Ahead of time - Oasis Trello ideas chains (Aavegotchi gameplay+Realm vision)

Hello, I’m a part of Aavegotchi community, just a player and i’ve got a lot of ideas for Aavegotchi Realm future (vision\roadmap), and they are keep coming up.
To make it easy for everyone, i create Trello desk, and filled it up with everything that’s on my mind.
If community will like some of my ideas, i can continue to work on the concepts.

If anyone will be interested in the team work community cooperation, welcome, we can discus that to focus on the roles\ideas specific chains.

Looking forward for the feed back about at least each of the chains.
I spent all day for it :slight_smile:
Like anything? Outraged by something? Please tell us more! We(community) are the core of it’s game, we have the power to vote, to go somewhere We want to, togather.
Let’s just start to talk :face_with_monocle:

Trello link:


Added to FYI - all of my ideas is just a concept vision, imagination of something to be possible to accomplish.
P.s. I’m not a designer, but willing to learn anything I’m interested in. P.s.s. Please, don’t judge me too hard about the graphics :sweat_smile:

Added to the the “…ideas chain#4 Names”
Name rarity score
Names+items=hidden personas secret sets, or another way is to move the idea to the “list of hidden sets” without name requirements if name+items=special set is difficult to make and denied in the root.
P.s. just imagine Pamela Anderson swimming suit on the market from “Baywatch”, lol

Added new chain #10, Trading related ideas:

  1. Auction\betting order mode for gotchis in the aavegotchi dApp interface. (might be not needed with an OpenSea on Matic coming out)

After reading about the plans for possibly making an auctions for 1\1 items, if ever will be created, I came up with an Idea to implement something similar to AaveGotchis.
a) Initial price
b) Min. price step condition
c) Blitz order (instabuy)
d) Time window until order execution
All the prices and conditions set by the owner\seller, bets made buy the buyers\traders.
2) Aavegotchis rentals\lendings throw escrow
You can lend your aavegotchi for a fixed measure of time(to earn fixed ammount of ghsts), with a restrictions like, it’s going to be impossible to sacrefice and withdraw the collaterial, and you can transfer only to the same contract that you have a rental agreement. Different types of rental programs with a future return to the owner.
May have an option to buy a gotchi in credit, example - 12000ghst\12m=1200ghst in a month as a payment to obtain ownership in 1year
If the buyer change his mind, gotchi goes back, seller keep the ghst that he obtain while giving a credit, wich is considered as a rental contract insted of sell\buy
ghst rental\lending prices will be depend on brs, ars, name, tratis, depending on needs.
A question about pricing model on mind… Need to design.
3) Add the price charts for sections(lol is it even possible?):

  1. Closed portals
  2. Items - would be cool to see items order book (needed to have items IDs to keep it in trackable order(as i think from the machine side))

Updated chain #1
Added to card n1 BASEEE(D(Destiny is and addtition to the Kinship updated mechanic(card 2 in ideas chain#1) - under community future consideration) traits tree
p.s. I was also playing around of thinking about Destiny trait as a Luck. To make it able to bring a random thing like a bad luck, or a good one, in battle or anywhere.
Bad luck, can work in two ways, bad luck for you, and bad luck for him.
In fallout 2 that Perk was called Jinxed.
Mechanic - “All misses have 50% chance to be “upgraded” to a critical miss. This applies to every single entity in the game.”

New card added to Chain#10 Trading related ideas:
4) Parcels\land destribution models
If we will have the same model of parcel distribution as portals, it will make a gap between user even bigger. FCFS is not the model of decentralization, it’s an concentration without real competition. Our life is an rush by it’s design, why we need to make it more stressful when you want to enjoy? Other wise it’s no different from raffle, where we can face even more equity with it, because it’s random, not because some one didn’t sleep 24\7 watching maal for the new stuff.
If it’ll go like this the place might me left drowning in monopoly growth.
Land bought up, every haunt is bought up as much as possible to concentrate power even more. Even doesn’t matter which haunt or parcel lvl or anything that would be bought up.
Suscribtions, preorders, or have a look at the NBAtopshot engaging system, seems like it’s giving you the random orders in lune, no matter 24 hr before the drop you open the window and wait, or you open it just right 5 minutes before the start, to get the place in line(to receive it after the timeline of drops starts)

  1. Subscription\pre-order solution:
    Freezing your ghst token, in exchange to have a parcel for sure, like a contract agreement for pre-order.
    (DAO voting going live now)!!!

