New track nft wallet ( .ghst)

aavegotchi Inspiring me by sending rarity mining ghst to every gotchis pocket.We can think of each gotchi as a piggy bank. If it can receive all the tokens. This is a whole new thing. It can be seen as a combination of (.eth) and nft. This is a brand new track. In addition to being an avatar, nft can also be used as a piggy bank to receive all tokens.For example: 1234.ghst can represent both gotchi 1234 and a short domain name 1234.ghst. It can also be used as a virtual pet image of Gotchi No. 1234.

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DWEB has been working on stuff like this for a year now:



TLD .ghst

FYI, .ghst is already registered / controlled. Maybe the DAO should make an offer. Of course there are other TLDs we might be interested in like “.gotchi” or “.:ghost:

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Got to bring more attention to this.

Maybe we should act fast, or TLDs will all be registered.

These domain names are useless until a protocol is heavily integrated into wallets and other apps. Isn’t it?

Those integrations aren’t gonna be there from day one. It’s gonna take time and adoption, similar to crypto in general. But by the time those integrations arrive, good TLDs, even SLDs, will already be unaffordable. Right now you’d have to install a plugin, or set your DNS manually. Both support traditional DNS, ENS, unstoppable, and DWEB.

Looks like we’re not that far away.

Piggy bank gotchis can also increase holder culture. The funds stored in gotchis can be set for a lock-up period, or regular savings can be used to obtain kin. This will give gotchis more uses.