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On March 5 2021, our gang decided to build one of the first unofficial aavegotchi clients, and on March 10, the basic client was live under the (now

Since then, ordenGG has been an exclusively aavegotchi & dark forest guild. We grew, we learned. As a result, I manage the hundreds of characters of a future game & very successful yet underground guild. The future is here, and it feels a bit surreal.

Given current variables, aavegotchi has a major chance to become a popular franchise. If we all embrace decentralised guilds, good builders culture and improve on this iteratively, this game can become legendary in a few years. And goldlike in 10 years :slight_smile:

ordenGG will stay with aavegotchi and help you guys build the game & ecosystem. You may know that we were first to own 1’000 summoned gotchis and to moving forward, I think our best strategy would be to hold to those ghosts, clean them up, play & rent them up. Farm the healthy alchemica position, build & play the game for the next 5-10 years…

And go with a flow of gotchiverse. The fun is promising to be almost unlimited if we all play a good game!



The Maafia thanks you for your past and continued service to the community.

Thank you for all of the market transparency you have provided, the open source collaborative ethos you embody, and for fighting against centralization.

You have shown that large bags and big brains don’t need to be extractors, to achieve the goal of making lots of money.


I’m glad you’re with us, fren. Thank you for everything you have built already, and thank you for your longterm thinking. :white_heart:

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Appreciate you guys at OrdenGG!

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Big fan of OrdenGG and, im happy to have you in the game fren.

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Kudos. I like your guyses style in building your guild with open and and seems like a fair way. For the sake of decentralization I wish there will be other powerplayers in the gotchiverse also.

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Strong guilds ecosystem is our priority for a long time.

The tools we building make easier for people to start & manage guilds


For example, do you have a tool to setup gotchilending in a such a way that the once completed, the lending contract is revoked and tje gotchi is relisted for lending with same specs?

yes, but this is edge case and we don’t need it right now, for most parts you want to build long-term player base, we building other tools for now

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