Return the spillover to owners until it is resumed

We’re supposed to have a discussion about this, so here it begins. I would like PixelCraft to return the alchemica from the spillover to the owners. Discuss whatever we need to discuss, but I would like to see a high percentage of this returned to my wallet, a small portion to the DAO for activities, and PC maybe a 5% cut of it. I would like the ratio to be 70% of held/channelled spillover returned to the gotchi owner or wallet who channelled-I don’t care about lent gotchis because I used my own, but others might care about this. I would like the DAO to receive 25%, and PC should get only 5% if anything, as they already get a large portion of our alchemica from other mechanisms.

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you want PC to return to u the spillover from channeling ? i dont think that makes much sense, since the start the spillover is a mechanic to share alchemica with the map, its not meant to be towards the gotchi owners or renters, if u want to give some alchemica to the DAO, feel free the wallets are public


I am not sure about the channeling spillover but I feel the spillover coming out of the parcels should be treated differently. First it is the taken out of the owner property, second the low level reservoirs have a big spillover ratio but a lower radius and I think this was intended to gameify the collecting. It kinda defeats the purprose right now. It is quite wasteful to collect alchemica from reservoirs under level 5 and I think this prevents a lot of people from farming their parcels right now as higher levels require a more significative investment upfront. If returning a portion of the spillover from parcels is not feasible, I think we would benefit from at least changing the ratios to something that encourage farming with lower levels.


ah you’re not talking about anything related to channeling.
yes i agree it adds up to a big amount of tokens if you’re consistently emptying your reservoirs. And i dont think any distribution in events would be fair since some ppl would be contributing much more than others.
One idea would b that we should stake the LPs the DAO is supplying for gltr, and use that GLTR to reward the realm parcels that accumulated more spillover since farming started, and burn all the alchemica thats “missing” it would benefit both small and big players while not inflating gltr and lowering by a small % the supplies of alch according to what is currently being farmed the most.
any comments or other ideas? :smiley:

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Here’s a new idea… for the initial district outlays of municipal deco, you get ‘vp’(or auction power, term irrelevant) equivalent to however much spillage you caused in a district. Its a one shot allocation on top of your land VP, a one time OG flex you can cash in whenever you feel like it. A virtual “i ground for 6 months months and all I got was to pick this shrubbery, but damn is it a nice shrubbery”
If you are the top bidder for the item for your district, you get the equivalent of a plaque on a park bench… your name goes on the alt text/hover.

My reasoning here is that we gotta do something with it, it was supposed to be shared with the map, and to be frank, those of us whove spilled a lot, are that list of names at the end of the credits when you beat a game, might as well write our names on the map somewhere.

We could extend it to include “sponsored contests” if someone(s) wants to throw it back to the community. We probably want to put a limit on how much you can do, though, as based on what ive seen at hangouts, you were definitely only getting a fraction of your own spill.

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Giving it back to the districts to craft stuff is not a bad idea. It stills goes back to the players in general but to the specific owners as well even if indirectly. It would give an initial warchest for the district to spend and a first exercise for district governance using VP

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