Proposal: Aavegotchi Learn

Coinbase has the Coinbase Learn functionality where you get some free tokens for watching some videos/reading about a protocol. The idea is to a) improve the crypto knowledge of retail investors and b) market the project.

Could it be worth doing something similar to help onboard new frens? So we have some little videos/quizzes they can do to help them become informed members of our community and learn about the projects and various aspects of it. For this you maybe get a free raffle ticket, a small amount of XP etc?

I know we have the amazing wiki (which was super duper valuable when I was getting to grips with the project ahead of he first haunt, but as the Realm comes in and the project becomes even bigger and better maybe it would be worth having some highlights that new people can learn about and be rewarded to learn about.)

Thoughts frens?


I think that’s a great idea, and would be aamazing if some video-skilled frens banded together and worked on this!


Absolutely a great idea. I love it. This would also fill a niche category for Coinbase in that they don’t have anything regarding NFT. This might be something they could be very interested in.

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Support the idea! Sounds good! In exchange we can give Frens.