Turn on Channeling Spillover during Alchemica Leaderboard Competetion

Hello GotchiGang,
Was wondering what people think of turning on Channeling Spillover during the 2 week Leaderboard Competition? I think it would be better engagement for our ecosystem. Here are some benefits I think that can help by doing so:

  1. Small farmers can level up during competition and try to earn Ghst.
  2. Gotchi owners can earn some revenue by lending gotchis.
  3. Guilds can coordinate and provide some fun quests during channeling spillovers during contest.
  4. More eyes on the gotchiverse once people lend gotchis.
  5. Provide engagement on aavegotchis on Twitter about the competition, leading more people to see aavegotchi on their timelines.
  6. Influencers like Nofuturistic can do video on it , giving more eyes and maybe few people will partcipate.
  7. Give Gotchigang members more fun to do during competition.

Those are just some I can think about it, there probably more benefits than downsides in my opinion. Also we can grow on these by maybe having pixel team drop lickidators here and there , maybe randomly putting raffle tickets in them or kinship potion? Just some ideas, please reply with comments if you would like a proposal made for this or ideas to help more eyes get on aavegotchi.
Thanks for your time,

Id support it for the last one we do if its in unity…
I feel l8ke it should exist in sone sustainable way, but we’re so far from sustainable anything at the moment. Maybe it can go back on at half strength eventually? We need so many ships to come in ATM… we’re just in a holdng pattern.

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