Gotchi baakery 🍪

After seeing people in other posts cry out about xp and kinship potions.
I introduce you my revolutionairy idea!

Gotchi baakery!

Put your gotchi to work to bake some nice ghost cookies! 🍪 🍪 🍪

These cookies could either give xp or kinship you can pick! :test_tube: :heart:
it should take around 12 hours to 24 hours to bake 1

Maybe we could add even more work to this by also being able to assign gotchi’s to farm wheat and grind it to flour?

Maybe this could even be integrated to the realm where you rent someones bakery/farm or get your own?

This would allow anyone to have access to kinship and xp boosters.
This would make the game more engaging and add more ways to make money in game.

This would mean whales have even more boosters to buy.
Gotchi’s may become more expensive due to being used for farming and or baking. Making it harder for new players to get in.

How it would work:
I envision this utilizing the gotchi inventory .
Farming wheat would work just like petting: click a button start timer and click again once timer is over.
when you do that the contract will give you the wheat.
After that you could put your wheat into the contract to be burned and again a timer would lock up the gotchi from doing any other work.
After the timer is up the flour can be claimed and something similar would happen for the baking part.
Hell maybe we could even have sugar mines, yes i know sugar isn’t mined in the real world this is just me making up a fantasy setting where you have a mine full of sugar cubes…

Making these cookies shouldn’t be too overpowered and it should take quite some time to make one
but it might be a nice extra for people who are actually engaging with the game. instead of having deep pockets. And again they’ll be yet again another way to make money with aavegotchi!
This can be as complex or uncomplex as the community wants.
Do we want a full supply chain with tradeable materials?
Or just instant cookies?

Tell me what you think!!

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Hello fren,

I have one Gotchi. So even if all my Gotchi does is bake, it could only make 1 or 2 cookies in a day, if I understood you right. So lets say 1 additional kinship per day.

Someone with 10 or more Gotchis could bake 10 times as much and feed all of their cookies to 1 of his Gotchis. So he would out-race me 10 to 1. This seems very unfair to people who couldn’t afford a lot of Gotchis.

But maybe I misunderstood something.

I think Kinship is not something that should be tradable / separable from a Gotchi. There should be no item that increases it. If you want to strengthen your bond with your Gotchi, interact with it. That’s it.

Yes you make a fair point that someone could feed everything to 1 gotchi.
And that quantity would beat everything. Sadly you can’t place limits per address since people would just create multiple addresses.
but i still think we should have a flow of useables to aid the economy in some way.
This idea isn’t finished by any means but that is exactly why i’m asking the community to add on this.

What about a hunger meter? you can not feed a gotchi that is full giving a maximum to it.
But yeah that might mean that you would need a cookie or 2 a day to compete with people.
but at least it would prevent whales from eating 1 billion cookies.


Your satiation idea would definitely help to balance this. But to make it fair, a Gotchi shouldn’t be able to eat more cookies / day than they could produce themselves.

Unless…how about combining your idea with something I read a while back. Temporary boosters. This would also fit better into the whole sugar is bad theme. Someone suggested that there should be boosters that give you a temporary boost, but are negative in the long run. So if a Gotchi loads up on cookies, they’d feel awesome for a short while, but then after some time, they’d get a tummy ache and lose 1 Kinship permanently. Then people could still do their little snapshot sniping during rarity season, but long term, they’d loose against long term dedicated players.

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More economy flow means more volume to show people the markets are active and going well
it means more player rewards, burnt ghst and dao money.

idk how i feel about it being temporary since the idea behind it is that it would be kinda hard to make them. But i wouldn’t be against the idea of unstable cookies that do that.

Yes it makes rarity farming harder for lower end users but my whole idea was to give people not going for the leaderboards an option to still make money by selling cookies to people who are.

Kinship is literally the only thing in the Aavegotchi universe that has the potential to not be pay to win. As the Kinshi-Potion supply is slowly being used up or long term HODLed, Kinship will become more and more play to win instead of pay to win. This is a very good thing.

