Adding A Feature to Help Maganing Lending Terms Easier

Hi frens, In this topic, I want to discuss adding some features that help managing lending terms become easier.

If you remember the feeling when we didn’t have the “Pet all” feature yet or If you tried petting by hand on many gotchis recently, you may feel the same about the taking care of many gotchi lending terms right now. Without scholars to utilize all the gotchis, we can list them on the lending market and maximize profits with GHST fees and make sure we get the gotchis back to list them continuously.
This is where it is difficult as the listings don’t start and end at the same time and if you don’t/can’t remember the exact time to take back the gotchis. You will need to check each of them again from time to time until all of them are home and ready to be listed again.

This also happen when with listings that hasn’t been taken yet. You have to check each of them if you want to change any information because the upfront fee, profit split, or tokens shared are not what you want.

That’s why I propose adding some features to improve the UX:

  • Add an icon or color to mark the expired lending sessions

  • Add a button where you can open a list of gotchis that you can get back after clicking it

  • Hovering on the “Lending Terms” button can let you quickly check the terms

  • Add a sort button to bring the expired gotchis to the top of your gotchi list (and add something to separate them from the others). They can be put into ascending or descending order of lending time.

That’s all of my idea. I welcome comments both positive or negative on this topic. Thank you!


I highly recommend you go to this section on the discord and give Anna your feedback. She is making a very full featured new UI, and is very accessible. You might even get to see what she has in the works…


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Some of those “problems” I thought through. You @crekto apparently too so let’s connect. :slight_smile:
Point 1, 2, 4 of your deepest desires I mocked up already. :wink:


Oh I didn’t see that thread in discord. thank you!

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Great to hear Anna! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I didn’t see the thread in discord :sweat_smile:

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