Aavegotchis giveaway

I’ve been lucky enough to get 4 transactions to pass through and got 20 portals. I believe in karma and want to give 19 of these to community members. Portals have been opened and collateral staked, gotchis can be nammed, and i’ll pet them everyday so that kinship is at max level when they land.

I’m not looking for any payment, but I want to make it fair and select recipients based on a few criterias:

  • BE OG: you will need to provide an adress showing you never had any portal, that you voted to the DAO (snapshot & aragon), and staked GHST
  • DO GOOD: you will need to send at least 200 DAI (corresponding to 100GHST + staked collateral) to the upcoming Gitcoin Grant Round 9 starting March 10th. You will need to select at least 5 projects to fund. Please don’t fund Chris Blec, that’s all I ask
  • GIT FOR RARITY: the more DAI you will send to Gitcoin, the rarest Aavegotchi you will get airdroped

I’m not sure many people are rich/crazy/lucky enough to follow me here. I’m curious about what the community thinks a fair gotchi giveaway would be and how the DAO could incentivize more players to give their genesis gotchis away (drop a NFT, a badge into the donor’s gotchi pocket, a custom wearable,…)


I applaud you.


Good luck all! Never had a chance to vote, but been staking GHST for FRENS, so I suppose I don’t qualify. Will definitely look up those other two projects though, good ideas there.


great idea. great start. i like the idea of the badge. maybe some xp or kinship tru fren

I would donate 1 based on this criteria

Love the “I believe in Karma” when doing something good. You’ve inspired me to do more random acts of kindness, and to maybe mention “I believe in Karma” so that the act doesn’t get overanalyzed :slight_smile:

Cheers, thanks, great initiative!

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This is a very generous offer, kudos.

Community MVP


I would also follow @WRiX and donate 1 open portal (#4211) based on this criteria
You can include that as part of your giveaway @letsgobankless.
And then follow up with me for the prize.

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Thanks for stepping up! I’m not rich, but I would definitely donate a gotchi under those conditions.

And a DAO incentive would be incredible.

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good idea This is a very generous offer,

give him a medal for that guy

Thanks everyone for your kind messages, and sorry to read in my PM so many of you were unlucky, let’s try to fix that. I’m not sure how to get it done the best way possible, here is how I see it:

  • 1: Gather as many donors as possible => make some noise about this proposal (discord/telegram/twitter/…). Deadline: 1 week
  • 2: If there are 25 gotchis to give away, select 25 potential recipients. As I’m expecting people to fund projects with at least 200 DAI, I don’t want them to git coins and not receive any gotchi.
  • 3: Gitcoin contest: the more DAI you send, the rarer the aavegotchi you will get. Deadline: before rarity farming starts (gitcoin round 9 ends March 24th, but we could close the giveaway before)

This is a great idea, thank you for doing this @letsgobankless. Pixelcraft was also trying our best to get a good amount of Portals to give away, but alas we were also caught in the chaos.

You know it’s fair when even the devs don’t get any!


Oh great @coderdan, could you guys take the lead and do some kind of santagotchi magic for the OG’s? I’m both willing that many donors join this move, but also worried that many will regret giving away something that might be worth 5 figs some day (portals already worth 400-500 GHST right now?). Giving away a gotchi also implies losing 500XP if a donor voted to AGIPs, as the donor won’t be able to sacrifice it.

May pixelcraft be able to tap into its treasury to get appropriate rewards to donors rather than implying the DAO, already busy on many things? (send back GHST, aToken collateral, wearables/potions bought in the baazar,…).

Here could be a plan:

  • you get karmagotchi.eth or something
  • donors send their portals/gotchis to karmagotchi.eth
  • you ask OG’s to fill in a typeform (mainly eth adress, discord)
  • you rate each candidacy (ex: 1 point for each discord badge + snapshot vote, 3 points for staking GHST, 5 points for aragon votes, -1000 if the wallet ever donated to Chris Blec)
  • you select as many recipient as gotchis/portals were sent
  • potential recipient can fight to get the rarest pieces by sending DAI to karmagotchi.eth, and check real time how they compete with others
  • you send the whole amount of DAI to gitcoin matching fund from aavegotchi
  • you distribute some rewards to donors

There is an opportunity to dunk criticisms about the launch while making some ad & karma: if you were an OG or building public goods, your frens are backing you up. Let’s make that perfect launch perfecter?


not eligible since i was too lazy to vote on aragon
Godspeed gotchibro