Turn On PVP everywhere!

I think this has to be strongly considered. Whether or not we pause spillover, make spillover a weekly event, go with whitelist only/catridges, we need to start turning this into a fun, competitive game. We need to make this a game where the players who come in have at least a secondary motivation in playing because they find the game itself fun.

Right now, the only reason to play this game for the vast majority of scholars and bots is to pick up free money and to cash it out. I don’t see how the implementation of Harvesters changes this basic nature of the gotchiverse P2E dynamics. In fact, it would only increase the absolute amount of total spillover and also bubble-ups are coming too. The selling won’t stop.

Turning on PVP throughout the gotchiverse and charging alchemical to shoot hearts (ex: 1 fud per shot, .1 kek per shot) should be the focus. The devs already have the basic structure for this in place. Injecting the dynamic element of competitive gameplay, strategy, and possibly tactical teamwork would just really invigorate the gotchiverse. Most importantly, it creates the possibility generating a larger player pool that may actually be ok with playing this game without necessarily profiting off of it in order to continue playing. We need to build a player base that thinks this game is fun and not just people who want to play to earn a few bucks. By turning PVP on, we are:

  1. Creating another alchemical sink by charging for hearts. 1 fud=1 shot. 1 kek=10 shots (or insta-kill shot). I can think of additional alchemical sinks for PVP gameplay should this take-off. Ex: In game potions you can spend alchemica on if you find yourself close to death and far from a vortex.

  2. Creating a game that people will play with the expectation of making a profit but may still continue playing EVEN IF THEY DON’T. Think of people who play poker at casinos for leisure and gambling. Or bad players who keep playing despite not being good at it. exploit our degen characters! To me this is by far the most important reason to implement PVP now.

  3. Probably make it more difficult for botters.

  4. Encourage team play. I suspect even this rudimentary gameplay of shooting hearts would benefit from collaborative tactical strategies implemented by teams. This would cater to guilds with strong communities and good managers.

  5. Perhaps counter-intuitively, PVP combat would help with the social aspects of this game. The almost never used chat option may actually be popping. It gives something for players to talk about while in-game.

  6. Related to point 2, it may encourage those of us who are invested to play more in the gotchiverse rather than channeling our lands. I honestly sometimes pick up alchemical for a few minutes after I channel one of my parcels but lately I don’t even bother…I initially did it because i wanted to feel more immersed in the gotchiverse but it’s completely boring to me. If we turned on PVP, i would easily play 20-30 minutes a night before i go to bed. And I would play it not to earn money but simply because i like the idea of going bot hunting or just wreaking havoc and chaos against others. I would actually happily spend alchemical to play with ZERO expectation of making profit off my gameplay. Yup, i would rather spend alchemical to play this version of the gotchiverse than earn alchemical by wandering the land picking up gems. I suspect there may be others like me and thats what we need…Players who want to play not just to earn but because they actually think it’s fun and want to be in the gotchiverse. Let’s give people reasons to stay in the gotchiverse other than to play enemy-less pacman for hours where they pick up pennies. If we do, we are building a foundation for a truly successful game and creating an environment where people will want to stay even if the hourly rate isn’t particularly enticing. It will be a gotchiverse full of mayhem, competition, guild play, and bot killing, heart shooting players. That sounds like a fun place.

  1. The mechanic of dropping alch when you are hit makes this very high stakes, and will attract the ‘right kind of player’ - Our current modality attracts people looking for an hourly wage, not actual gamers. If it is competitive, and the stakes are real, it won’t matter if token up, or token down, people will play to win, not to earn. The earning part is a tease, the bonus that gets you wondering if you are good enough to just be a gamer… hmm, maybe you should invest in this, because you want a specific type of gotchi, for your playstyle… et cetera

right, or if you play enough with a certain gotchi you can acquire experience levels, badges, a championship belt, whatever…promote a desire to actually invest in the game’s main nfts for a reason that may actually be not 100% solely for profit.

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I thought about this too, but there is one thought that scares me. Instead of making it more difficult, it could give them superpowers. It would be easy for them to create a swarm of bots that randomly swarm around one master (which could even be a real person), posing as a PvP guild or something. And this swarm would just stomp all the legit solo players and take their alchemica. Kinda scary.

Come to think of it, you wouldn’t even need a bot net, you could just get together with a couple frens, rent Gotchis and then pick off solo players 1 by 1. Imagine you collected alch for 1h and then a group of Gotchis camping the deposit stations just takes you out.


honestly…I love it. If some crazy botter actually wanted to create a team of bots that swarm around one master!? holy #$*! bring it on! I will fund the team with endless kek hearts to take that guy down. it’s an example of playing to win and not caring about earning. sounds fun to me.

there’s so many hypothetical strategies to employ. like, work as a team and have a couple of kamikaze gotchis lure the campers towards them. Alchemical-less bait trying to distract as the big bag holder tries to sneak into the vortex!

the scenarios are plentiful…the mere fact we’re having a discussion about tactics and strategy is what I want in a game. the game now is just picking up stuff until you don’t want to anymore.

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I would truly enjoy organizing to fight the bots in the game. If we’re stuck having at least some level of bots, lets us use them as punching bags. There is no bot that we would not eventually turn into a free money piñata.

This is the game no?

This is what it’s all about, if your going to the vortex you send in a scout first…. If there’s a bunch of villains there then you send in your guild to sort them out and clear the way for you…. What awesome fun that would be….

