Gotchi Aaliance!

I have a proposal idea about something like a clan/guild, or, to call things like we used to - AALIANCES! ([GOTCHIGANG] gonna be the biggest one lol)


  1. This will allow players with similar interests/views of the game/life, etc. to join small groups, help each other, in general, do the standard guild stuff, like helping with some of the members proporsals improvements/translating and etc.
  2. It will allow to add Aaliance [tag] in your gotchi-name!
    For example, we have summoner with 10 gotchis, 9 of them have a [RISE] tag at the end of the name.
    [TAG] can help to avoid double nicknames.
  3. Guild BAANK?!
    3.1 Guild member can put some GHST into “Guild GHST Staking contract pool” to earn [GUILD]FRENS. And later participate with it in a raffle (or sell raffle tickets?)
    All the profits can be distributed among the aaliance members.
    Also, the amount of staked GHST can be like a… Aaliance vote power! DAO in the DAO!


  1. This could be harmful for the AavegotchiDAO (or maybe for the spirit of independence?), because there is the possibility of forming a fairly large group whose interests may be… very specific.
    (The whales aaliance with 1M GHST vote power, for example)
    1.1 Can increase the gap between the rich and the… not-so-rich players

I hope this idea is not contrary to the spirit of the game, lol
And would be glad to hear everyone’s opinion to finalize (or even put off) the idea.
Together we can find other pros/cons, as well as improve it.


Easy to do this using Daohaus on Matic.

Guild Bank can also store matokens, or farm quick, or stake quick, or stake LP for frens.
Guild Bank could also store Gotchis / wearables.

Guild activities could also include real value creation - such as if there is an ARCADE Dao. They can specialize in porting classic Pixel Games into Gotchi.

That, for example, is a bunch of retro games, with pixel art, All you would need to do to gotchify them would be like art, and some low level code, I guess, mixed in with some solidity to help bond it to the game.

I’m pretty ignorant of exactly how to do that, but it seems like all of the pieces are right there, and it would be rad for an upcoming guild to learn how to do that.

Also, in the #minigame section of the discord, a lot of the people were looking for and promoting those sorts of things as game ideas.


There’s also the possibility for PIXEL Dao - which could be led by xibot, I’m sure. It’s basically a bunch of artists who create pixel art assets which could work together with ARCADE Dao, etc.

You get the idea.


wow very interesting concept… >.>

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Also, creating an aalliance shouldn’t be free
for example:

  1. Creating an aaliance (Lvl 1 by default) - 300-500 GHST
  • Aaliance TAG
  • up to 10 members
  1. Upgrade to Lvl 2 - 600-1 000 GHST
  • Up to 50 members
  • Guild bank + GHST staking
  1. Upgrade to Lvl 3 - 5 000-10 000 GHST
  • Up to 100 (500?) members
  • in-guild dao system
  1. Upgrade to lvl 4 - 50k-100k GHST :roll_eyes:
  • up to 1k members
  • Allow to make limited (100-200pcs) non-transferable guild wearables, like a flag with aaliance logo and random traits and rarity type.
  1. Lvl 5?

Thus, not everyone will be able to create an alliance, it will be necessary to cooperate with other players, and to convince them of the need and benefits of creating an aalliance.


Creating the clan\aaliance is free in almost every game, why we need to make the entries even higher? it’s pretty strong already and we need to think how to fix the gap between the top and the lows now and in the future.
Let them make it for free, but to make it grow, the party need to make treasury or just the owner buy it(but the all games have an guild fees and treasurys) so lets make it possible too.

I just got in idea bout mining shafts that require a specific trait stats, or specific wereables to enter, the numbers of slots in the mane if limited, but there will be enough for everyone, cuz the just need to do the math of the first top- 1) 1-100, 2) 100-200, 3) 200-500, 4) 500-1000, 5) 1000-2500, 6) 2500+> to make the mines so we have a few types here 1) godlike mine 2) myth mine 3) legendary mine 4) rare mine, 5) uncommon mine, 6) common mine 6 different mines, 6 different brs groups,
There is a lot of options to make mine entries so different, and it will make the baazaar trades go stronger with wereables.

The whole guild sustem will be based on the flow, trying to get the best members to perform in the farming, and we will see more engagement of comunity, everyone will try to find the best partners that they need to gain the most Rate in the mine as a guild farmers band.

  • in the future, when we will have proffecions and skills, it will evolve even more :slight_smile:
    Like for ex, this haaunted mine contains a black backdoor demon, that can be only controlled\killed by the gotchi that wearing the full witchy wearables set. Just as example.

I’m sorry for toomuchoftext guys, but the concepts just flowing to my mind since i learn about the aavegotchis…