Everything else in the Gotchiverse is for sale. Do we really need yet another thing to flip?

Ok, lets play this through. There are over 6500 Aavegotchis right now. Lets stay conservative and say only 1500 of them are used for baaking. Lets stay even more conservative and say the owners of 1000 of them distribute their cookies among their own Gotchis. So “only” 500 Cookies would hit the Baazaar every single day. By minting 1500 a day, they would be a very common items. With 500 of them hitting the market every day, how much do you think they’d go for? 1 GHST? So the little newbie, who is supposed to make some money off of this, would get 1 GHST a day for feeding the rich. Of course, you could argue that cookies might sell for more. But then more Gotchis would bake and sell, because if it is more lucrative than using the cookies themselves for rarity farming, more people would make their Gotchis bake and sell.

Sorry for being so negative about your idea fren :frowning: Don’t want to be a party pooper.

no no there’s no worries about being negative. it’s better to be like that to create more dynamic thought about this. We’ve already found out that a hunger type thing is a must have otherwise it would be too good for whales for example.

Basically the current problem with consumables is that they are too limited. Making them so expensive that only whales can afford them.
Obviously the second problem with current consumables is that you can keep drinking them without any limit.
consumables are never supposed to come out in 1 single drop, rather created and destroyed at a certain reasonable pace that makes sense.

I feel like consumables should remain a thing however since they are again a huge economy booster as they get burned constantly there will be a demand for it all the time.

Yes this may ruin potion hodlers but it would be silly to bring out consumables just to make a finite amount of them.

The price of the cookies will depend a lot on how many are made and used per day which is exactly why the balancing of all this must be calculated by someone who has studied game economies.
My idea of doing 12-24 hours might be completely off.
the more a cookie is worth the more people will be inclined to sell
the less it is worth the more are inclined to use thus balancing things out at some value.

But i do agree with you that pay to win is bad but i just wanted to add something that made sense and is play to earn. And i also wanted to make consumables that are more fair than these disgusting potions reserved for the richest man alive only.

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I too would like to see play to earn elements beyond the rarity farming event. I just don’t think that Kinship is what should be corrupted for that purpose. We should cherish Kinship and protect it from further pay to win elements.

Are you absolutely set on it being a baakery? What about if Gotchis could write books about their experiences? It could take a Gotchi 1 day to write a book. Since it doesn’t make sense that you gain any experience from reading your own books, the only books that would give you experience are the books written by other Gotchis. This would lead to even more market participation as you sell books, you could use the money to buy other Gotchis books to level up. You could even couple it with a baadge: “Best selling author”, once a Gotchi wrote 100 sold books. You could even use the stats of the Gotchi to give attributes to the books. A high energy Gotchi could write a book a little faster than a medium energy Gotchi. A low energy Gotchi could also write a book faster, because they are lazy and write only the minimum. Books written by high and low brain Gotchis could give a little bit more experience than those written by mid-brain Gotchis. Or whatever. I’m just saying that there are a bunch of possibilities that wouldn’t corrupt Kinship.

No it doesn’t have to be a bakery at all. It could be anything but that is exactly why i tied it in to potentially work with farms and flour milling.

This being said I stand by my point.
I don’t think that having consumables is too overpowered as long as you limit the use of them.
this includes both xp and kinship type consumables.
They should also get created and destroyed at a rate that makes them neither ridiculously priced nor worthless.

I also think that in time some sort of mild catchup mechanic will be needed so that newer players won’t constantly feel like they entered too late.
There could be cookies that are easier to make that only work for gotchi’s under 100 kinship / 100xp.

Or maybe all consumables are linked to a curve where lower gotchi’s get more per consumable and at some threshold they won’t give nothing at all.

I honestly think the idea has matured a lot in the past couple days with this back and forth with you
I really think this can work and may put it up for a signal proposal in a week or 2. To see what other people think of the certain alternatives.

