Fractions of Gotchi anatomy

I’m glad AGIP 8 & 9 passed, in hindsight it was obvious and should had been there since day 0.
As such let me address another thing that should had been here since day 1.

We are currently unable to separate a gotchi’s body parts outside of clothes. We can’t separate collateral type, traits, names, kinship, xp. Outside of cashing out a gotchi’s collateral everything else is non-transferable, I can’t change my gotchi into a YFI type or Aave type despite only wanting that, I don’t have the ability to just rip out its one natural -1 trait and run away with it.

Collateral type and names would be easy to do as a separate item.
Traits are harder and you’d have to kill the gotchi to keep it balanced.

Some gotchis I would delete them to turn them into a kinship or XP potion, a portal reroll(with just 2 gotchis to choose from or the full original open portal back) or to own a name or get a special wearable in return.

It’s a similar yet different discussion to this due to the fact you don’t share 1 whole, you each take 1/6 parts of the gotchi which you fully own.

The problem of course is that without limits you suddenly can customize your perfect gotchi.

One bump for interest.

Getting a gotchi is like paying for a premium 7 all-in-1 subscription package when you only want specific things from it.
If you don’t agree with having all 7 types of functionalities separated when we create a miniature gotchi limited in functionalities then which SPECIFIC functionalities would you want to be singled out so you could buy them separately?

  • ALL functionalities
  • No separated functionalities
  • Leaderboard/BRS ONLY
  • Not allowed in Leaderboard
  • Minigame only aavegotchis
  • Collateral tokens
  • Kinship
  • XP
  • Eyes
  • 4 Traits
  • Names
  • Other

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Some functionalities go hand in hand like kinship with alchemica channeling and XP giving levels and trait points which could be limited.