Resurrection as a tool to increase Gotchi deflation

Definition of the problem:
There are two user camps in the community: Those who want a lot more Gotchis, and those who are worried that more Gotchis would lead to Gotchi inflation and devalue their Gotchi assets. Both camps have valid arguments. Yet, more Gotchis will be inevitable for two reasons. Firstly, Haunts are a great source of income, both for Pixelcraft and Rarity Farming. Keeping Pixelcraft well fed, ensures that they can expand, which, in turn, means that we get more features, faster. Secondly, many more Gotchis are needed to make Aavegotchis mainstream, which is one of the goals of the roadmap.
Here I propose a novel feature that would incentivize users to sacrifice Gotchis and hence increase deflation to partially balance the inflationary component of new Haunts.

Proposed instrument to combat problem:
Anyone should be able to sacrifice two (or three) Gotchis to resurrect one dead Gotchi.

Signal proposal:

How would this incentivize people to sacrifice their Gotchis?
I propose three means by which to incentivise people to use this mechanic.

  1. Anyone can resurrect ANY dead Gotchi. So there are already multiple incentives here: One might want the ID of a dead Gotchi, because that ID might be special to that user. Or a new users who bought several Haunt 2 Gotchis might want a Gotchi with a Haunt 1 ID but is not willing to pay 500+ GHST on the Bazaar for it.

  2. Badges! Obviously a resurrected Gotchi would receive a “Resurrected” badge. And if you add a tier system to this badge, it would heavily incentivize people to sacrifice their Gotchis. For example, if you resurrect a Gotchi by sacrificing two (or three) Gotchis that both already have a “Resurrected” badge, the resurrected Gotchi would get the next higher tier resurrected badge. The second tier could e.g. be called “Undying”. And if you sacrifice Gotchis that both already have the undying badge, the resurrected Gotchi would receive the tier 3 badge. Maybe called “Immortal”. To put a limit on this, one could stop there and make it so that Gotchis with an Immortal badge can not be sacrificed anymore. But that is just a thought.

  3. Since the new Gotchi would get new random stats (no Zombie mode, no fancy restrictions, just the regular randomizer like with portals), one might want to sacrifice two or three low BRS Gotchis for a chance to get better random stats.

How would resurrecting dead Gotchis decrease Gotchi supply?
Since it will require at least two Gotchis to resurrect one dead Gotchi, you would increase the number of dead Gotchis, each time, this mechanic is used.

Regarding the stats of the resurrected Gotchi:
Kinship should be 50.
Experience should be the sum of the two (or three) sacrificed Gotchis EXP.
BRS should be randomized (like an unopened portal that only contains one Gotchi)

How many Gotchis (two, three or even four) would need to be sacrificed to resurrect a dead Gotchi would be up to Pixelcraft or a snapshot proposal. Similarly, it is up for discussion, how many tiers the resurrection badge should have, and if the highest tier badge should prevent the Gotchi from being able to be sacrificed. Those were just some ideas I thought would make sense.

What I personally like about this idea is that the feature-infrastructure for most of this is already in place. Randomized BRS, badges, sacrificing. So it shouldn’t be too much work to implement this. That is why I don’t think that resurrected Gotchis should be Zombies or have their stats limited or be anti-heroes or a different type of Gotchi. That would just make it difficult to implement and hence take forever (if it gets implemented at all). Lets keep it simple and straightforward. To make sure this systems doesn’t get exploited to get better stats (i.e. to decrease the effect of sampling bias) it will already require two or more Gotchis to be sacrificed. This should be enough to balance this imo.


I second this. The reason I would like to see resurrection is that I think it would bring about a interesting narrative. Perhaps this could be paired with the implementation of Gotchsemaatery…


Even if you could get it from the chain / graph, I think it would be great, if it could change. I don’t think you should be able to chose it (too overpowered imo), but a random collateral could be quite fun I think.

This would give you a chance to get a Haunt 1 Gotchis (ID) with one of the new collaterals that are going to be introduced in Haunt 2 and/or later. Since those didn’t exist during Haunt 1, they would be super rare! That would also be a huge incentive to sacrifice more Gotchis!

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Buriaal Chaamber?
Perchance the resurrection would need to take place in a ritual chaamber during a full moon?
I enjoy the interesting narrative as well.


The signal proposal is live now:

What is going on? Almost all votes are “no”. Can someone explain to me, why this would not be a good idea? Some discussion would be great.

I think the focus is on more player adoption and REALM. With only a few thousand players there will not be many people in a position to use this function of sacrifice until later in the aavegotchi game if ever. edit

Thank you for your response fren!
I see your point. But most of what is needed to implement this is already in place: You can already sacrifice; Gotchi-Stats randomization is already in place; giving the XP of sacrificed Gotchis to another Gotchi is already in place; badges are in place. So this is really a lot of copy & paste, some glue code, and some pixel art.
I too couldn’t use the mechanic, since I only have one Gotchi and I’m not gonna sacrifice it. However, the mechanic would make every Gotchi more valuable. Because whenever someone else sacrifices their Gotchi, sure they get a nice badge that makes their new Gotchi more valuable, but they also decrease the amount of Gotchis, making every “living” Gotchi more valuable. So everyone (even the people who cannot afford this mechanic) would win.
But who knows, maybe you’re right. Maybe this is something that could be revisited in a year or so. Or maybe as a solution to appease the whales to finally vote yes on a Haaunt 2.

I like the idea of increasing gotchi scarcity and the idea of resurrecting ‘re-dead’ gotchis. I do not know how difficult the coding is but I believe it could be conquered by the Devs here if there are enough votes based on your breakdown of what it would take. Excited for the Realm!

Not sure about it having random stats but other than that i do like the idea
just the idea of someone resurrecting a gotchi that was originally crap to something good.
This would let whales at some point to sacrifice crap haunt6 gotchi’s until they get a haunt1 ace
I’m not sure if i like that part.
Also we might lose the entry level gotchi’s for newer players to whales as well as they will be buying them to sacrifice them.

specially when haunt1 stuff becomes rarer this will be a problem
I’d prefer just a resurrection of gotchi’s the way they were before.
though it will beg the question are there any that are even worth sacrificing for?

Why? The most undesirable Gotchis go for about 380 GHST on the market. So the absolut minimum amount of value that you’d spend on resurrection is 760 GHST. That is only 230 GHST less than a closed portal. In a closed portal there are 10(!) random Gotchis to chose from. In contrast, from resurrection, you’d only have 1 random chance. So this would not be cost effective at all, just to get a better Gotchi.

I addressed this issue in the snapshot proposal:

One could also do a more elaborate thing. For example: By sacrificing two Gotchis from Haunt X, you could resurrect one Gotchi from any Haunt >= X. However, if you want to resurrect a Gotchi from an earlier Haunt (X), but your Gotchis are from Haunt Y > X, you’d have to sacrifice 2+Y-X Gotchis. So 3 Haunt 2 Gotchis to resurrect one Haunt 1. Or 4 Haunt 3 Gotchis to resurrect 1 Haunt 1 etc.
So to stick with your example, it would take 7 Haunt 6 Gotchis to resurrect 1 Haunt 1. If that is not hard enough, one could even change the formula to squared difference: 2+(Y-X)^2. In that case it would take 27 Haunt 6 Gotchis to resurrect 1 Haunt 1 Gotchi.

They will do that with or without the resurrection mechanic. And maybe there really will be “unlimited” edition Gotchi as entry level. Those would simply not be eligible to resurrect a limited edition Gotchi.

All that remains after sacrificing is the Gotchi ID though. So this would not be possible.