Frens for Liquidity Providing GHST with Pairs on Sushiswap


The QUICK rewards for the GHST-QUICK and GHST-USDC pairs on Quickswap have been dropping consistently over time and it looks like this will continue into the future.

SushiSwap is another large DEX operating on Polygon Sushi, 1Inch integrates with Quickswap and SushiSwap on Polygon to help traders make the best swap.


My proposal is to offer frens to liquidity providers of GHST pairs on Sushiswap. The frens awarded should be the equivalent of what is offered to GHST-USDC and GHST-QUICK pairs on Quickswap.

Would you be in favor of this proposal?

What pairs do you think would work best?

  • GHST-USDC Pair
  • GHST-AAVE Pair
  • Another Pair (post in thread)

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USDC or other Stables should be fine


Hey there! I voted, but on second thought I’m not so sure. This could lead to liquidity fragmentation, and at the end of the day we wouldn’t increase our liquidity cause Sushiswap wouldn’t offer anything extra. The only way I see it as a solution is if we get into SUSHI rewards program, as it may incentivize providing liquidity, but other than that is just fragmenting the little liquidity we already have. So maybe change this into getting the team to include us in the SUSHI rewards program. Check my thread about rewarding LPs with badges as well here: Baadges for long term GHST liquidity providers


Yeah that could definitely become a problem. If we were to get into the SUSHI rewards program, it could make sense to migrate our GHST-USDC liquidity from Quickswap. Really depends on how high the rewards on Sushiswap actually are.


I totally agree. To be honest, I don’t think Sushiswap will offer better rewards, in general Sushiswap liquidity mining rewards are low. Also, i don’t think it’s easy to get into the sushiswap rewards program unless you are a big project somehow.


Could we like do some more liquid mining program? But that’s boring…
Problem is we need more ppl to appreciate GHST

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I agree with one pair with a stable coin… I would prefer DAI-GHST… but I’m biased because I have a Dai Gotchi :grin:.

Not a fan of the AAVE or SUSHI pair, I feel like those transactions would always be routed through the a stable coin, WETH, or Matic. I would be good with WETH or Matic as well. Personally, I’m always moving ETH down to polygon, so a WETH pair would be the cheapest trade for me.

But agree with others, fragmenting the pools could be bad. Getting into the rewards program would be the only way I would move my liquidity over.

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Increasing liquidity likely means increasing fragmentation. Encouraging LP movement from on pool to another does not seem to be the goal. Rather, the goal seems to be encouraging additional LP regardless of desitination.


I think a lot of retail gotchi’s farming MATIC will look for other incentivized homes for MATIC, to include this pair. Our we working with ZapperFi or anyone else to get incentivized GHST pairings in front of the broader public?

Not necessarily, but without increasing our liquidity overall the fragmentation will be higher and we’ll end up with lower liquidity in the existing pools.

That’s precisely the problem here, without further incentives other than FRENS, we won’t attract new liquidity. Instead, we’ll see people moving their liquidity from Quickswap to Sushiswap, if we even see that, cause leaving it on Quickswap they get QUICK + FRENS, whereas on Sushiswap they’d get only FRENS.