Future use for the idle alchemica allotted for spillover

Hello frens,

As you know, the spillover alchemica generated by channelling has been turned-off for a while. There are also no plans to enable the spillover during the upcoming harvesting cycle. This situation leads to a hefty amount of alchemica that was planned by PC to be poured into the Gotchiverse economy, which is now sitting idle.

what are we going to do it that alchemica? burn it? reward it to active gotchies that channelled and built on the parcels? send it to the DAO wallet? there are many options to be considered.

Before going forward into the discussion, I would like to know if there s a tracking from PC of how much alchemica it s sitting idle and if PC has any plans for it @coderdan ?

Thank you.


Thanks for bringing this up. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose track of things like this. My vote would be to either 1) reward active gotchiverse gotchis with an airdrop, or 2) send it to the DAO for later consideration. I do not want to see the alchemica used to onboard new users or other marketing tactics as most of that will just get dumped. Let’s reward investors/owners with a humble airdrop or let the DAO decide later.


Let’s use it as rewards down the line for actual meaningful gameplay. Dungeon clearing, PvP tournaments, etc, etc.


We could route the undistributed channeling and harvester alchemica, through the communal channeling pool, to boost lodge sales and wearables market.


I think releasing the reservoir spillover at the weekly hangout is okay for a short period of time.

I would love to see the cartridge/console system implemented as soon as possible after the harvester release so that spillover can be collected in real-time and guilds can coordinate with players on this.


What about hang outs AND meetings AND any weekday events where core PC members are putting hours in. It’s pretty clear that incentivizing attendance at the events where info is released, and especially ones where polls are put out, will help reduce instances of people not realizing huge changes happened, and then being upset/demanding last minute sig props/or worse(?), silently leaving because they self rekt.

The weekday stuff and AMA’s… those are huge opportunities to create fomo, and the sight of money exploding everywhere is a pretty good visual aid. The hot zones + reservoirs, will make it extremely obvious that the harvesters and land are full of money, and renting them unchanneled gotchis, will let them see that the core asset is valuable as well.

I think there’s a bunch of guilds and community minded folks, who might be willing to offer up dirt cheap rentals to people at AMA’s and events where Dan or Jesse are shilling other projects. We could agree on a % and upfront, and have participants preregister for a whitelist or something… set the % to like… 50/50, .1 upfront… it will leave a good impression.

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I believe people would be more focused on collecting alchemica than on following the meeting. So this would just distract from the meeting and its purpose. We’ve actually seen that before. Especially for AMA, this seems counter-productive. I think the best way to incentivize meeting participation is still with XP.


While I also think it was fine as temporary solution so we can focus on the harvesting release I generally do not like the idea of converting the spillover to playdrop. It centralised a process that was supposed to be decentralized and controlled by users and guilds. Spillover is a critical functionality of the game and we should focus on finding ways to reincorporate it. That said, I feel the spillover that is not distributed should not be earmarked either as it wasn’t suppose to accumulate in the first place. It’s main function is to provide an entry path for new users. I would be more in favour of a change to the spillover percentages directly than as an airdrop because some of that channeling might have been done by scholars who should receive their part as well