch with finding out if DAOHaus Minions can get into a place where they can connect more easily with to do DAO Treasury Farming.

And, with the talks already in place for LP Farming partnerships between 1hive and aavegotchi for the GHST - wETH LP for the polygon farms launch –

I think it’s very likely that some portion of the funds you earn from your aarcade games – [half?] could go into a DAOHaus Minion contract // DAO, and then that Minion could direct those funds into LP Positions on 1hive.

So you would be able to earn yield on your treasury assets that way.

Maybe the other half of the aarcade earnings could be integrated into a pool2gether skem.

The relevant forum posts are here:




Short version is I think it’s best that you create an Aarcade Dev DAO on using DAOHaus on Polygon.

I think I need a tutorial on that :sweat_smile:

I think it’s very likely that some portion of the funds you earn from your aarcade games – [half?] could go into a DAOHaus Minion contract // DAO, and then that Minion could direct those funds into LP Positions on 1hive.

So earned GHST from Aacrade -x%-> DAOHaus DAO treasury
|–(1-x%) → dev’s account in poolTogether.

Am I right about this ? And then the dev can choose to LP into 1hive.

Please help clarify if Im missing sth

GREAT IDEA . incentivizing the builders is never a bad idea. we should incentivize them to compete instead of cranking out volume.


Sounds good, but it shouldnt be as must.
There is a “free cap” then - insert coin ghst to cointinue for x10 times of 0.01 ghst
But if i would play gaatherer like this again, i’ll get rekt by buying continues or not buy it at all, was hard same as pacman and snaake. lots of time wasted lol
TD was so cool n chill
So i gues we need a curve for different games that require different stats

Although I’m a dev and there is some conflict of interests, asking for a GHST coin is not too much and the player can play with at least 100 times of one game. Also number of times in the game is open for discussion but at least this is a reasonable amount of times one player can play.
You can’t get ‘rekt’ as you have already bought the package already. And the no. of times won’t get reset when the Aarcade is developed I believe.


If the AavegotchiDAO can make a game jam this will be great!!
Really incentivsing the creativity in this space.


Suscribtion plan for minigames seasons?
Ilke i want to buy only snaake + TD tickect pls.
Or ALL IN PLS 50% off or sth like that can be done too.
But yes, # of try must to be cosidered.

I guess we can even try sth like co-op mode with Contra rework mb? Possible?

Head thread updated with summary of the following discussions

Sorry. Could you explain more about it ?

I think it’s possible, to rework all the objects in contra force(sega game), by swaping the links to it’s content, to make a gotchi vs… game in contra style, + our stats suits the game like that the best IMO
I’m not dev, cant explain, or better to ask me a question in the right way, if you asking about my vision, like a google, you know xD

I think most of the devs are already into the Phaser and it doesn’t make sense for us to switch to another engine, especially one I never heard of. Sorry

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Linking my 2nd thread about making an Aarcade DAO using DaoHaus

(Crossposted from the Daohaus thread)

Real-world Arcades have to deal with many different game-makers, so it makes sense that they created a standardized system for playing (tokens) that rewards players with standardized awards (tickets), that can then be converted into real-world items (the prize counter).

The idea would be to mimic this structure, and make it easy for game devs to tap into the Gotchiconomy with their games by having a standard input (the game token) and an output (the prize ticket). Then AavegotchiDAO / Pixelcraft could setup the prize counter and stock it occasionally with GHST / NFT / Potions / Other prizes.

As long as we make this integration simple, and ensure that 3rd party games don’t allow cheating, I think this could be hugely powerful for unlocking the potential of the Gotchiconomy, even before the Gotchiverse Realm is live!

As for this thread, one way of generating rewards for the Prize Counter would be engaging in yield-generating activities with the pooled GHST. Excited to see where this goes!


Hello frens Long time no see.
So @Coyote posted his thoughts on the fee structure of the Aarcade and hopefully it is self-explanatory

Also pretty deep discussion happening on the Discord so I will point yall there as well.

Also would like to do a poll on the proposed fee structure.

  • pay 1 GHST to play 100 times of a single game (like SushiVaders)
  • pay X GHST to play for a limited time (only play time included)
  • pay X frens to buy a ticket that play limited amount of times
  • Game Dev mint a NFT to sell. That NFT is a time-limited pass to play a single game

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