Aavegotchi Games of Chance/Additional uses for Tickets

Hello frens,

As some of you may know I started a discord channel for giveaways a few months back (been a while since the last one, sorry). I think it would be really cool to have something similar just built into the game using Chainlink VRF like the raffles do.

Whether it be something cute like:

-An Aavegotchi Faair

Where you spend tickets to play simple games like “Pick which cup the ball is under” to win tickets others have lost to the game

or something a little more grand like:

-An Aavegotchi Caasino

Frens could

  • Play games like BlackJack and Poker together
  • Pool tickets or wearbles together into ongoing “mini-raffles” (definitely needs another name, maybe Laatteries lol)
  • Bet on things happening in the Reaalm (Aarena Fights, Event outcomes, etc.)

I think using tickets for this version also, instead of GHST, could mitigate people getting too REKT without going out of their way to buy more tickets to enter. People would probably mostly play games with Common or Uncommon entry fees but whales could also have fun with Mythical or even Godlike games as well.

A third and more casual idea I had was to have some sort of smart contract or bot that can:

  1. Take in GHST entries of a predetermined amount
  2. Randomly pick a wearable
  3. Buy the wearable off the baazaar at the lowest price possible
  4. Pick a winner using VRF and send it to them

Admittedly if I were a developer I would probably try to just make something like the third idea myself but alas I am not…but I also prefer the idea of it being a part of the game that anyone could try and something that could directly benefit the treasury.

I had a lot of these ideas before we knew really anything about the Reaalm but with its announcement/reveal I think ideas like the Faair and/or Caasino could be a very cool addition.

Want to thank @ArtCore for brainstorming with me about this stuff, coming up with the name “Faair”, and convincing me it was worth making a thread about <3

Curious to see what you guys think


Take my money, bro!

Whenever u will make a proposal about adding this (IMO 4 must!), u can be sure, dat my vote is in 4 u bro!
Thnx 4 mention btw :smiley:
p.s. Glad to help to any gotchi 4 free with anything i can do lol xD

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