A drip feed of Alchemica, and the delay of sale 3

Frens, I once again come to you bearing proposals to discuss.
I’ll just get straight to the point:

What are your thoughts on delaying realm sale 3 until post-launch of the gotchiverse?
This would be done as to not flood the market spectacularly, since our investment thesis in most cases did not account for a 4 month delay. Delays are part of development and shipping, and very understandable - but I believe they could on the flipside also motivate us toward “delaying” the dilution of the current parcel supply further, unless we believe that the third realm sale is integral to be done pre-launch.

Another thing that came to mind, in the spirit of our defi roots, what are your thoughts on perhaps setting up an alchemica faucet or early liquidity mine for current holders of gotchis, and parcels ; some tokens you can be drip fed where your gotchis/land would basically act as “liquidity miners” for the real deal to be launched April. It’d give everyone some of the “feeling” of staking, even if said drip tokens are currently useless “coupons” with zero economic value, and it would go a long way toward having content to engage in, in lieu of the gotchiverse proper.
I understand that it’s not very gameplay oriented but I believe it fits our defi part of the game to let gotchis/parcels be liquidity miners of a new launch, and as Dr Wagmi pointed out in the discord chat we had, it would let the earliest adopters of our presales provide liquidity on GAX launch day, which could go a very long way toward making the launch more grassroots and decentralized versus just adding a million’s worth of LP via the DAO or the Pixelcraft team.

Please let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see.


I agree fren! Beyond realm, there shouldn’t be any sales/dilution of any of the NFTs (gotchis, wearables) in the ecosystem through this period of delay and waiting.
If the game can wait, so should everything else.


I would love to crack the VRF open and begin seeing what my lands contain. An alchemica drip would be ideal as it would incentivise people to open their lands. Just like opening portals made sense as it let you begin farming kinship, xp, and RF rewards.

The opening of lands would introduce a lot of activity in the bazaar.


Delay Realm Sale #3 until right before official launch or even post-launch. Some type of drip would be ideal since the delay is significant and people that bought land were expecting to be able to farm it by now. So offering parcel holders an alchemica drip is a great solution for the unexpected delay.

Also, let’s HOLD sales of all other NFTs (gotchis & wearables) until things are sorted out and functional in the Gotchiverse. Now is not the time to worry about adoption, but rather fine-tuning and making sure things work.


I completely agree with both propositions. I think this will give the project a head start before the gotchiverse has been fully implemented. Land will already have some form of utility if we implement the drip. If by doing this, the demand of land rises substantially, we can keep land sale #3 as planned.

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Fantastic ideas. It makes little sense to hold the third land auction/raffle prior to the release of the Gotchiverse, diluting those of us who loaded up in the first two rounds right before the game effectively goes live. I was on the fence as far as timing of auction/raffle #3 is concerned initially, but since it was set to align with the release of the Gotchiverse I wasn’t overly concerned. Now that we know there will be a four-month delay in the Gotchiverse release, I fully believe we should postpone the third auction/raffle until after the game goes live. I will miss that sweet, sweet GBM profit in the meantime, but the preservation of the values of our currently held parcels should more than make up for that.

The idea of rewarding existing parcel holders over the coming months, until the game goes live, by setting up some sort of alchemica drip is an all-around great idea. It provides an additional incentive for parcel holders to hold their parcels over the coming months until the game goes live, and since the only real current use for the parcels is price speculation, I think this additional incentive is seriously needed. There should be ways that early adopters can profit while awaiting the full release of the game, and this would be a great way to accomplish that.


I like the idea of creating initial liquidity for the GAX by letting owners premine some alchemica. It would be a good way to use the waiting time and allow to hit the ground running when the game goes live. Maybe it could even help solve the legal issues around having Pixelcraft run the exchange.

I would also be worried about adding supply to the land in the actual context. Land has enough difficulty keeping its value as it is already. Giving them some utility now could help with that


I like this idea a lot, if the game is going to be delayed by this much then I think some adjustments should be made.

