FRENS incentive for MATIC-GHST LP Pair on Sushiswap

The Frens Committee raised in the first Frens Taask Force hangout on 18th September that we are planning to get a signal proposal raised to give a frens incentive to LP providers for the MATIC-GHST pair on Sushiswap.

We are planning to include in the sigprop a higher FRENS incentive for the MATIC-GHST LP pair than the WETH-GHST pair but a lower incentive than the QUICK-GHST pair.

  • Do you support FRENS to be paid out for the MATIC-GHST LP pair on Sushiswap?
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  • No

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What’s the reasoning behind having MATIC LP get more FRENS than WETH?


Hi @ricJones_Grizzy

It is compensation for the impermanent loss risk.

GHST-WETH has a lower IL risk than GHST-MATIC but GHST-QUICK has a higher IL risk than GHST-MATIC.

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This proposal is now live on Snapshot as a SigProp: Snapshot