Whitelisting Established Guild Crests During First 3 Months of Gotchiverse

Title say’s it all.

I don’t want to suggest something too specific ATM, but as for now welcoming thoughts and input into granting the established guilds a free crest of their core wearable during launch period of Gotchiverse.

Established guilds could be determined via wiki and/or the guild map:

  • Yes, let’s begin work on a whitelist
  • No whitelisting

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If so, it would have to be a “register your guild and crest before this date” type of thing. Not everyone has made their plans public.


The quicker this comes out, the better, and that means we should have a goal of altering the solution the devs put in the bible, as little as possible.

Everything they do is interconnected, so solutions like this, where the users take it upon themselves to create a list and just assign one crest to the appropriate guild, make zero work for the dev team.


Ayyy Gotchi Maafia on the registrar… if this is the case I propose applying guilds get a stake in the proposal as well <3

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This topic brings up another related topic that affects almost all of the suggestions regarding the distribution of crests…

to accomplish any goal that involves knowing what amount of a wearable a group that is trying to get the crest has, you need to know what the groups are and which wallets are in them. This means that there needs to be some sort of on chain clan/players association registration system in place.

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I think this is very important. Otherwise the guilds with big treasuries could simply outbid smaller guilds on their crests.

Just as an example (I’m not saying any of these big players would try to do this, but they could) imagine CGU, YGG, and/or Blackpool to outbid the Portal Mages on all the portal mage wearables. That would basically kill the guild or at least force them to rebrand. The same could happen to the Chigotchi Bulls, the Gotchi Riders, Los Mustachos, WAGMI Warriors, Ghost Squad Miners, and any other guild who is already branded to a wearable or set.

On the other hand, the established guilds had the privilege of first-come-first-serve. I can imagine that many players might think that just because those guilds were the first to have their names/wearables added to the wiki, shouldn’t really give them such a huge freebee. Hence, a proposal to simply giving the crests away to the first guild to claim them, might not pass.
This is, why I would suggest not only a “register until this date” kind of thing, but also that any of the guilds already in the wiki can be “challenged” until that date. E.g. if there was a guild operating in the shadows, not wanting to be made public yet and hence had their desired crest already “snatched away”, they should have the ability to challenge the guild for their crest.
If a guild is challenged for their crest, they should first try to sort it out themselves. Maybe they can come to an arrangement, maybe they even fuse both guilds together.
If no such arrangement can be made, they should compete in a Tournament, or at least have some metric that decides which guild will be the rightful crest-bearer. For example, both guilds could have their members’ wallets made public and then whichever guild collectively collected the most alchemica during the alpha launch will get the crest. This way, it is not about how much money a guild has, or about how much fake-users they can add to their discord, but about actual playtime of the guild’s members, which is the most important metric imo.


our guild is 3 players with 2 of us inactive. I guess we are not established allthough og?

I think trying to establish a guideline s to who qualifies is problematic. Registering your guild, having an active discord or website, and owning at least 5k ghst worth of gotchis and wearables should cover it even the edge case of 1 person who has 2 godlikes trying to get the crest for that godlike.

Maybe instead of trying to say who and what is big enough(I looked through fireball.gg and there’s several guilds in the 100 gotchi range and a few with less) we should simply let the big ones go first, as they would just win those crests anyways, and be targets for people driving their crest price up with no intention of competing for the crest.

If we give everyone a deadline to register, it will be easy to do this like a sportsball draft. In fact, it could be a fun community event, where the guild leaders all get a chance to shill their guild really quickly and announce what their core wearable will be. It could be a very nice event on twitch/twitter/youtube/facebook, as you know everyone would be restreaming it.

everyone gets a crest
the natural winners still win
good promo for the scene
good promo for guilds
its free to do, 100% community managed(we could easily find some announcers to do the stream, and lots of us are capable of running it)
it makes market more transparent, so people can make their moves and be done with at least that one thing
it should not affect the total amount spent in the GBM, as the other 250+ crests will be just as sought after, in fact, they will sell for more, as we wont have everyone throwing 80% of their pile at their core crest, and grossly overpaying for it

Some botters, griefers, and other ruthless sorts will miss their chance to really mess with people and get a fat payday for their trouble.

Thanks for putting this together @JG1. I’m in support of this proposal.

Although I understand from the weekly hangout PC is working through a GLTR leaderboard spending proposal to manage wearable crest allocations for guild alchemical channeling and I am interested in learning more about that as well as a potential solution to the problems raised in this thread.

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I missed that part, were there any more details? I think it would be fine if it went round robin, picking crests, starting at the top of leaderboard, but I can see a lot of ways to game this from either end of the spectrum. At one end, you can just troll for crests by being one of the top 300 wallets, which will result in people spawning out wallets and those with good market data and big bags being able to claim 10 or more, and at the other end of that, you have a situation where everyone plays fair, but you end up with a tiny guild of 6 people and 10 gotchis getting 4 crests, because it went around the loop 4 times.

The one per guild then GBM is such an elegant solution that I don’t even care how you decide who gets what, as there’s 29 guilds listed now and over 300 wearables. If someone who just made up a guild for it gets one… big deal, now they have to get a bunch of people onboarded or they wasted a huge opportunity, so it will grow our community anyways.