Alternative to the Economic Plan (switch channeling rewards to GLTR)

With the whirlwind discussion occurring as a result of Coderdan’s economic proposal, I felt the need to bring us back to basic principles.

Everyone is invested in this project with the goal of profit. Whether it’s the primary goal or way down the list, we all want profit. So it seems to me that punishing any one investment strategy vs. another will certainly create rifts within the community. If those rifts cause a project to fork at this early stage we’re all in trouble. We’re certainly not to this point, but it is a probable outcome.

With that said, let’s take a look at what mechanics have already worked and have data available for review.

The simplest solution is to lock GLTR into the Gotchi economy, similar to FRENS. Then switch the channeling rewards to GLTR.

Channeling is currently or largest value extractor. Switching those emissions to an internally-locked token will have the largest impact on our sell-pressure. This will of course require us to defund the GLTR pools.

The demographic that takes the biggest hit from this proposal is the scholars. All of their rewards will provide in-game incentives, attracting more players desiring to be stake-holders. To balance the loss of income, we turn RESEVOIR spillover back on, keeping our scholars engaged and earning but at a lessor rate.

This way there can be no value extraction by our scholars from the channeling mechanic. It incentives farming as the core mechanic and only stake-holders can extract.