I don’t mind there only being under100 types or a curve type or a static one i just want consumables that are fair. And i think many will agree with me.

I like the bakery idea and the book writing one too. I think the more ideas and options that exist. The more player participation there will be. I just wonder will writing a book consist of actually writing a small story about my Gotchis day? That would be interesting to see what each Gotchi does during the day .

I completely agree. Unfortunately, the current snapshot proposal about a fixed 12h cycle will make catching up MUCH harder / almost impossible. Yet > 90 % of people want that.

Seems like a great idea at first, but the problem is that kinship values are increasing all the time. 100 kinship will be much less in a month than it is today…in terms of leaderboard placement and catching up.

That is true, we could link the beginner cookie to a curve where the plateau would be the top 3000th gotchi or something.
it would be “fast” to gain until you get to this point.
However i feel like at that point that it would be needlessly complex.
And we also need to be careful not making it too powerful to do because then the people who worked hard to get their kinship are burned.

Alternatively we readress cookies in tiers every haunt we’d release a better cookie to get to X amount of kinship and or xp.
this will also aid in onboarding as well so this may be a good thing for that too.
Maybe the cookies would even be locked to only work on the newest haunt gotchies as well?

Unfortunately, the current snapshot proposal about a fixed 12h cycle will make catching up MUCH harder / almost impossible. Yet > 90 % of people want that.

also a fixed 12 hour cycle would still have people forget their pets regardless, some people may even quit to pursue other things. Better that than having bots win the kinship game in my opinion.
though yeah I liked the 1 hour grace period idea more to prevent the time from slipping into the deep night.

I feel like if you allow people to write their own stories in exchange for anything it would either require a rewarded voting system (so that people actually vote on stories)
without that people will just copy paste lorem ipsum in and walk away with xp.

I think it’s best to keep things simple and on chain to prevent any cheating and or botting.
That means just a simple working true or false variable
if your gotchi is working it can’t work on something else
and it will have a timer, once it is up it’s rewarded with whatever it was doing
be it mining, farming, milling, baking, woodcutting, papermilling or what have you.
Probably based on brs on how well it would do it.

Balancing is often complex and good game devs will spend quite some time on that to get it right.

Any idea how to put that in a story? Why would new cookies be better? Are all Gotchis getting better at baking at the same time? Seems sus.

People with a single competitive bone in their body will not miss a 12h window though…

Tbh I feel like the bot users are at a disadvantage. In the ranks that my Gotchi competes in, sometimes Gotchis would suddenly miss pets, even though they were usually petted right when it was possible (yes, I’m monitoring the Gotchis around me :smiley: ). It almost feels like sometimes the bots fail or the tx doesn’t go though or something. And because no one is checking, they only realize hours later haha. Of course I might be wrong about this, but that is what it feels like to me.

5 min grace period would be even better imo.

Random idea I got while reading this: Gotchi faarms, where you can plant a bunch of stuff in your garden and use it to make different foods. Could work itself into REALMs.

Imagine a seed store where you can buy seeds to plant in your gaarden :slight_smile:

Yeah i would also prefer 5 or 10 minute grace. But the snapshot from that guy was 1 hour which is likely why it failed.
and as for bots beating humans not everyone is adjusting their sleep schedule to pet, nor should you have to. And if i made a bot i would’ve made sure it would check if they were actually pet or not multiple times after the transaction had been confirmed. thus beating anyone for sure.
Also bots can pet multiple gotchi’s at once, humans can not unless using the plugin that coyote made.

New cookies would be better because of the energy used in the oven coming from portals
haunt 2 portals radiate more energy than the last one?
you could even make them only compatible with that current haunt as they resonate with haunt 2 gotchi’s

Is exactly why i said it can be as complex or simple as the community wants :slight_smile:
But this will defintely take multiple polls to see what people want from the idea.
I think it’s best to put a prototype idea forwards first and if people like it then after we can vote for the complexity of every part.