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I believe the best way to go about a metaverse game is to allow everything and to be inclusive. So you need competition loving players, and scavenging loving players. This is a classic Mario vs. Sonic brain. Some people just want to collect gems, some people like to take from others through a fair contest of skill.

In GTAV, they have an option to opt out of pve, you become translucent, similar to when you are AFK, and you can’t be attacked. Other players will see you but cannot do anything, but they can fight other people. This is a good option for the Gotchiverse, but allowing old players to just form ravaging bands and basically swarm scavenging newbie players is a messed up idea.

On an old minecraft server, I remember a center area where we had trade, stores, and a non-pvp area, with a small pvp arena pit for spectators. However, the outside lands were a ravaged wasteland of war and despair. All trees stripped for resources. So the idea of a safari zone is interesting.

Depending on how much information bots receive, they could conquer the Gotchiverse quite easily. It would essentially turn into prison, which guild (gang) are you going to join to survive? There’s no way you could start fresh, Aavegotchi is meant to be a bit more accessible than most GameFi applications.

Another option could be arena games, even team arena games. This would bolster a healthier competitive atmosphere. But be careful, only players will allow to place wagers. If you allowed external investors to a match to bet on fighters, this would quickly turn into back alley illegal gambling e-sports.

I mentioned Safaris earlier, and I want to add on to that. There could be bots where they collect alchemica like herbivores. A new area with a land sale could be presented new AI driven mobs per area. Old land owners get their land devalued, but there is the introduction of a new mob that invades the area and aggregates alchemica. mobs would cost a certain amount to make and have minimum loot, they can level themselves up and possibly turn into bosses. This is what you really want, a challenge. Let’s discuss different kinds of mobs, each with a spawn portal, and a liquidity pool as a sustainable model of reproduction is not possible with human players killing everything as proven by Utlima Online (old game). Overall I’m unsure how much traffic the game servers can handle, maybe consider how many mobs are allowed at least in a certain area.

Different mob ideas:
Herbivore: Collects Alchemica; turns into boss; can be steads.
Carnivore: Eats Alchemica, Herbivores, aggro players, redlisted players; turns into boss; can be bodyguard companion.
Scavenger: Eats Alchemica; follows suspected bots/redlisted players to collect Alchemica before they do; turns into boss; can be collecting companion.

*Redlisted players are bots, cheaters, criminal players; yet Aavegotchi won’t ban them.

Currently the Devs stated on another idea thread that they will use biometrics to weed out bots, while I think it’s a perfect solution, I wouldn’t underestimate cheaters to find a way around it. So there’s a few detection methods that give vague solutions to bots anyways. Like an Alchemica sprite with no Alchemica would trick a human but a bot would not detect it if they use precise location data. Inversely, if there’s Alchemica location data but no sprite, a bot will touch it but a human won’t be able to see it. There’s still possibilities for false positives, but this is a different solution for cheaters.

But like before if you’re looking for the challenge of hunting and shaking down noobs for spare change and can back it up, then a boss will detect you and try to take the Alchemica. This is really interesting, the smart contract can keep track of your crimes. Things like collecting Alchemica on owned property, or killing players, could be recorded. A boss could kill you as many times as you’ve killed other players. All of this could be tweaked, when does a boss attack you? when you have at least 50 Alchemica so you don’t actually suspected your considered a criminal.

What does all the money the bosses and mobs collect go? They will tweak it to find the best configuration of stats to make herbivores run away faster, make carnivores stronger, and to make scavengers line of sight longer.

But for starters, I would go with a PVE enabled/disabled setting, and arena games.


I also want to point out Aavegotchi abilities as an outlet for what Alchemica can be used for what ability, giving more use to Aavegotchis. Possibly use these abilities to also affect the environment. But first, use alchemica for basic fireballs. Different alchemica shoot higher damage, and this also acts as a burn mechanism. You turn KEK into a fireball it could be sent to a pool but that would be a transaction requiring signing, so it’s better to burn it. Very interesting concept, and a burn mechanism for in game alchemica would be dope.

This sounds amazing. Gang warfare, go!

Upvoting, AGREED. would help bot issue in a unique way.

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continuing this discussion in proposals give that there’s some momentum here…

How about PvP arena in Level 9 Lodge?
It would bring more value to lodges when they are released. Also lodge owners could charge fees for entrance to help make their money back, cuz level 9 Lodges are going to be expensive.

Also, lodge owners could set up their own rules of engagement. Example change the physics of the arena. Change effect of certain weapons in the arena. A few examples, could make for an exciting battles to watch.

I will die on this hill with you.

Lets get the lodge discussion going properly :slight_smile:

Lodges, as I envision them, are the peak tech in this protocol. They are DAOs, Vaults, Dapp hosts(thunderdome lodge), secure chat rooms, Legal entities, the gotchiverse version of a private island. What happens in the lodge stays in the lodge.

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Love your thinking here. Totally agree that the Lodge could be the pinnacle of gotchiverse technical innovation. I would love to see the Lodge to be a place parcel owners could build their own dungeon quests. Have their own haunted house. Have their own knights templar meetings. Have their own guild vs guild tournaments, or pvp tournaments. Have their own cosplay events. Also have their own lickquedator battles, where lickquedators are captured in the grid and brought back to have arena battles.

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