I offer my wallet to get cheap XP

Hi there!

I voted on both proposals on Aragon, and as you may know, all gotchis sitting in my wallet will receive 500 XP (around 3000 GHST worth). I offer a comfortable place in my wallet for the airdrop, in exchange for GHST or any other coin.

There is an obvious trust issue with this, since your gotchi would have to be transferred to my wallet, and then I’d have to transfer it back to you after the airdrop, but can be done safely with 2 escrow payments.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me. Thanks!

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Hi! I’m interested in doing this. I have 6 gotchis for you to hold and would be happy to discuss payment. How do you propose we do this?

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Hi man, I’m interested too. Whats the best way to do this?

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You should be careful because if these gotchies didn’t summon by you, you will not get xp. Only way you can do is you have to send money to wallet owner to help you to buy port and summon gotchi for you but that is very risky.

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No ser, it doesn’t matter who summoned them. All gotchis in the wallet of people who voted will get the xp drop.


you should read the guide again!

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Any Gotchi, be it summoned in what address ever it may, IS eligible to receive the XP drop.
Open Portals don’t get XP. (this is what that last sentence in the aannouncement means)

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I just read this again and I think it’s eligible if you just have the gotchi in your wallet. If anyone has the Aragon vote and has some sort of reputation here, I’m happy to figure out a payment option. DM if you’re down. Easy money to make!

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Damn, sorry guys, i just saw all these replies, last time I checked the thread had no replies. Anyway, it all went smoothly, 57 gotchis were sitting in my wallet during the airdrop and they all got back safely to their owners. If you ever need an escrow let me know, other community members can vouch for me. I hope you managed to get the XP as well! BTW, you can find me on the discord server as well, same username and same profile pic. Cheers!

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