AMENDING [AGIP49] Adjust Aaltar Spillover Rates

With the DAO voting to add kinship burning as a way to fight both emissions and issuance, I believe that it is time to amend AGIP49 which was passed at a time when the DAO had no other ways to fight issuance. I believe the coreprop has more than accomplished its goal to motivate parcel owners to increase their altar levels. The data ( more than shows this:

  • since 02/08/2023 277 lvl 9 altars have been responsible for at least 46% of the total amount of alchemica received from channeling averaging over 50% lately.
  • since 02/23/2023 451 Lvl 7 altar have averaging around 16%-17%
  • since 02/23/2023 237 lvl 8 altars averaging around 12%

With the new mechanic of burning kinship being introduced, Players will immediately face trade-offs for how to use kinship. High kinship gotchi owners may choose to forego channeling to maintain current RF leader board positions which would in essence remove their issuance and emission altogether. We may also see a drop to issuance and emissions from other gotchi owners in their quest to obtain ranking on the RF leader board. However I believe that if we were to incentivize channeling by reducing the spillover rate, we would have owners burning kinship faster. With kinship being burnt daily, it also allows for more movement in the RF leader board if the DAO was to reduce spillover rates. When you also factor in how it is now seeming more plausible and likely for kinship to be used in the future using Gotchiverse mini-games and other gotchiverse interactions kinship could be burnt even faster . Using the graph below, we can get a better picture of how burning kinship would reduce emissions and in turn would also affect issuance.
Kinship Burn
Reducing the spillover for altars will also have a positive effect on the rental market by giving possible renters who have not had an interest the spark to rent gotchis once again.

After taking all of these into consideration, I believe the DAO should vote to revert to the original spillover rates to motive players to burn kinship. I am proposing that all altar levels revert EXCEPT lvl 1 and lvl 2 altars. If the DAO feels like it would be too much of a change, I would also like to offer another model:

Lvl 1 100 100 50
Lvl 2 90 90 45
Lvl 3 80 45 40
Lvl 4 70 40 35
Lvl 5 60 35 30
Lvl 6 50 30 25
Lvl 7 40 25 20
Lvl 8 30 20 15
Lvl 9 20 15 10

I believe that a kinship burn would definitely make changing the altar’s spillover rate more than feasible at this time. I invite the DAO for more input.

Should the DAO:

  • Revert to the Original Spill Rate EXCEPT Lvl 1 and Lvl 2 Altars
  • Go With The Proposed Changes
  • Leave Altar Spillover Rate As They Are

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