I do really like the idea. Main things to me (under the situation of the game launch being delayed) are:

  1. Keep existing users/players engaged. There are some “fatigues” already.
  2. Have utilities for assets that many folks have made quite significant investments
  3. Use the time to validate some new parts of the ecosystem while we wait for full game launch

The concerns I have is that if alchemica tokens launch and GAX smart contract readiness will further delay the game launch. However, if we remove the parcel auction and raffle 3, that will give the team back much needed time and resources to get the alchemica tokens and GAX launched and focus on other tasks leading to the game launch.


I think we can accomplish both discussion goals by modifying the gotchiverse release schedule, and utilizing the live test(s) as a way to distribute Alchemica to gotchi owners.

It appears from the description that this may be pixelcraft’s intent (The first release of the Citaadel with real Alchemica. Will support Alchemica pickups and “Save Points” to exit Alchemica from in-game to onchain).

In my opinion the live test (maybe we add a second live test??) would be a good way to distribute Alchemica to the gotchi owning community through early game play. I think this would also allow the community to bootstrap the coming DEX as well as have some Alchemica to craft their harvesting installations on their parcels.

Proposed Schedule & Rationale

Stress Test 2
As scheduled, no change

Stress Test 3
As scheduled, no change

Citaadel Live Test 1
Allow gotchi’s to collect Alchemica and exit from in-game to onchain. Ideally the community will just hodl their Alchemica until the DEX is released, but if some organic pools pop up on quick or sushi I don’t think that is a bad thing either. Maybe the in game DEX could be released at the same time?

Gotchi Lending is Live!
Allow gotchi lending prior to Live Test 2, this should help establish a market for gotchi lending and allow new players/small bag holders to participate and collect Alchemica.

Citaadel Live Test 2
Add a second Live Test for further Alchemica collection and exit from in-game to onchain. Potentially expand the map size to the entire citadel if possible.

The Gotchiverse
The Full Citaadel you’ve all been waiting for! Parcel access, installations, and harvesting will all be live in this release.
Map size: Entire Citaadel

Land Auction / Raffle 3
The third Aavegotchi Land Auction / Raffle combo will feature 10,000 Parcels up for grabs in various Districts.

Traits Release
Aavegotchi traits (explained in an upcoming chapter) will be added to gameplay in this release. Support for weapons will also be added, time permitting.

Grid Release 1
The first release of the Grid (and Lickquidators) will come in early Q3 2022.

The schedule above has the Land Auction / Raffle 3 after The Gotchiverse launch, I like this order but I can see the benefit of having the auction prior to release. The further we delay the Land Auction/ Raffle the longer we are putting off a major earning event…

I’m not sure about the percent of Alchemica that should be distributed during Live Test 1 and/or 2, hopefully the coming chapters on parcel and Alchemica tokenomics can provide a way to evaluate this.

My current recommendation doesn’t include a way for parcels to acquire Alchemica, I think we leave that to harvesters when the Gotchiverse is fully live as planned.

Thanks Frens!


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I do not agree with that Rancho. The problem at the moment is that land itself has no utility and many people have invested heavily into it expecting to farm it around the end of December or maybe with a slight delay. By allowing land to already gain some alchemica, we create an incentive to hold land and reward the holders who got their earnings delayed by several months.
Even tho we can not trade the alchemica yet, it will give the holders a head start once the gotchiverse launches. This is basically alchemica which we should already be farming from our lands if the game had been released.

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That is fair. I like the idea of giving gotchi’s additional utility/ an earning mechanism pre-launch to help incentive gotchi sale & lending markets, but I also see your point about realm parcels.

In retrospect I got off track with my previous post as it was about gotchi’s when the focus was on realm… Either way, I agree and would like to see Alchemica dripped to parcels to help incentive realm & bootstrap the coming DEX liquidity.

