New Raffle / Lottery Idea

I pet my aavegotchi, check out the bizarre, and see what’s happening on discord everyday. But, it’s just not enough. Even with the recent gotchi auction, upcoming wearable raffle, and the 3 scheduled land auctions, i feel bored. We need more excitement. Something that makes us want to see if today is the day. I think we should sell raffle tickets for 10 ghost and when the pot gets big enough to purchase a closed portal off the bizarre, we raffle it off. This way we have something exciting happening everyday, it starts to distribute the portals, and another way for small fish to have a chance at winning a portal. It sounds fun. I know i would participate regularly. We wouldn’t need to use frens for this pool. If people needed ghst, they could use frens to get tickets and sell them for ghst. That would probably even allow smaller fish to get in on raffles. I don’t know, but i am getting a little bored, i need a little excitement everyday, or something to look forward to along with logging on to pet my aavegotchi.

I don’t like it at all. The things we really need are realm, gameplay and free-to-play for beginners. Everything else works perfectly.

omg i love your avatar fren


Disagree, we have enough lined up at the moment for sure.