Define the rarity (wearables)

hi, lets discuss one of the core concepts of this game, the wearables rarity

historically (including forge update) item creations caused strong volatility on the market and heated discussion between different item types holders

possible solution
we can make the process of item distribution as transparent and unbiased as possible

(1) VRF roll to defy on rarities(from a pool of items we still need)
(2) VRF roll to defy slots (from a pool of items from 1)
(3), then produce amount according to the current rarity balance (so we don’t redefine rarities ratios each time and don’t dilute too much/too little value)
(4) distribute schemes and cores throughout different gameplay/sales endpoints

I think we should aim for better expected rarity, which is essential if we want our community to be a collectors

any other suggestions?

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Hey mate appreciate the discussion opener. Awhile back, a spreadsheet was created with all current wearables and the stat distribution.

Unfortunately, the way things are right now, it isn’t as simple as having a pool of recommendations to use the VRF to roll. There’s still a bit of human element required and finesse to make things fit.

This shows the total stat distribution across the GL items. The columns on the right are the net stats. Net zero equals an even distribution. It’s quickly evident our GL balances are way out of whack! What to do.

Going from the net across the whole tier, you would say to make a set of +NRG, +AGG, -SPK, and -BRN. But it isn’t that simple! When you go into the individual items, you see that a +NRG hand item would only dilute the current options (uranium rod). We see a lot of these challenges across the tiers. Mythical is especially tricky. The total net swings one way, but the slots individually say another.

Individually it is challenging enough to bring balance, but now when you go to build a set and you’re faced with more difficulties. As a (fictitious) example. A mythical set might call for +NRG overall and need head body hand. However, the mythical hand slot is already deeply overweight in +NRG and actually needs a -NRG. What to do.

This is the biggest challenge.

Another challenge is creating cohesive sets. As an example, a rarity tier may call for Face Pet Head as lacking, but it is very difficult to build a set for those slots. This is why we often see an abundance of body as a body item quickly completes the theme.

All of these challenges require a ton of human finesse and calculation. Things are not as simple as throwing all the needed items into a pot and drawing the winners.

The cool thing with the Forge is it allows us to create an abundance of schematics without diluting the asset pool. That being said, core distribution needs to be carefully monitored and released with demand.

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hi, appreciate the work done and your reply.

I propose the totally different approach: rather the balancing everything we should use it as a feature! You don’t need 100% even distribution of everything for things to work.

the problem with “balancing” is it is very arbitrary; but if you make it as part of the game, and use current unbalance as a feature, build upon it… this may work!

and if distribution is a game… can’t get mad on Korean gods of random, can you?

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maybe we can change how we create the sets?

I saw a lot of cool sets of item, with no set name. Maybe we can form sets in some other way after more items is distributed? Make sets more community emerging…