Delaying Auction 3 Until After Launch As Per Most Recent Information

Dear Gotchi gang,

We recently found out after auction 2 that launch will be delayed until after auction 3.

Most of us have planned for an auction then a launch and have spent our GHST bags on preparing for the Gotchiverse release.

I personally spent on gotchis and wearables specifically for the realm and left no GHST because that’s what was expected. Now I’m screwed and I’m sure many feel the same.

We have a voice to be heard here and the majority wishes to vote on it we should.

Thank you for reading

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Doesn’t the lite paper say that there will be 3 land auctions before the launch of the Realm?

It does, however before Auction 2 the team said over voice on discord that launch would be before auction 3. That changed back after auction 2 ended, making it too late for us to hold back during auction 2 or even after it by buying gotchis and wearables and such to prepare for realm.


This just goes to show why it’s so important that we ensure better communication regarding things like this. It should not be something people find out about days or weeks after the only method of communication is a spoken twitter or discord call.

Agree… no more GHST left!

should put it under proposals