Abandoned Gotchis going back to the nether realm

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how about introducing a mechanic similar to Gotchis “dying”. If you abandon your Gotchi (e.g. when kinship = 0), your Gotchi will go back to the nether.

This could cause 1 of several things to happen.
Option 1: You lose your Gotchi but you get back a portal.
Option 2: You lose your Gotchi and a portals appears in the “Buy portals” menu for anyone to buy.
Option 3: You lose your Gotchi and that is it.
Option 4: Your Gotchi moves to a new owner, randomly drawn from a pool of Gotchi owners who’s Gotchis all have more than 50 kinship (basically it will move to a random owner that they know will treat them better).
Option 5: [In case frenships have been implemented] Your Gotchi moves to the owner of it’s closest friend.
Option 6: Your own idea. Post them below!

[Edit: I no longer support options 2 to 5 or the statement below. No one should be penalized!]
I think this is exactly what is needed, so people don’t just buy up, hodl, and then abandon the game. It would also be very innovative if you can lose your “investment” if you don’t play with it :grin:

Owner loses Gotchi and
  • Owner gets back a portal.
  • A new portal is up for grabs in the Buy Portals menu.
  • That is it. No new portal.
  • Gotchi moves to random owner that treats their Gotchis right.
  • Gotchi moves to owner of closest friend.
  • I have a better idea, see my post
  • NO NO NO abandoned Gotchis should forever stay with their cruel uncaring owners like the monetary slaves they were created to be.

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We could also say that kinship can get below 0. The lower the kinship the worse do the stats of the gotchi get (meaning the stats are getting nearer to 50).
Also let’s not forget that there will be a metaverse an minigames later on, where kinship could also play a role. E.g. when two aavegotchis are fighting a lower kinship could higher the chance of missing an attack.

This could lead to people, who on purpose let their low rarity score aavegotchis die to get a new chance to draw a higher rarity one.

Since buying a gotchi is costly, I would rather not destroy one’s gotchi, when reaching 0 kinship. Otherwise, we would force owners to look after their gotchi every day.

Every second day, but yea, that is my point.

If this is too bothersome, one could change the system so that the closer to 0 you are, the more kinship your Gotchi gets from a pet. Or that it takes more than 24h to get -1 kinship if you are below 10 kinship. There are ways to handle this so that you can take a small vacation now and then ^^

I thought about this too, but since it would take 50 days, I didn’t consider it a big deal. But you are right, a small sampling bias would be introduced.

Unless ofc, the portal you get back would be the very same Portal (with the same Gotchis) that the original portal had. Then it would just be a faster way to get back to 50 kinship in case you are already below 17 kinship already.

Actually if you’re below 40 kinship, we add on something called a “hate bonus” (lol, it’s literally in the contracts).

Basically, your Aavegotchi hates you so much that when you finally pet it, its little ghost heart melts and its kinship increases by 3 instead of 1.

LibAavegotchi.sol :point_down:

            hateBonus = 2;
        l_kinship += 1 + hateBonus;
        s.aavegotchis[_tokenId].interactionCount = l_kinship;```

Interesting idea about low kinship making you lose your Aavegotchi. In order for this to happen, there would need to be liquidation rewards (kind of like Aave has for liquidating unhealthy positions).

I honestly think nothing should happen. Maybe introduce it performing worse in mini games, but to kill it or give it away? Despite how you feel, some people are just collectors and don’t care about the kinship. They want to collect and not interact with the game. To mandate someone must play doesn’t feel right. Also, what if the person takes an extended holiday? The gotchis are too expensive to have to worry about them dying. My two sats.


Users that don’t return to the game are not good for any game. No matter what they call themselves. And one of the option I talked about is the Gotchi reverting to its original (open) portal, including the original Gotchis of that portal. I see no reason why this should bother collectors, especially if, like coderdan said, you give them a reward…like e.g. they get their spirit force back.
There are many many option of what you could do with an abandoned Gotchi. But letting them faithfully wait for their owner until the end of time is just too sad. It’s too sad! You’re breaking my heart here. :cry:

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very good idea thumb up

If the portal would be given back we would see a host of starving gotchis on their way to ether, This would bring about interesting dynamics in the mid-range of gothchis. Do I let this perish or do I wait others to do the same…

Maybe Gotchi’s with really low (e.g below 10) kinship scores should be put up for adoption? Then anyone who doesn’t already have a Gotchi can apply to adopt it (we can have an Adoption Centre location for this) and the community gets to vote on who adopts the Gotchi over a set period of time.