  2. Suscribtion-contribution pool (proportional distribution)
    The solution is ghst balance snapshot(s) + minimum requirements of balance volume for at least 1parcel, to be eligible to contribute in parcel pool distribution, (total amount of ghst or number of eligible address for parcel contribution)/(number of addresses with minimum needed entry or>)=fair price and accessible purchasing way for parcels, or number of parcels that can be sold
    If the ghst balance is not enough to purchase >= 1 parcel, with 0 decimals, you cannot claim your land with the snapshotted ghst balance, pool was too big and whales brought the price up by it’s share per 1 parcel higher then you offer.

In this solution, we need a max and min possible position(entry) conditions for parcels distribution.
(For ex.) min 500 ghst max 5000 (can be cheated through multi-acc)

  1. Free land airdrop or bonus land airdrop to h1 (seems too good to be true and can be cheated) to keep those who’s here more excited (free stuff is always attract, but mostly people with a small bags, but we need all of the bags anyway)

New ideas chain#11 added to the desk - Marketing related chain.
By now there is only one idea about the short video clip.

New chain(#12) added to the desk - DAO related ideas

  1. Considering Aavegotchis as a voting power on the DAO.
    I have a bunch of gotchis, but the ghsts that i spent on portal, wearables and gotchis isn’t counting in DAO. If i got almost all the stuff i want and there is no game\farming ongoing, it’s just a 2 times a day i’m going to come in, just to pet and stuff. And if i spent all of my ghst on it, i’m numb then.
    0.02 ghst going to be really hard weight on the DAO from me.
    +Some of the whales might don’t want them gotchis to be counted, cuz they are alredy fatfat alot lot. Then this should be and on\off function, like a question in UI that asking you "Should we consider your Aavegotchis as a voting power for DAO(based on the average market price of wearables+aavegotchi)

New card added to Chain#7 - GHST farmings aka RF now

Other way, we can make a plateau , for minings, each Plateau contain some number of mining shatfs, with the requirements and condition, the amount of ghst in the shaft are different, same as condition to enter the shaft. Varieties of conditions is endless, and it can scale the wearables sales, cuz shafts can require special items to get in there.

Plateaus are made for different gotchis tiers, like top 100 is tier 1, top 101-200 tier 2, 201-500 tier 3, 501-1500 tier 4, 1500> tier 5
Each Plateau have it’s bonding curve rewards, cuz on every tier we will have a healthy competiotion. Tier 1 will fight for the fist places, tier 2 will with for the chanse to get to tier 1, tier 3 will competity with eachother and try to move to the next tier, and etc.
This is a possible, probably fair option of rewards distribution + also implementing more engagement with the game
Each plateau have a conditions too, like a brs, or ars, or lvl, or kinship, to get in there, or plateau will check, what kind of tier you are, to let you have a look what’s on that plateau to mine, what kind of shafts, what kind of conditions, what kind of monsters in it(oh… battle system…?) to know, do i need to brigh the party to gain like 3500 RS in total to be able to clear the shaft and mine some ghsts there.

Roles could be implement too. Tank, DD, Support and Mage. Each of them can have a different task to do while having mining evens ongoing. Like we need to put the guard outside, to protect the mine against the trolls, that can attack the mine while gotchis are there, and in this case, gotchis might be locked there with a condition of having a penalties for the rewards, cuz your gotchis cant farm it chilly and calm while a bunch of trolls are crushing everything around, most of the gotchis are facing an attack and fighting, while a little of them keep digging.
That penalties goes straight to the dao treasury(cuz you didnt win the gamemasters quest to get rid of the trolls, so money goes to gm\community next wave of farming), cuz who’s fault that you didn’t get a tank to your party to get in this “mining shaft with a strange green mucosae on the ground(trolls goo)”
And to bring the rewards back to normal, you need to seek asap for the defenders from outside, that need to bring the party to clean up the cave.
Here we are having a new doors opened - Mercenaries as a job(you will be paid in ghsts for cleaning up the cave\mine with a locked gotchis in there. Mercenary got paid, your rewards came back to normal, everyone happy.

