Clarify meanings of Lodge, Guild, guild, guilds in the bible and WIKI

The Bible and the WIKI have the following info on the subject of Crests, Guilds, Lodges, and how gotchis interact with them.

This section in chapter three says Guilds are the Lodge

The next section reinforces that

Then this section says that the Guild can equip crests and use Insignia crests to grant access to and from, and purchase wearable crests. This is basically just whitelists for access, and then a whitelist for the Lodge itself to gain access to specific wearable channeling.

Then this part is where it starts to get ugly.

It was stated that you can grant access to the lodge, as a meeting place, but control channeling access via the wearable crest. However, the wearable crest is also the thing you give the lodge, to give the lodge the ability to host channelings. For this to be true, it could be accomplished by giving the winner of the auction, a supply of wearable crests equal to [total number of wearables + 1], and then you put one in a lodge, and the others in gotchis, to enable the channeling. If this is true, there needs to be code where it says only one lodge at a time can have a specific wearable crest equipped, or you will end up with aftermarket fractionalization of crests(not a terrible idea in and of itself)

This needs to be changed to say each gotchi with a wearable crest, if the intent was to have crests determine if a gotchi can channel, and test elsewhere needs clarification otherwise

This part kind of rolls the whole GBM auction into the word linking, in the last sentence… this opens a whole can of worms again, with lodge/Guild/guild/linking/auction/land and the general ownership and financial and social organization of all of this.

This part supports the idea that each gotchi needs a wearable crest for channeling

And then this here, at the end, throws it all into chaos, as we’ve now thoroughly confused all terms, sense of ownership, and knowledge of what word means what, in what context.

I think we should start by revamping the words… people say Guild, when they mean a group of players working in coordination

Then they started calling “having access to a crest or being the owner of a crest or being able to mint a crest” a guild.

In addition, there is a way to interpret the things that have been written down, to imply that the lodge itself, is the guild.

It’s impossible to talk about this sanely and clearly with a homonym describing two things that are going to get used in the same sentence.

This is what I think they mean… (please someone from PC clarify this)

crest crest crest(guild) <---- player org, known as a Guild, owns this
\ | /
lodge ← player org, known as a Guild, owns this
lodge crest guild crest ← access to channel a specific crest(gotchi level?)
access to lodge(gotchi level?)

At the very least, we need to adopt a convention of saying Guild, when we mean the player organization, and guild when referring to being able to channel specific wearable. This requires no changes, but puts it on US to get the word out, and as this is very multicultural, this is a bad plan, as we should be extra clear in our speech.

IMHO - The best thing to do is leave the word Guild for the player organizations, as they will be buying multiple crests each, and change the thing where it says a gotchi can join X number of guilds, to say “may access X number of Lodges”

**Change one word in a few places, and it all makes sense. **
A Guild owns a Lodge(maybe several), and owns various crests(these can change, so it’s NOT a guild) and uses Lodge passes to permit physical access to specific Lodges, and Guild Passes to grant channeling access at any of their lodges.

This lets you control access to each building and control who is allowed into your overall circle of money. Basic ACL design… the only issue is that the same word was used for two or three meanings in same list.

Reach goals(probably a whole nother thread, but maybe a dev can pop in and just say how the NTF’s interact)
*Clarify how the ownership works - it is very difficult to run a player organization, and pool funds, and do all these things fairly, if we do not know how the chain of ownership works. *

For example… it could be that an individual with enough GLMR, gets a crest, they are in a player org, that org has some land members donated, and they are pooling alch to build on it. Can that player take that crest and install it in the lodge? If the land is owned by a multisig, how do we do anything with it?


full support. Its hard enough to interact with people from all over the world and coming from other ecosystems into our beautiful metaverse. having a wiki page dictionary might solve most of it , this post should be read carefully when creating that as it covers several problems