New Aavegotchi Ruffle!

Hi frens, I really think to go mainstream (as the goal of the project is have more people playing) I think is a good idea launch a proposal for a ruffle of gotchies instead of lands.

It will bring more people trying to get their gotchi with the ruffle ticket, it will also increase the price of $GHST cause more people will come in.

Everyone know that the really game is have an aavegotchi (as the name of the game) and I think we are in the point to release more gotchies, so the game can bring new users and keep building in these market situation.

I believe there’ll be also a little hype on the price of actual aavegotchi.

What do you think?

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Hi fren

I have to disagree with you on this one.

While it may seem beneficial to have a new haunt or raffle, it actually isn’t. The reason why is that each new release is a dilution event. As shown in the other thread, the utilisation of gotchis is still quite low. Introducing more into the game isn’t going to spawn more players.

A raffle of gotchis or wearables at this point only creates exit liquidity for long term holders who have a ton of frens already accumulated. They will enter the raffle en masse and dump their winnings on the market. Don’t believe me? Look at what happened with the last wearable raffle.

Before we introduce any more dilution, we really need more players. The renting mechanism is genius and can be leveraged by players who don’t have the funds yet to buy a gotchi.

Hopefully once pvp and other mechanisms are live, it won’t all be a quest for roi and farming and we’ll see more demand for gotchis.


thanks for the explanation @notorious_BTC, I also do not want a dump for the price of the gotchies, but I think a little ruffle for a chance to win a gotchi (like the win prize is 200 gotchies), so we bring new people in the game, slowly, and without dumping the winnings