Cap the Max Earnings Received From Channeling

The topic of channeling has become a divisive one since the proposal to increase spillover percentage was raised and later passed. Kinship has been a part of Gotchi lore since the first one was summoned from the first portal and has been a part of Rarity Farming beginning with season 1. With kinship being the basis of how channeling earnings are calculated AND being a Rarity Farming category makes it one of the most difficult to really balance. You don’t want to nerf owners by further affecting their earning but really need to address the long-term effect channeling poses to the economy. So I propose that we put a cap on the max that a gotchi would earn, or simply put a cap on the multiplier earn thru kinship, at a number the DAO would vote on at a later date. This way a gotchi would naturally come to this set number without affecting RF because kinship itself would still rise normally. Once players hit this number then other options to use it in, for instance, mini games become more viable. Doing this we could help slow emissions without further hurting owners
I propose doing this in 2 stages:
The first would be a vote to see if the DAO members are interested in pursuing this. If not it stops here.
The second would be to ask the DAO to fund a bounty to have someone model, for example, at least three (3) different kinship cap levels to see when at least 60% or perhaps 65% of the channeling gotchi will reach that point, the daily and/or weekly emissions projected before and after the caps are reached. I would open a new thread on the topic to get more input from the DAO on the various parameters that should be included in the modeling.
I welcome productive feedback on this and even some possible parameters that could be included.

UPDATE: I am thinking of incorporating the idea of lowering the base rate for channeling. Currently it is 20 FUD, 10 FOMO, 5 ALPHA, and 2 KEK. I would like to lower it by by 25% to 15 FUD, 7.5 FOMO, 3.75 ALPHA and 1.5 KEK. This would guarantee a 25% cut to channeling issuance without penalizing players by burning kinship for claiming channeling daily. The DAO could immediately adopt the new changes to the base channeling rate whilst the DAO waits on the bounty to be completed. Once the bounty is done, the DAO can review the data to vote on what the cap should be.

When looking at the numbers here:
FUD total channeling is ~472k.
FOMO total from channeling is ~239k.
ALPHA total from channeling is ~120k.
KEK total from channeling is ~48k.
After looking at the numbers, IMHO KEK should increase to 30% instead of the proposed 25% due to channeling emitting double than what farming is currently.
The updated base would be 15 FUD, 7.5 FOMO, 3.75 ALPHA and 1.4 KEK so based on the above numbers:
FUD would drop to ~354k
FOMO would drop to ~179k
ALPHA would drop to ~90k
KEK would drop to ~33.6k
Also I would like to include the toggle option for posting rentals because its a good idea and I do not want it to get lost in the postings.

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I missed the strong sentiment to “shake-up” the kinship RF leaderboard as the primary reason many gotchi owners were onboard with a kinship burn. I would still like to look more at the actual cutting of emissions and issuance as the main reason to undertake any changing of base game mechanics, however taking into account the general view of wanting a kinship burn, I have redone the proposed changes that were first submitted. The new changes would be:

*Change the base channeling rate from the current 20 FUD, 10 FOMO, 5 ALPHA, and 2 KEK to 18 FUD, 9 FOMO, 4.5 ALPHA and 1.7 KEK.

*Burn -1 Kinship per channeling

The changing of the channeling base rate would amount to 10% emissions reduction for FUD, FOMO and ALPHA while giving a 15% emissions reduction to KEK. We would still have a guaranteed reduction with the small changes to the channeling base rate and would also have the slowing of emissions by limiting the kinship growth of the gotchi that channel daily without totally stopping kinship growth which is especially hard on newly summoned and low kinship gotchi. I see this as having the benefits of a set reduction percentage regardless of player actions, allowing those gotchi owners that want to move up the kinship RF leaderboard a chance to keep their +2 kinship earned daily (which results in no token emissions) and a kinship burn that lessens the amount of an increase to alchemica that a gotchi would be able to claim daily.