New designated wearable for Guild insignia

Hi frens,

I was listening to last weeks Hangout when coderdan accidentally shared a little alpha while discussing Guild insignia in The Realm. From what I understood, the plan is for all Aavegotchis in a Guild to be equipped with the same wearable in The Realm as proof of membership. But the wearable will be from the existing pool (staff, mug, shirt, etc.).

I’d like to propose instead of using an existing wearable as proof of Guild membership, the insignia of a Guild be placed on a new designated wearable (more than likely a body item). The insignia would be designed by the Guild using a template or guidelines set by the Aavegotchi team, would be low cost and not affect the Aavegotchis BRS.

Not only would this allow for easier identification of Guild members, but it would also remove the barrier of entry into a Guild as existing wearables are become more expensive and more difficult to obtain.

I’d like to offer this topic for discussion.

Thank you frens!


So the idea is to have the Guild design their own wearables and distribute it among their members right?


Thank you for the discussion.

That’s correct. It would only be one wearable per member and would more than likely be a body wearable. I believe the discussion on Saturday was that each member of the same Guild would all need to possess the same existing wearable. But I think a wearable specific to each Guild (which is affordable) would be preferable.


So will there be traits modifiers inside the wearable ? If it is like the uncommon ones I think the price would be reasonable.


To be honest, I would prefer the wearables are free and don’t modify the traits (similar to the H1 Backgrounds) as some Aavegotchis would prefer + and some - adjust. The only disadvantage I could see though is that all Aavegotchis in a Guild would be at a slight disadvantage to those not affiliated because the ‘lone’ Aavegotchi would possess a wearable with a trait modifier in The Realm.


Yeah I’d prefer that too, maybe even just a badge instead of a wearable. Being part of a guild shouldn’t actively punish you in terms of BRS imo.



Another consideration is how to handle the wearable. What happens when a member leaves a guild? My only concern is if the badges aren’t revoked, some players might try to just accumulate as many guild badges as possible. It would also lead to confusion within the realm.


Moon that’s a very good point. Guild members should’t be punished with a Wearable that does not help it’s BRS. But thinking about that, if an existing wearable is used, the Gotchi may be punished with negative points if the Guilds chosen Wearable does not match the direction of the Aavegotchis bell curve.

But I remember coderdan also mentioning it would be easy to add a second larger pocket to our Gotchis to hold more Baadges and the Guild Baadge could be kept in this pocket. The only question I have with a Baadge is how would the Gotchi be recognized in The Realm as a member of a Guild? Unless the Baadge is somehow visible own the Gotchi? I’m not sure.

Thank you for the discussion, it’s always appreciated fren.


Thank you and very good points.

There has been talk of ‘loaning’ our Gotchis to other players. I wonder if a Guild Lead can be awarded a certain amount of Insignia Baadges to loan out to their recruited members. The Baadge could then be revoked if that member does not follow any guidelines set forth by the Guild Lead/Panel/DAO.

coderdan mentioned Gotchis would not be limited to a single Guild within The Realm. But maybe each Guild could decide if they want their members to only be involved in their Guild as a condition of membership. There will be Guilds that are friendly towards shared membership, but also more aggressive Guilds who forbid their members to collaborate with another Guild.


I heard they were working on a wearable builder and there was a discussion about that where people were also under the impression that there would be a dapp in the realm for the guild insigna so I was very surprised to hear that it would be using existing wearables instead. I also heard a lot of unanswered questions with that proposition so it’s probably still time to steer it toward specific guild wearables.

I think it should not affect BRS and as such would be more like vanity wearables. I could imagine a flag for the hand slot where we get to chose the color and design the emblems ourselve. It could also encourage the artists in the community as not all guilds would be able or willing to design their own insigna. The problem with the flag is it uses a slot that could be used to change the brs. Maybe it does not matter since it is only for channeling and could be equiped only at that time and carried in the pocket otherwise. The transferable baadge is a good idea too, but less visible.

The question of what happen when a user leaves a guild still has to be answered either way. In the first proposition are we in the guild automatically just by owning the guild item?

