Aavegotchi DAO IRL Taask Force

I would like to present a proposal to create the Aavegotchi DAO IRL Taask Force (DIRLTF). This Taask Force would consist of myself (admin lead), Nofuturistic (Media Lead), Tburd (admin + media support) and Lost Local (Pixelcraft liaison). We are requesting an annual budget of $80K, paid as quarterly payments of $20k, in either USDC or DAI. Excess funding would rollover from one quarter to the next, with any leftover at the end of the year returned to the DAO. This Taask Force would be responsible for the following but not limited to:

  • Coordinate IRL strategy in collaboration with Pixelcraft
  • Handling administrative tasks on behalf of the DAO (Business Development, Partnerships, onboarding of talent, administrative duties, general networking)
  • Source a minimum of 25% of event/booth staff from local dao members where/when applicable
  • DAO-related content capture
  • Post production of DAO content
  • Ensuring timely delivery of said DAO content to social streams and proof-of-attendance via live streaming, when possible
  • Developing DAO-to-DAO and DAO-to-influencer collaborations for events and content capture

Our current projected schedule for 2023 - 2024:
Art Basel Miami - December 8 - 10, 2023
Ethereum Denver - Feb 29 - March 3 2024
GDC San Fran - March 19 - March 22 2024
NFTNYC - April 3 - April 5 2024
Rare Evo Denver- Late Summer 2024
Art Basel Miami - Winter 2024

Please take a look at the attached document for a broader overview of the proposal including a sample budget for Q4.

By creating this task force I believe we can bring Aavegotchi to center stage in Web3 gaming. Not only does it create unique, tangible experiences for those of us already here, it can unlock our potential to be a powerhouse in this space by capturing the hearts and minds of many. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to pet the BFG?


At today’s DAO call, there was a sense of urgency in CoderDan voice that I don’t ever recall hearing before that the Aavegotchi DAO really needs to take it to the next level and become more mature. I think almost every GotchiGang would agree with this.

At work I use the following 3 software review sites often. Firm believer in the power of 3. Look at 3 different websites, get 3 quotes when buying something, get 3 opinions from trusted diverse friends.

  1. Capterra at https://www.capterra.com/
  2. Gartner at https://www.gartner.com/peer-insights/home
  3. G2 at https://www.g2.com/

Unfortunately the DAO software market is too immature that there is no DAO category….yet on this sites.

3 good current DAO links are

  1. List of 32 DAO Tools on Polygon (2023)
  2. DAO Landscape — Coopahtroopa
  3. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): Definition, Purpose, and Example

Like any review site you need to read a wide spectrum of reviews and somewhere in the middle is usually the truth.

Using the Alchemy site here are the 32 DAO software on polygon in alphabetical order. Out of these the only one I have personally used in Collab.land but would expect there is a clear top 3 out of these which the DAO should evaluate and eventually select.

  1. AwesomeQA
  2. Boardroom
  3. Collab.land
  4. Daloize
  5. DAObox
  6. DAOhaus
  7. DAOHQ
  8. DaoLens
  9. DeCir
  10. DEXDAO
  11. Intract Gate 3
  12. Jelly
  13. KaratDAO
  14. Karma
  15. Meeds
  16. Mesha
  17. Mint Kudos
  18. Opencord
  19. Quest Protocol
  20. Questflow
  21. Rain
  22. Remox
  23. Rep3
  24. Reveel
  25. Sesame Labs
  26. Sismo
  27. Spect
  28. Spheron
  29. StationX.network
  30. THX Network
  31. Wonderverse
  32. XDAO
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During one of the recent haangouts learned about the Dune site for the Aavegotchi DAO treasury which is now one of my top Gotchi bookmarks


However, there is too much info on this Dune site and would be nice to have nice one page summary at AavegotchiDAO Treasury Balance

Personally just like simple tables to present information rather than graphs. Would like to see something like this updated weekly,


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I’m here for ya @litepiglet. Aavegotchi deserves our best effort and we know how important strong presence and good execution are for the IRL opportunities. I can already smell Denver from here.

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