Maybe we can do both, I don’t think either are mutually exclusive and having Alchemica distribution mechanisms for both gotchi and realm holders makes sense to me.


These are excellent ideas! Both to provide instant liquidity on launch and incentive to hold parcels.

Is there a simpler mechanism we can implement though? How about if we were to do a “head start airdrop” at launch for every owner of a parcel from one of the auctions.

E.g If you hold one of the pre-launch parcels you would get the following airdrops at launch:

  • Auction 1 Parcel Owners = 15% pre-mine airdrop
  • Auction 2 Parcel Owners = 10% pre-mine airdrop
  • Auction 3 Parcel Owners = 5% pre-mine airdrop

Advantages of doing an airdrop:

  • Far easier to implement for dev’s as no need for ongoing drip mechanic,
  • Gives the DAO time to determine the precise airdrop % to give owners at launch,
  • Gives Dev’s time to finalise the VRF distribution parameters on parcels
  • Allows the DAO time to review upcoming GB chapters on alchemica distribution in parcels,
  • Some free advertising as everyone in crypto is on the ‘Airdrop’ hype train
  • Parcels earn exclusivity depending on what auction they’re from e.g. A1, A2, A3 (at least until Reaalm launch) to get some sweet sweet bazaar speculation.


  • Requirement for UI update that distinguishes what auction a parcel was part of. Perhaps a community register could be developed showing this data?

Break this down into two separate proposals I think, I agree with delaying auction 3 until at least the full contents of the whitepaper/gotchiverse bible is released so that people have the information they need to make informed bids.

Drip feeding of alchemica maybe, I am not fully convinced. I understand people have been holding on to land with the plan they could start alchemica farming late Q4 early Q1. Maybe it could be a once-off DAO grant to airdrop a specific amount of GHST to landholders.

But should it just go to landholders? Gotchi lending was also pushed back, so maybe gotchi hodlers should qualify for the airdrop as well?


Somebody mentioned dripping alchemica to gotchis too to prevent people selling gotchis and wearables for land. It would make sense that the loss of alchemica from channelling due to to the delay be compensated too. I guess you’d need to own both tough.


To postpone the land sale 3 is a good proposal, but i do not know if the team has kept that option opened in the dev roadmap i definitely think the idea is good.
I don’t really have an opinion on the faucet thing depends on the gotchiverse bible next chapters.
And i agree with @jarrod , you should split this in 2 threads for better clarity

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Could you elaborate a bit on why you believe the third sale should be delayed? People have already made purchases of REALM without full knowledge of every game mechanic, and I don’t see why the lack of a full whitepaper would be a hindrance to a third sale.

Most of the information pertaining to REALM, such as tokenomics, recipes, harvest rates, etc. will be coming out very soon.

One area that could be potentially interesting to wait for would be the rules about Estate building, but I wouldn’t say that’s completely necessary.

Overall just curious about where the community stands on this issue after having a week to deliberate on it.


This was in the Aavegotchi Litepaper:

This paper gives a high-level overview of the Gotchiverse Realm game mechanics and tokenomics of REALM, ownable land parcels within the Realm. For specific details, please consult the full whitepaper (coming soon).

I’m guessing most in the Aavegotchi community would have expected the information in the whitepaper to be revealed by now.

It’s about learning from our mistakes I think. We all degened a bit by bidding on land based on a litepaper, limited details on tokenomics in the medium posts, and weekly hangouts conversations. Some people in our community got pretty badly rekt overvaluing boosts. Trying to avoid this happening again.


Proposal to delay land auction / raffle 3 until book one of the gotchiverse bible is published



Has the alchemica drip idea been abandoned? I remember Pixelcraft not being against it but wanting to wait for chapter 2 so we have a clearer image of where that could come from. I still think owner of realms from presales 1 and 2 should be compensated in some way for holding land while the game has been delayed