Gotchis as a Wallet

What do you think about using your fav. gotchi as a Wallet. Like you could transfer any kind of tokens in to your gotchi and back to the gotchi-holder-wallet.
I think if people start using gotchis as wallets the loyality for the project will rise and hopefully they will see aavegotchi not as one of many projects in ther portfolios.
Imagen your HODL-Gotchi as your HODL-Wallet.


Good news, you can! Go to your gotchi’s “pocket” to see a link to the address. I too would like to see more use of this feature.

(right now, there are only buttons for “withdraw GHST” and “deposit items,” but as fair as I know each gotchi is a full on wallet with all capabilities of a normal one)

I think It would be cooler if we could use Aavegotchis as Vaults ( i.e. QiDao) and borrow GHST for that.