Proposal for anyone who approved a transaction at launch

Could take a snapshot. Anyone who approved a transaction or had one before they sold out, yet wasn’t able to get a portal could receive some sort of airdrop.


I have an idea. +0 thing you put on gotchis hand


Yeah, an airdrop of the Aavegochi they should have received.


An analysis of the transaction flow, to understand technically what happened, is definitely in order. I hit my purchase button for 2 portals within 3 seconds of the launch time. I’m looking at my wallet address in the matic blockchain explorer and the spend approval that I received within about 30 seconds has a time stamp of 9:07:16!? Maybe that’s the block time. But the transaction that I signed for the portal purchase after approval isn’t even on the blockchain. I don’t see how any remedial portal purchase solution that is based upon rejected transactions can work if signed transactions don’t even appear on the blockchain. I’m not a developer so I might be missing something fundamental here.


Yes, I agree. For people who have got up early, paid their gas fees, and shown their interest in participating the game, but gained nothing. An airdrop should at least make them less upset.