Chain#3 card 2) Classes, professions, skills updated, added a profession - Mercenary

I really enjoy the design of the game.
That’s a nicely mixed ghotic world(ghosts, tombs\aka doors\portals) and 8-bit cuteness.
I think we shood keep it the same way.
Cute, but cool.
The design of the closed portal is stunning! Looks so impressive, that i can feel the chilling breeze and clouds of the steam coming up while the door is slowly opening to bring the souls out there…

New card added to the chain#2 Chain #2 Gotchis Realm + Capital city:
Card 3) To have some on map objects\buildings hat might suit the universe and emphasize AaveGotchis universe and atmosphere impression.
I wish to see more objects that looks same cool as portals
Such as:
Mausoleum, crypt, tomb, skulls and bones.
Same as coniferous trees, oak-trees and maples.
Could be cool to see neautrals on the map.
Same as StarCraft\Brood war had, dunno about SC2, didn’t liked it, looks like a plastic toy to me, lol

I’ll just list my thoughts on your ideas

The baseeee one I don’t really care much for the ordering but we could do it i suppose
But the destiny stat I’m not so sure… I feel like it would add needless extra’s
Also unsure about your kinship rework idea.
but i’m not against it completely abuse creates negative kinship evil gotchi with an ominous aura potentially
so you could either go for full high kinship or full low kinship to get into the highscores

I’d love a chatroom while doing something semi-afk, reminds me of the good old woodcutting runescape days. :axe: :evergreen_tree:

Land and facilities:
idk about blacksmith since i don’t really want the items to change
but a garden to grow crops and ingredients for meals and potions I really love.
for landless or people without money in general there should also be a way to rent small pieces of the land to farm on. as in you can rent off a piece of land not the whole thing.
As for crafting stations i think people should be allowed to rent those too.

could connect with the current set buffs?
though I’d say i only want these professions to be rare sets or under.
as many people as possible should be able to enjoy these.
preferably even just common and uncommon sets.
with maybe a few exceptions.

adding a “12/100” number to items yeah sure let’s do it.

Adding runes or gems to items, I’m gonna say no. Whales have a big enough advantage as it is with the current amount of slots and they’d have an even bigger one if they could fill even more slots.
It would also burn too many wearables potentially to the point where later players will never be able to get the items they saw and wanted.

At this time i also feel it’s not necessary for a change in pets
though i will agree a minigame revolving around them sounds fun.

I’m sure i missed some or didn’t read everything fully but here’s my thoughts on your ideas :slight_smile:

Hello Fren! :slight_smile:
Baseed - it’s just a lulz on the flow + noticed that if we put the traits in this order then xD
Destiny, not necessary, could be just kinship with an emotional summoner post effect of it’s kinship.
+Got a new idea today, might be interesting to “track” how many times gotchi got through the hands, like i own gotchi that got straight from the portal and my ownership score is on it’s higs - summoner score = “0-1”(0 - portal score, 1 ownership+name, and then if you sell it on the market, you offer “clean” gotchi), when some of the others could have 2+ like could be until 10 called as “collationer” score, and 10+ “trader” score, this might put some mero value differences in the trading flow, but i’m not sure, is it going to be a good or a bad thing. :slight_smile:
I really want to see a punishment functions, cuz some of the characters just evil by it’s nature, and make it feel kindness kinda going against my will, but i must :smiley:

No, blacksmith is for buffs, gems and runes + item burning\swaping it for crafting tokens aka “ectoplazm”, to buff the item or naming the items, or making slots in the items, cuz it was always here in games, donating, and constant buffs or just temporarily. I think it should have a place to be, since we have drinks.
Some of the DAO members said an idea about making a stackable effect of drinks that casing the addiction effect on each other, making potions weaker with it’s each using. I think it’s sounds really cool, and totally in rpg style
In the future possible clan system, we might have a gotchis that in competitions, and if we will have a p2p possibilities to fight, like you can buy a scroll of assassinations, to be able to attack a player p2p in side of the town (Neutral territory), and he was in fight not so long ago with the creeps outside of Haaven, so he takes and advantage of you, killing you, taking some xp for it, and dunno, stealing some of your frens? :japanese_ogre: Alright, +might be included different modes for the battles like battle with an injures, that can affect your gotchi in case of it’s loose, like some of your trains will move in the order to it’s commonness for some of the period + peroid of injures could be different like - light injuries 1-24 hrs (depends on the part\dop), 1-7days moderate injuries (dop), 7-28days severe injuries(dop). lol
But i still didn’t think deep about possible p2ps, but i think RS could work as HP points, i guess…
I think we could put more effort in buildings, to make it able to be like a craft station for others, make a drinks n foods\buffs. Hm, but what if we put item burnings for Frens? If we dont want to buff items(wich i think could be cool, cuz you cant put more then 1buff per each slot< and also, only one time possible to make it + to make it you need to craft the slot in item so it’s spending of ghst + item can get burned.
Everything decidable :slight_smile: I Think there would be people who would want to try to craft the slot+gem, or to burn the item to get frens or to get that magick dust to be able to make that slot, lol, dunno, sounds like a working flow of item deflation + unique items with slots n gems in it will fly in sot, like you pump the rarity of myth to go godlike, if you didnt burn it in the blacksmith cuz suddenly there was not enough of ectoplazm or i dunno, ChainLink VRF? :slight_smile:

