About adding function to lend Gotchis in batch

There are some requests from Discord talking about this feature. It is easy to handle lending and adjust the dividends for everyone.

I didn’t see any disadvantage to add this…


Agree fren. I think there’s a whole host of features that can be added to the lending services. Another service I would love is calendar based lending in addition to hourly blocks.
ie: set all my gotchis to be available at 8am until 8pm. Then again from 9pm - 7am. I could automate all of this like shifts. By using a clock approach, it makes the beginning and ending of contracts all the same time.


Fully utilised Gotchis, nice idea!


And what will happen when people put in 50 or 100 Gotchis at the exact same time for the exact same conditions? If they are the cheapest offer, they get picked up over time, but if they are not, they will just sit there and wait, competing with each other.
Hence, this functionality would greatly facilitate the race to the bottom. In fact, personally, I make sure not to have more than 6 lending offers open at the same time. Don’t wanna saturate the pool.


It’s almost like we need a floor arbitrarily set.

I’ve found a use case for a 100% to owner rental(you pay them directly for work, or are working it yourself, on a hard wallet)) and one for 0% to owner(upfront fee), so I don’t see a way to do it, yet… just throwing that out there in case someone can think of a way to help keep the floor up.

Then it’s up to people to schedule listing drops to avoid stacking up. All part of healthy free choice that will make gotchis available at market price at any time. “Race to the bottom” is exactly what we want, because that’s what will be worth it for all parties with less frustration.

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Absolutely, and all of that is already possible and happening as we speak, without a batch function. Not having a batch function is actually protecting the gotchiconomy and its participants. And as we’ve seen with the fat-finger protection, those kinds of protections are not unwelcome and do not interfere with a free market.
Nobody will keep you from selling your Godlike for 1 GHST, if you really want to. Similarly there are enough tools out there so that you can already set up mass lending offers with ease, if you really want to, even though, both things are generally considered bad choices. It’s like DCA vs. placing one giant market order. Why spend dev time on making it easier for people to make bad decisions?

You only have a race to bottom if price is the only thing you can compete on.

Notorious_BTC’s idea is better… being able to bulk list in shifts, with auto relists, would be the power tool, and mix the listings up nicely.

We should look for other ways to differentiate the listings and gotchis, as well.

A sliding scale % would be a nice feature. Set the bottom of the slider and the top of the slider to a %, and another slider for what top of range is…

For example - No upfront, 30-75% to renter, sliding scale from 0-500 alchemica.

Adding bonuses onto that would be great as well. - .5 ghst upfront, sliding scale 50-70%, 1 ghst payout every 250 alchemica.

I think a lot of these issues will be alleviated once there’s more dynamic gameplay. Right now all gotchis are equal. A naked gotchi is the same as a felon gotchi. Once the verse is fully live we’ll see so much more variety in the lending contracts.

The calendar suggestion I’ve made is more about a pleasant experience for the lender. As it is, each gotchi only earns a few dollars per eight hours. So to optimise this flow where it makes sense financially for me to manage is important.

Regardless of calendar or not, an auto close and repost with same parameters would be killer.


I think you might be looking at this from a perspective of a person who uses the market to list gotchis. Lots of us do not use the market AT ALL, and are 100% whitelist. Being able to batch list and relist, is very important.

Where are these tools you speak of, for doing this?

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Wouldn’t the batch function be the same, whether or not one decides to use a whitelist? Just a rhetorical question. I don’t wanna turn this into a lengthy discussion. Just wanted to point out a counter argument that came to mind. I’m not looking to pick up arms against this idea, frens.

Off the top of my head, Moralis for example. Or simply web3.js or web3.py. But I’m sure if you look into this, you’ll find many more, some higher level, some lower level. Of course it would require watching a tutorial or two; I never meant to suggest it would be effortless (hence the “if you really want to” in my earlier statement).

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You both make good points and the idea in and off itself is not bad, it’s just that - like I said - I’m worried about it’s usage.
Given that the community can build these functions already with what’s provided, I’d much rather see guilds build these tools for their communities. In general, I’m a big fan of the community build tools. And it might be a great way for guilds to appeal to potential members. Which one will be the first with a fully functional suit of all these desired functions you guys came up with? :slightly_smiling_face:
Come to think off it…you’d probably need a contract that is verified by a third party, or a “lending operator” in order to provide these services to guild members’ Gotchis unless they are in some sort of a shared wallet.
After checking Discord, it looks like @jarrod is once again weeks ahead of the curve :smiley:


I think you’ve won me over. I just made a Moralis account.

Is there anything else besides a lending operator, as far as things we can enable, that empower the community?

I think that a setting that only rents if your ping is below a certain number, and reasonably stable, would be extremely useful. My anecdotal evidence shows that there is a large amount of rentals being wasted on people who sincerely want to play, but are too lagged out when they enter the realm, to play. If they simply cannot rent, that would save everyone a lot of trouble. Even better, would be a simple address you can have people go to, that simulates game conditions, for 10 seconds, and gives you a connection score that you can share with someone else.

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looks like its only a matter of time until both, batching and lending operator.