Once the voting period ends then the Gotchi is transferred from the cruel previous owner to a new fren who will take care of it.

I’m not sure how you could actually stop people from just creating a new Polygon account, applying to adopt and then transferring the Gotchi to an account which already has other Gotchi’s - @coderdan can something be done to prevent that?

I like the idea of kinship influencing the performance of an Aavegotchi in various mini-game scenarios. Like it may misbehave and not be very reliable until the relationship is repaired. Total destruction? I think that is already handled by Spirit Force and as long as a gotchi has its SF, it should be able to live with itself.


i feel like kinship/rarity decay would be most logical imo

I like this - it feels a little similar to how your Blocklete gets worse at golf as it gets tired.

I like this too but I think the “hate bonus” (great name) is a good interim step before they actually die

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If that is the fear, rather than use kinship as a metric, why not instead monitor the frequency of them accessing their account / visiting aavegotchi.com and penalizing someone with no activity for more than two months (if you can afford a vacation longer than two months you probably don’t care about losing a gotchi anyway…maybe…).

I dislike the idea of losing the gotchi you paid for though; it’s a gamified DeFi-NFT hybrid, but there doesn’t need to be a digital guillotine rolled out for those less interested in the game side of the scenario (paying Matic gas fees everyday to raise kinship). :call_me_hand:

If you get your collateral as well as your original open portal back, it would hardly be a guillotine . Quite the opposite. It would first, get you back to 50 Kinship upon summoning, and give you a chance to summon a different Gotchi. Some people are really into low BRS Gotchis these days, so that would be an option to revert a medium Gotchis and spawn the lowest one instead.

I still don’t like people abandoning the project, but I changed my mind about the penalty thing. I don’t think anyone should be penalized. But I still like the game-mechanic of abandoned Gotchis going away (at least temporarily until they are summoned again). It is in line with Gotchi behavior and hence fitting for the project imo.

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I want to punish one of my gotchis but i cant T_T
But… i must to (OBEY) pet (OBEY) lol
Abandoned gotchis…
I was writing the idea about kinship that driving your gotchis to one side or another, good or bad, and if you do not interact with it, score goes back to zero, which, means your gotchi could be good or bad gotchi, and if you want to hold one side or another, to have some kind of special train of achievement for been that way or another, you need to keep continue to pet your gotchi or to punish, cuz other wise, your score will be falling or will be on zero, because we cannot do anything with the gotchis that got abandoned.
We cannot close somebodies account that someone got paid for, just for a reason of him not interested in using it, growing it and etc.
No, we can only give more reason for the player to play, and also, it’s always good tog give a choice, because there is always a people who will like something opposite then the other, and having only 2 sides (but actually 3, cuz 0 is neutral trait point, i even know some few characters that could need to be stay only on 0, to suit the image) that people will be able to take. :sweat_smile:

  • Sides of the gotchis will bring more role play to the game, bad characters are bad, or someone just having fun driving them to the bright side from the darkness, or opposite, gendalf da badass, lol, kinda sick thing for peoples brains :smiley:

So, 0 will be neutral, starting basment point, 0 will be always 0, if you don’t touch, so the new players will be at least even with each other, or buy some one’s whos really in touch.

  • I see in that some kind of solution for abandoned gotchis to not loose that much of it’s values, when lol all of h1 is so OP actually.

If you’re proposing a good/evil dichotomy I’d suggest simply inserting another option next to “Pet” called “Berate” or “Spank” or whatever that subtracts 1 kinship point so you can go negative kinship if you want (and be an evil gotchi) instead of staying at 0 if you neglect it. Just a thought.


This could be an interesting gameplay mechanic. It reminds me of the game Hero for Xbox or even way back to Ultima Online. You could have good angelic ghosts and bad demonic ones. This division could also up a possibility for faction based pvp.

evil gotchi online… negative kinship reward life.