Delay the 3rd LAND auction

A few things have changed since the original prop to schedule the 3rd land auction for June:

  • Harvesters have been delayed
  • Wider market has bombed
  • LAND price has dropped between 30-70%
  • LAND bazaar volume has decreased significantly
  • Bots have driven down alchemica prices

The original prop stated:

“A June Auction will allow >2 weeks of Citaadel gameplay and will allow sufficient time for marketing and business development efforts to capture maximum investment.”

This is clearly no longer the case so to avoid bombing the price of LAND further I’d suggest delaying the LAND auction until at least 2 weeks after harvester release.


So what is the projected time of the harvester release? And is this factoring the changing of its recipe that still needs a coreprop written and passed?

I would say at least 2 weeks after harvester release like the original core prop said.


Yes but my question is with all the revamping going on when will the “updated” harvesters be released, or will they be released first then updated?

Kill this with fire. Most people I know have sold things at terribly low prices, to free up capital for this auction. This is yet another delay, and delays erode investor confidence. Even I’m losing confidence, because we keep kicking thing down the road.

We passed acore prop, and this was scheduled, then delayed(before there was even a vote to delay) and people have been buying drop tickets, and getting rug pulled by delays, repeatedly, since after land 2.

Land 3 was always supposed to happen, and anyone that bought in 1 or 2, was fully aware 3 was happening, so the dilution argument is spurious at best.


I think it’s slightly dishonest to call this vote a change from what was originally proposed. When reading through the original discussion I think it’s pretty clear that @stedari’s proposal assumed Citaadel gameplay to be live by June. With this delay in mind, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to at least suggest that the community needs clear timelines for another dilutive event to be approved.


Wen roadmap? We need a schedule, and we need to stick to it, to the very best of our abilities.

The very core of investment knowledge is “markets need transparency”

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Hey i can understand where you are coming from but “writer’s intent” vs what was written is not so strong an argument right now imo especially If you are speaking on someone else’s assumptions. If this was indeed his intent than is was not conveyed in the proposal that was voted and passed. Truthfully if there was a stated timeline that would be kept, I do not see too much of a deal depending on how long the delay actually was but “2 weeks after harvesters” without knowing when harvesters will be released is just too ambiguous for me :man_shrugging:

When the forum post was created we were in the middle of the Playdrop, there was no such thing as “Social Release, Harvester Release, etc.” What most of the community expected with the “Gotchiverse Launch” was the release of all of these things at the same time, I see no reason to assume otherwise. So when the proposal clearly states the following, to me it should absolutely be interpreted as tied to Realm gameplay:

“A June Auction will allow >2 weeks of Citaadel gameplay and will allow sufficient time for marketing and business development efforts to capture maximum investment.”


Think we need to get away from this mentality that asset inflation is bad thing. Yea it’s not nice to see your parcels go down in value, But it also reduces the barrier to entry for new players and hence increases player base.

Land is actually one of few in game assets that new players can afford. Seeing humbles selling for 30-40 GHST wouldn’t be a bad thing IMO.

And I have skin in the game… so It’s not like I don’t have anything to loose here… I just think that in the long run it’s good to onboard more players with cheaper asset prices and I’d rather it was land than gotchi’s….


Hello Ser, in my opinion the barrier to entry is a myth, we are in the crypto space, there are tons of people who have spent several thousand dollars on jpeg in the previous months. Lowering the price of assets does not increase the player base, it makes the project less attractive and unhealthy. We are a crypto game, our customers are crypto investors, we are willing to invest much more than the price of a playstation game. Who are carrying the economy of the game ? Who is ready to throw money for aesthetics and support alchemica ? If investors lose confidence, they will go elsewhere.


Really, you think investors in aavegotchi will go elsewhere because of land parcel price inflation….I disagree…. Ever heard the expression “buy the dip”??

I have or had over 10k $$ invested in land…. I’m not going to just up and leave because price fluctuated by %20-30

In fact I’ll probably be buying the dip…

Any investor worth his salt should welcome cheaper asset prices…. If you truly believe in a project you don’t sell the bottom, you accumulate more.


Ah man, this is just totally the wrong way of thinking. How on earth do you think it’s sustainable to keep inflating supply with no demand to match it?

@Monarch is completely right. You’re not going to attract any investors if all the asset prices are constantly tanking.

You can think you’re the smart one by “buying the dip” until in 6 months time your assets are worth 0 and then maybe it’ll click where things went wrong.


Really…. You think by having this land sale that it’s going to inflate land to zero in 6 months…

You have no idea what demand there is at lower prices….

Stop trying to predict the future.

No, I wasn’t talking about this specific example, I was talking about your mindset that constant dilution of assets without matching demand is a good thing.

Keep diluting assets too soon and no investor will want to buy into the game and it will die.


My mindset is not constant dilution of assets… wtf are you talking about… when did I ever say I wanted to constantly dilute land supply….

This is a one off land sale, yes it will have an impact on price. That’s not necessarily a bad thing….

Stop putting words in my mouth……

Literally the first thing you said:

Asset inflation does not mean constantly inflating assets until they go to zero….

Land sale is an asset inflation…. But it’s not constant is it…

Anyway we’re picking at straws here, put it to a vote and let the community decide.

Personally I think these events are great for the community and they keep people interested. The recent raffle was great fun and I’m looking forward to the land auction.

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Yeah, just to close this out. Dilution can be ok but it has to be met with an equal amount of demand. That’s the thing we’ve never got right. H2 was voted for on the assumption we had 20k people waiting to buy, we didn’t. Endless raffles have diluted wearables down 70%… The non utility decoration raffles are a step in the right direction but the goal should never be to lower prices. We should release more supply when the demand clearly calls for it.


Well put it to a vote and then we’ll see how much demand there is for the land sale… I think people are looking forward to it and have been planning for the last few months hence the sell pressure on allot of other assets…

I’ve been stacking GHST in anticipation for this event…

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