Thank you for creatiing this thread, I think I am not the only one that was surprised by this so it is good that we can have the discussion now


I’'ll just paste my random idea from discord



Something like this would look aavesome!!
TheGotchiFArmy Insignia|400x200


Maybe we could use the background slot of the aavegotchi for the guild insignia and have this artwork overlayed onto a body wearable of Aavegotchis. The background would be like the H1 background with no impacts on traits or rarity.


Thank Choyna for creating this Guild Discussion about Guild identifier.

I agree to say that using existing wearables influencing Gotchis BRS doesn’t seems to be the best proof of belonging to one or multiple GotchiGangs according to following points :

  • The Set / individual items required to take part of a gang aren’t the best suited for your gotchi;
  • It could creates a scarcity for those wearables on Baazaar and price inflation depending on the number of guilds and the number of wearables required. New player could feel like “i’m too late” and could be discourage to join the project;
  • Wearing this wearable in the REALM makes “unavailable” one slot of your gotchis which could be bad if you need more BRS or weapons to defend yourself against liquidators (no clear gameplay about that atm i think?)

But honestly i have to say it is a good way to clearly identify players of a guild in the REALM.

The proposal i’m supporting and judging more fair would be to use a “neutral Guild NFT”. It could be minted/distributed by different ways :

  • Minted on Opensea for example (limited amount / or not depending of the rules Aavegotchis Team and Community would established) and claimed by Commmunity Members in guild according to each guild requirement (For example beeing a Mage for the Great Order of Portal Mages)
  • Creating using a Dapp in REALM for example that enable you to create your Guild NFT insigna / Banner wearable (Based on a template)
  • Others ? ^^

Next Question Would be how do we “equip” those NFT to our Gotchis in the REALM.
Some Ideas here :

  • Like the idea of using the background slot of our gotchis to equip the NFT Guild Banner when doing Community actions in the REALM (could put back your H1 background when trying to sell your gotchi on Baazaar or Opensea L1 for 100ETH :stuck_out_tongue: ). Jarrod idea of even superposing the Guild insigna to the equipped wearable is massive !
  • The Gotchis could also just hold the NFT Guild in his pocket making him eligible to community actions

As an example, each active member of the Gotchi FArmy Gang can claim the NFT Guild Banner of the clan.
Guild Emblems Black
Atm only 100 are minted and more than half were already distributed to the community.


I suggest having some official ways of creating guilds, like a snapshot vote or something that has some official guidance. IF not a snapshot vote, a DAO thread for each guild should be enough and a Wiki page with the every guild details: name, description, owners/maintainers, discord channel.

In the guild insignia, I support the idea of a badge that can be given/withdrawn by the guild masters (a gnosis multi sig would do here). The wallet controlled by the guild masters should be allowed by PixelCraft to control those badges.


I like the idea of the insignia in the pocket. Maybe create a new type in the pocket to display it? Contrarily to badges it should be removable but I think having a designated slot for it would force having only one insignia per gotchi at any given time. There should be a way to control their emission and distribution, I would do as @ader1990.eth suggested and let the guild masters manage it (with a multi sig of course)


Also what if the guild you are a part of chooses a wearable that does not suit your gotchi? The background is a good idea, it is basically a slot in the pocket with no brs effect that has its own display. Guilds could get creatives and people could show it off. I think we should first answer the question if we want to allow gotchis to be part of more than one guild as this would be harder to control with the background than with the new type of badge in the pocket I proposed


I like the idea, if we want to maintain a balance on the baazar, we must not create a team from wearable, I like the badge system


Since lurking in this discussion, I have realised how well designed the aavegotchi and its wearables are. I very much prefer the option of a baadge rather than taking up a wearable slot, but was trying to think of how it could be displayed. Which is when I noticed that most pixels of an aavegotchi are already being used. So I agree with the overlay idea, kind of like a tattoo on a particular area of any gotchi… but where? H1 background label is using bottom right corner (as do pets), so maybe top right, bottom or top left corners? But will those corners be displayed in-game?


Other question we could ask are :

  • Is there a limited amount of wearables associated to a guild?

  • Two guilds could have the same associated wearables?