Land for rent, gotchis for rent, gotchis in the stronk clan for rent, gotchis pool mining rewards for rent, AaveGotchis is an NFT playable banking system and beyond! :smiley:
Yes, to gain some of the Profession points, you need to have special items to be able to do one thing or another, could be written a scripts to any item + such a fields making more usability and more action flow in game, cuz people will want to become a farmer, that just taking care of the dirt, to grow fat worms to make his apple to breath good and give him a rare medium granny-smith apple insted of small common season red apple, that restore brs back after a battle just for 50 points for example xD
Yes, make the lvl of entry as low as we can, rare is fine, cuz you can afford to spent like 100 ghst, to be able to make it back in a month, cuz you will be able to craft and sell your apple or whatever craft we make, a brewery, bakery, alchemy and etc. types of crafted things.
The things that people craft and sell is the lungs of in game markets, WW players living by it.
But ofc not everyone will want to make the crafting stuff cuz craft cost some + it might be some thing like you lock your gotchi that is a smith for a 16 hrs, and you cant pet him, but you gaing a blacksmith score if successful craft + professions might be in use with a time bandings and floating skill system, like if you not craft, it’ll go down, same as kinship. +Everything i just wrote, a pure flow, i didn’t think for real on any models, because i want people to say, what they like, what they want, or what they dont.
So we will have in market competitions too, and we might have a services like, garden caretakers, like those whos gardening skill is high, smiths that can build your item up, with the lowest item destruction score on the market, and the stuff is, that every action in the things like that will require some % of fees, that will go to the DAO treasury or to the team or sth. So it’s going to be more on-chain traffic flow.
Heh, got some items idea, will post later in items topick :see_no_evil:
Yeap, items numbers can bring more uniqueness to items too. Cuz some people buying some special portal numbers, some people will do the same about items + another item economy trigger, interesting how it would affect the prices xD I think the net of the prices will get muuuuch bigger, longer for sure. not like common prices 4-5-6-7-8-10-12-15-20-22-24-30-40-55-100-1000-10000 with a few fat walls somewhere in the middle like 15 20. If we will have numbers, we will be able to choose, which item number i want ty buy, and also, we can mark the items as like, season 1, or haunt 1, or anything. Another input in the future values.

Runes dude, runes, oooh, it feels so cool to open the secret rune word in game, ahhhh :frowning: lol kek :sweat_smile:
But the whales is always will have a place to be, how can you nerf something, that aims for infinity? :slight_smile:
Nah, there is no such a things, it’s a capitalism basic rule, so we must to accept it one way or another + our whales is good bro :slight_smile: it’s for the long run for sure. People just get a thing yet. And we are so under water.
Deflation item model is good counterweight against raffle inflations. This raffle brought 11k+ items mate. So think of it, of the circulation will drop to like 8k, with our current user base ~2k.

Yeah, no rushes, everything is just my chaotic idea flow, and i need you, my Fren and the other frens, to come and look, to say something about anything that brought an attention, that might help me to knew, where to go, to be useful. :slight_smile:

What about the game legend and it’s Lore(story\history)?

Currently i’m exploring possible scenarios for possible out-land actions like fighting monsters for a reward that could be accept by the team and our community, but still working on the model. Later on will add an update on trello. Learning about the other projects, in almost every near-flow areas.
A little hard to know where to look, cuz i don’t know any of the team plans and visions, and + i’m not really sure, that the things i do, is interesting for anyone or not, cuz seems like not that much of attention here, cuz you are my first Fren that replied his opinions :slight_smile:
Thank you, Fren!

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