Airdrop for Gov'nuhs: $HAUS

Everyone here qualifies for this Airdrop, I think:

Just go to this link and check to see if you are elligible:

Don’t wan to clik?

DAOhaus is a DAO dapp that migrated to matic recently. They are cool, and are releasing a $HAUS token soon in terms of pre-sale, followed by airdrop.

All airdrop qualification needs is aragon vote, or snapshot vote, and that’s a lot of us.

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Was this morning. Sold out in 75 seconds, raising 1.1m.

Slightly less impressive than the gotchi genesis portal sale. I got in tho, thanks to my trial run with the portals, I sort of had a game plan for what to expect.

They will be issuing an airdrop to different DAOs, though some daos needed to go to their discord, and say “what about us”.

Every response I’ve seen is, “We didn’t intentionally exclude you.”

So, could be that Gotchi DAO gets an airdrop.