Gotchi "entouraage" support

Once the gotchiverse is live, I assume you would select one gotchi tied to your wallet and start roaming the lands looking for liquidators to fight off. If you have additional gotchis in your wallet, a possible feature would to have them act as an entouraage or group of sidekicks who would join you on the journey and would make a small contribution to fighting/gathering etc.

There probably would need to be a limit on the max count and impact of the entourage, but I would love to have 2-3 sidekicks rendered as “mini gotchis” that would just tag along. Any one else had these thoughts?


yes. i thought of them like a fighter jet formation, auxilliary support. it would be cool to have a mule gotchi supported by 2 fighter gotchis while collecting alchemika.

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That would kind of undermine the social aspect of the game, no?

Instead of AI sidekicks, you should band together with other players to maximize those gainssss


Absolutely. I only have game console experience and was imagining playing the game alone. Gotchiverse is going to blow my mind when it goes live. Thank you for shipping ser!

Given the number of active users, the size of the map, how far apart different people’s parcels could be, and that some people might not want to team up, I think its a good idea to be able to have multiple Gotchis on the map.

And even the people who only want social and would only log on to play with their friends, if they have many Gotchis, it might be very tedious to have to log in and out with all your Gotchis to do channeling. And how would guild channeling work, if I have multiple Gotchis in the same guild, but can only put one in the game at a time? Would I need to have 20 chrome tabs open to have them all channel as a group? :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


True, that would push for the 1 gotchi = 1 player setup which might be what the gotchiverse is aiming for. Collectors (with more than 1 gotchi, likely a large part of the holders) might feel that their gotchis are not fully utilized in that case, which would push them towards lending instead of having a team/gang as seen in Axie. Pros/cons with both approaches I guess.